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INCOTEC's ThermoSeed disinfection technology continues to gain ground

Enkhuizen, The Netherlands
June 19, 2013

INCOTEC’s disinfection technology, ThermoSeed, was the answer to the extensive fusarium problem for many UK organic farmers last year. Organic seed producers in the UK had organic seed treated at INCOTEC Sweden and also several hundred tons treated by INCOTEC’s mobile ThermoSeed unit which is currently located in the Netherlands. The treatment was very successful and showed crop and seed improvement at every stage – germination, emergence, seedling vigor and stand uniformity: a very good result considering the dreadful weather conditions experienced last season.

INCOTEC’s ThermoSeed technology has been developed to cleanse seed from seed-borne diseases and pathogens using nothing more than hot humid air and very precise software parameters. The sustainable character of this treatment makes it suitable for both traditional and organic farming. Results coming from growers in the market continue to be very positive and are an indication of the huge potential for this innovative technology.

Discussion on heat-treated organic seed

United Kingdom
May 29, 2013

Source: Organic Farmers & Growers

In the build-up to National Organic Cereals 2013, organised by Organic Farmers & Growers, we paid a visit to our host farmers, Mark and Liz Lea, to take a look at the trial plots.

In this short film we discuss the latest seed treatments and their potential benefits, along with Lois Philipps, Director of the British Grassland Society. OF&G Research and Development Officer, Steven Jacobs, is asking the questions.

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Published: June 19, 2013











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