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Pure Harvest™ Software

Pure Harvest Software
1290 Osage Street
Saint Paul, Minnesota, 55117
Bob Treumann
Tel: +1 651 487 3295

Pure Harvest™ software provides timely and accurate lab results to seed lab customers. Customers receive PDF lab results by email, and have access to a private website to download results, examine weed images, and forward results to buyers. It has helped many dealers save time and close sales faster. Pure Harvest is used in private, state and federal labs across the US. 

Pure Harvest labs produce consistent, high quality results through a combination of experienced analysts and automated calculations and reports. Pure Harvest processes are based carefully on AOSA procedures and rules. 

Through a hosted website, all Pure Harvest labs offer a standardized data export format that can be imported into dealer inventory systems.

Visit Pure Harvest at

"Pure Harvest Lab reports Help America Grow in all these places"

Official labs Private labs Growers associations
  • Colorado Seed Lab
  • Forest Service National Seed Lab
  • Idaho State Seed Lab
  • Mississippi Bureau of Plant Industry
  • Montana State Seed Lab
  • New York State Seed Lab
  • Virginia State Department of Agriculture
  • Washington State Department of Agriculture
  • Wyoming State Seed Lab
  • A1 Seed Testing, Washington
  • MD Seed Testing, California
  • Nelson Seed Testing, Minnesota
  • Ransom Seed Lab Inc, California
  • Seed Technology Inc, Ohio
  • SeedX Labs Inc, California
  • Sterling Seed Lab, Oklahoma
  • Colorado Seed Growers
  • Colorado Potato Certification Service
  • Minnesota Crop Improvement
  • Montana Seed Growers Association
  • Washington State Crop Improvement Association

Pure Harvest™
is affordable for all labs because it is priced according to the level of usage.

Pure Harvest™ is the best software in the world for seed labs.

Whether your lab is commercial, official, regulatory or non-profit, Pure Harvest is the right choice!For growers associations, the seed lab data is integrated with field inspection and certification data.

Pure Harvest™ runs on PostgreSQL, the world's most advanced open source database.

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