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Osaw Industrial Products Pvt. Ltd.

PO Box No. 42, Osaw Complex
Jagadhri Road
Ambala Cantt Haryana 133001

E-mail: eenquiry@indosaw.com

Tel: +91 171 269 9267 / 91 171 269 9757

Fax: +91 171 269 9102 / 91 171 269 9222

Web: http://www.indosawagri.com

CAD Facility               CNC Machines
R&D Department      ISO-9001:2008

Leading manufacturers of seed testing and seed processing equipment

About us :

  • We employ more than 200 scientists, engineers & skilled technicians.
  • CAD facility CNC machines
  • R & D department ISO-9001: 2008
  • Export to various countries like U.K, USA, Germany, France, Australia, Nepal, Vietnam, Bangladesh, etc.
  • Some of the users of our equipment are agriculture universities, Syngenta, Bayer CropScience, Advanta, Namdhari Seeds, Monsanto Seeds, Dupont, Nunhems, etc.

Seed Testing Equipment :

  • Moisture meters
  • Laboratory rice shellers
  • Polishers
  • Broken separators
  • Seed analysers (software for dimensional analysis)
  • Seed counters
  • Seed germinators
  • Dividers (Boerner, Gamet & Riffle types)
  • Hand test sieves
  • Portable humidifiers
  • Seed blowers
  • Laboratory aspirators – Bates type
  • Laboratory graders
  • Digital temperature & humidity indicators
  • etc.

Seed Processing / Storage / Packaging Equipment :

  • Seed graders (various capacities 150kg, 300kg, 500kg per/ hr etc)
  • Gravity separators
  • Indented cylinders
  • De-humidifiers
  • Automatic weighing and bagging machines
  • Vegetable seed dryers
  • Mobile processing plants for farmers (capacity 500kg per/ hr.)


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