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HeadsUp® Plant Protectants, Inc.


Fungal disease control
White mold prevention
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Announcing a new era in seed treatments for preventative fungal disease control.

  • Give your seed a “HeadsUp®” to fight disease attack.

  • Vaccinate your seed with HeadsUp® Seed treatment.

For Soybeans and Dry Beans


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For as little as 83 cents per unit HeadsUp® seed treatment will offer protection of seedling disease and is the only seed treatment shown to reduce white mold infection in dry beans and soybeans. University trial results available on our web site.

  • HeadsUp® Plant Protectant is compatible with other water soluble seed treatments and inoculants and can be applied to the seed at the same time.

  • HeadsUp® Plant Protectant contains no living microbial organisms and can be seed applied prior to planting period without loss of effectiveness.

  • HeadsUp® Plant Protectant, a seed treatment for soybeans that offers full season systemic fungal disease prevention for Conventional and Organic Farmers.

EPA Reg. 81853-1 Reduced Risk Bio Fungicide seed treatment.
EPA registered for use in the USA markets only at this time.
OMRI Approved for Organic Farming

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