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Mississippi State University

July 09

In Mississippi, low cotton acres face summer heat

June 09

Cotton gins are closing as cotton acres decrease in Mississippi

April 09

Mississippi crop report: Soybean acres expand, but less than expected

2009 soybean seed should be excellent, says Mississippi State University specialist

March 09

High tunnels have potential in Mississippi for year-round produce and cut flowers production

December 08

Soybeans maintain top row crop spot in Mississippi

November 08

Soybean rust in Mississippi did not hurt the crop

October 08

Pumpkins carve niche as cash flow for Mississippi farmers

June 08

Prices, drought tolerance appeal to Mississippi peanut growers

Student finds career in pest management

Harvest begins in Mississippi on an expanded wheat acreage

May 08

Cotton holds its promise in Mississippi, just on fewer acres

The Asian soybean rust battle takes a look at kudzu, a rust host

April 08

Mississippi leads project to reveal rice genetic markers

Mississippi’s soybean growers expected to plant more than 2 million acres this year

March 08

2008 battle ready for soybean rust invasion

February 08

Soybean seed shortage to increase production risks

Mississippi State University Extension hires new soybean specialist

January 08

Historic Delta research changed cotton farming

December 07

Mississippi rice variety trials 2007

In Mississippi, soybeans replace cotton in ag value while grain crops see big 2007 value increases

September 07

Mississippi soybeans struggle toward decent ’07 yields

Peanuts enjoy a good year in Mississippi fields

August 07

With Asian soybean rust present, it's time to protect the soybean crop in the Mississippi Delta

July 07

Mississippi State University Extension hires new cotton specialist

Undaunted by drought, rice heads towards a second strong year in Mississippi

June 07

Cotton production - Innovations must sustain production

Mississippi State University agronomists produce cold-tolerant lawn grass

May 07

High fuel costs drives Mississippi growers' renewed interest in vegetables

April 07

Bee colony collapse disorder is threat to U.S. agriculture

U.S. cotton growers prepare for challenges in 2007

March 07

Mississippi’s rice takes another hit

Research reveals best weed control in rice

February 07

Mississippi corn farmers expect a big year for the crop

Early-season nitrogen increases rice growth and yield

Mississippi State University’s plant pathology and nematology Lab helps keep plants healthy

Peanut crop is gaining ground in Mississippi

Contamination affects U.S. rice planting decisions in 2007

December 06

Heavy cotton irrigation hurt profits, helped yield in Mississippi

Mississippi’s top crops suffer value declines in 2006

November 06

Alternative oil crops could diversity Mississippi agricultural production

October 06

Despite drought, cotton produces near average crop in Mississippi

August 06

Asian soybean rust makes its first 2006 appearance in Mississippi soybean fields

May 06

Mississippi State University scientists producing cotton's next generation

September 04

Mississippi State University announces initiative in agricultural biotechnology education

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