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The ultimate counter for breeders
DATA Count S 25
Counting machine which offers control
DATA Count S 60
The fastest single channel counting machine
DATA Count S 260
DATA Count S 660
Mass quantities automatic counting machine
DATA Count & Fill   S 25
Automatic seed filling machine
DATA Count & Fill   S 60
Automatic seed filling machine
DATA Count & Pack S 260
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DATA Technologies was established in 2001 for the express purpose of developing and commercializing innovative technologies for use in the diamond and jewelry industries.

Throughout the years, DATA’s counting machines have become well known for their speed and accuracy in the jewelry and diamond industries. In the beginning of 2009, after receiving some inquiries from seed manufactures in Israel, DATA started to adapt its technology to the seed industry. Bringing its knowledge of many years of successful design, development, and manufacturing, DATA quickly found that only minimal changes were required to accomplish this task and bring the same benefits of accuracy, speed and efficiency to the seed industry. Since Data started to market its counting machine, (even though only preliminary marketing has actually taken place) DATA has already sold units to the leading seeds manufacturers and plant nurseries in Israel.

Today, DATA offers a large line of counting machines, including standalone machines, automatic filling machines, and even counting heads which have become the fastest and most accurate way of counting seeds today. Having its own R&D team, DATA can handle any project which requires precise counting abilities.

As seeds become more and more expensive, the need to have seeds counted by the actual number and not by an estimated weight value is critical. For the seed manufacturers, such a change can save hundreds of thousand of dollars every year without requiring any change in its production process.

For plant nurseries, on the other side of this equation, previously there was no way for them to check whether the quantity of seeds they purchased accurately matched the amount of seeds delivered. Only now, having DATA counting machines, can each company easily and quickly verify that all of the seeds were supplied as stated by the supplier and thereafter use the machine to count, manage and control its valuable stock.

DATA counting machines are based on an existing advanced technology that has now been adapted to meet new standards in the seed industry.

The company is located in the Har Hotzvim Industrial Park in Jerusalem and employs approximately forty people, primarily scientists, engineers and technicians. DATA owns several patents that have been developed by its R&D team.  

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