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QualySense AG

Unterrietstrasse 2A
Glattbrugg 8152

E-mail: info@qualysense.com

Tel: +41 44 824 35 80

Web: http://www.qualysense.com

QualySense is providing innovative solutions for high-speed single-kernel analyses and sorting of grains, seeds and beans. By combining two sensing technologies, 3D Machine Vision and high-resolution NIR Spectroscopy, we deliver outstanding results in terms of accuracy and sorting capabilities. Protein content, oil content, linoleic vs. linolenic acid ratio, vitreousness, chalkiness in rice, shape, defects and others, can be quantified and sorted into different classes in seconds.

Our first sorting device, the QSorter Explorer generates outstanding benefits in quality control, R&D, and process optimisation for the seed breeding and food & beverage industry. The next generation devices, currently in development, will be able to process up to multi-tons per hour, bringing the technology to the next level and revolutionizing the quality inspection in the food industry.


QSorter Explorer



Multi-kg per hour (up to 50 kernels per second) depending on the application

Sensing Technologies

Full-Spectrum Near-Infrared Spectroscopy and 2D/3D Vision

Sorting Classes

2 or 3 quality classes in one pass


Rice, oats, barley, wheat, corn, soybeans, peanuts and more 


Non-invasive and non-destructive

User Interface

Touch panel controls


L112cm x W74cm x H80cm


< 1 kW


The QualySense QSorter Explorer enables unprecedented benefits such as:

  • Assessing multiple quality indicators of grains, seeds, or beans batches
  • Sorting the product by any of the several quality parameters
  • Conducting experiments for the development of new food products or new seed varieties
  • Automatic and ultrafast quality inspection of samples
  • Sorting product by size, shape, length or colour with a very high accuracy and with minimum reject.


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