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Sponsoring a KEYWORD on SeedQuest
SPONSORING A KEYWORD - A unique new advertising opportunity on SeedQuest

Imagine an entire section of SeedQuest devoted exclusively to your company's specialty.

That’s a “KEYWORD SECTION”. All SeedQuest information related to that specialty resides in a mini website inside SeedQuest, with an internal menu for easy navigation from page to page: news , articles, links, interviews, events, resources, solutions, etc.
See the examples at right.

Sponsoring a keyword

Now imagine that your company sponsors this KEYWORD SECTION.

Your company name and logo are featured at the top of every page of this keyword section.

Capturing the audience

Finally, picture a SeedQuest visitor looking for information about your specialty.

On the homepage and in every section of SeedQuest, links to your KEYWORD SECTION are prominent. One mouse click and you’ve got him in your very own keyword section – the perfectly targeted captive audience.

A partnership

Your KEYWORD SECTION is a partnership between SeedQuest and your company.

SeedQuest aggregates all the keyword-related information, regularly adds new information, and ensures efficient, seamless navigation.

You can also provide additional news, information, links, articles, interviews, videos, or even run a topical blog.

Your keyword section on SeedQuest is an extension of your own website in a web space that receives a massive amount of perfectly targeted traffic. Thus, investing in a keyword area on SeedQuest is at least as valuable as investing in your own website.

The best place on the web

The joint efforts of SeedQuest and your company will quickly make your keyword section the best place on the web for information about your specialty. It will receive steady, perfectly targeted traffic.

Many benefits

• You can monitor the traffic on every page of your keyword section from your own computer.
• Your keyword section can collect the identity and contact information of all visitors.
• You pay for success: a base fee to ‘own’ the keyword + a fee per page view.

By invitation only

Keyword sponsorship is ‘by invitation only’.

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