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December 30, 2015

From AeroFarms to Syngenta, ag tech sowed new solutions in 2015 (GreenBiz)

September 3, 2015

Mobile drip irrigation seeking foothold in western Kansas farm fields

June 22, 2015

Turkse groentetelers besparen water met de AquaTag

April 9, 2015

AgSense releases ultimate precision irrigation package

February 17, 2015

Root Demand Irrigation accepts AE50 award - Named an industry game changer 

December 10, 2014

Sol Chip and Netafim collaborate to develop unique maintenance-free crop monitoring solution - Next-generation smart irrigation system benefits both growers and the environment

December 2, 2014

Root Demand Irrigation wins AE50 award for innovation in irrigation

November 18, 2014

Valley Irrigation develops technology integrating irrigation data into farm management systems

September 26, 2014

Netafim USA partners with UC Davis to showcase subsurface drip irrigation in alfalfa at recent Central Valley field tour 

September 3, 2014

Introducing Root Demand Irrigation: a revolutionary irrigation approach 

August 21, 2014

IP in Ag Innovation Profile: Drip irrigation

August 11, 2014

Low-cost irrigation products created by Myanmar firm (SciDev.Net)

August 8, 2014

Irrigation auditing/scheduling software migrates to ‘the cloud’

July 30, 2014

Remote irrigation leader AgSense releases iPad version of its popular "WagNet Mobile" app

June 6, 2014

New irrigation technique can ease drought effect on rice

April 29, 2014

Trimble Irrigate-IQ Solution now available in North America - Irrigation solution to optimize watering, fertigation and effluent dispersal via the Internet

March 26, 2014

Valley Irrigation offers advanced technology for soil moisture monitoring

March 25, 2014

Irrigação do tomateiro orgânico é tema de livro lançado pela Embrapa Hortaliças

February 25, 2014

Sensor-based irrigation systems show potential to increase greenhouse profitability

February 7, 2014

Lindsay Corporation announces FieldNET for wireless micro-irrigation (AG Professional)

December 17, 2013

Moisture sensors are key part of efficient irrigation

November 4, 2013

Plant-triggered irrigation proved successful (AG Professional)

September 10, 2013

Water-saving devices are available to growers at reduced cost

August 28, 2013

Valley Irrigation announces new VFlex Corner

August 8, 2013

USA - Real-time irrigation data for growers delivered by technology from MapShots and AgSense

August 6, 2013

Real-time irrigation data for growers delivered by technology from MapShots and AgSense -WagNet cloud-based wireless network assists with remote monitoring and management

July 11, 2013

Precision irrigation for ornamental plant - A prototype of precise irrigation system tested in Italy for ornamental plants nurseries as water shortage puts pressure on growers (InnovationSeeds)

June 12, 2013

Principales ventajas e instalación del riego por goteo subterráneo (Interempresas)

March 26, 2013

Valley Irrigation announces new variable rate irrigation (VRI) QuickStart (QS) prescription

March 22, 2013

Monsanto implementa gestão eficiente de água em lavouras de milho e sorgo no Brasil





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