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USA - Syngenta reminds spring wheat growers to remain proactive, even as Northern Plains weather delays planting

April 29, 2013

  • Spring planting delayed until at least May in many parts of the Northern Plains; Syngenta agronomists recommend seed treatments, proactive scouting to help ensure healthy crops from the start
  • Depending on geography, preventive fungicide applications may be warranted to ward off potential disease threats
A moisture-filled spring continued in April as several more wallops of snow impacted large portions of the Northern Plains. With a large percentage of spring wheat growers in the region now planning to delay planting until May or later, Syngenta agronomists advise that they take steps today to ensure maximum yield and profit potential from the start.
“What this spring has once again proven is that we clearly can’t control the timing of when we put our crops in the ground,” said Jill Herold, agronomic service representative for Syngenta in the Plains region. “What we can control, however, is what we do to help ensure strong, healthy roots and optimum stand establishment. With this year’s delayed planting, I strongly encourage growers take a proactive approach.”
Herold offered the following three tips: 
  • Protect your seed investments from the start. In addition to planting high-quality, certified seed varieties, seed treatments such as CruiserMaxx® Vibrance® Cereals seed treatment insecticide/fungicide can help prevent insects and diseases from damaging crops and reducing yield potential. Perhaps more importantly this season – especially considering the still-poor, drought-stricken subsoil conditions – they can help improve crop stand establishment, something that research shows leads to more vigorous crops that can protect themselves from adverse weather conditions. “The addition of Vibrance brand seed treatment fungicides to the marketplace will benefit wheat growers this year,” Herold said. “It enhances RootingPower and protects your seed, regardless of the conditions.”
  • Stay ahead of threats by scouting. Herold said she can’t stress this enough, as the moisture creates a disease threat. Consider investing in an early-season, preventive application of Quilt Xcel® fungicide, which delivers long-lasting disease control through two modes of action and provides enhanced stress tolerance. This helps protect wheat from moist conditions while maximizing the sun’s energy for extended grain fill with fuller kernels. While scouting, be sure to also keep an eye out for any insect pests or weeds.
  • Speaking of weeds, expect to see new or returning ones. Because of the moisture this year, there’s a good chance that growers will have to deal with the return of weed species that were dormant during the recent dry weather. A burndown with a herbicide such as Gramoxone® SL 2.0 provides fast, effective results even in wet conditions and also serves as an effective non-glyphosate resistance management tool. “The wet conditions – they’re going to bring back weeds we haven’t seen recently,” Herold said.
Herold also cautioned that although the heavy precipitation has left many areas covered in snow, this does not necessarily mean the effects of 2012’s record drought will not be felt this year. Subsoil remains in poor condition.
“It takes about five years to catch up from a bad drought year,” Herold said. “The precipitation is certainly helpful in preventing conditions from getting any dryer, but it also brings its own set of issues – making it more important than ever for growers to really start the season strong, protecting their crop investments from the very beginning.”
For more information and agronomic advice, visit www.cereals.farmassist.com, and follow us on Twitter (@SyngentaUS) and Facebook (Facebook.com/FarmAssist).


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Published: April 29, 2013












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