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Yield Enhancing Agent

Exclusive Features

A natural chemical engine
ODC - Organic Disease Control
All natural elicitation by the plant to suppress parasitic cyst nematodes and fresh produce disease resistance


Pre-arms crops to defend by themselves against soil pathogens and disease, overcome environmental stresses due to weather, soil
deficiencies, insects, age
and genetic variability.
Preserves beneficial microbes.
Promotes friendly microorganisms.
All natural.

YEA!™ has been used by growers for over twenty years since it was EPA approved as the nation's first biopesticide. AgriHouse acquired the EPA label from Arkion Life Sciences (formerly DCV Inc., Wilmington Delaware). Advancements made by AgriHouse now provide growers with the first cost effective means to apply chitin / chitosan directly on seed and as a field treatment. 
Chitin/chitosan have shown to be effective alternatives to pesticides
and growth regulators by the USDA and growers worldwide. AgriHouse patents and a newly patent pending formula of our poly-d-glucosamine provide a four-fold increase enhancing enzyme activity to allow YEA!™ to stimulate plant resistance, including suppressing cyst nematodes and increase germination, stand and yields. Developed for NASA for use in pesticide-free systems, YEA! is shown to boost germination, to promote growth and elicit natural defense responses in plants.
Regulated by the EPA, YEA! offers growers the 'green label' they need to compete with organic labels. YEA! allows for one of the most cost effective crop management tools for seed coatings and field applications on the market.  |  |  |

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