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U.S. Organic Trade Association (OTA)

May 09

U.S. Organic Trade Association welcomes USDA announcement for $50 million in funding for organic food production

U.S. organic sales grow by a whopping 17.1 percent in 2008

U.S. Organic Trade Association releases its 2009 Organic Industry Survey

December 08

U.S. land devoted to organic cotton production increases

September 08

U.S. Organic Trade Association names new Executive Director

June 08

U.S. Organic Trade Association sues Ohio's Department of Agriculture to protect organic standards

January 07

Organic Trade Association helps launch new educational institute: Organic Agriculture and Products Education Institute receives first gift

Organic Trade Association names new Director of Marketing and Public Relations

U.S. acreage of organic cotton gains ground

December 07

U.S. Senate approves Farm Bill with provisions for organic agriculture

October 07

The Organic Trade Association hails preliminary research findings showing nutritional benefits of organic products

August 07

U.S. Organic Trade Association urges U.S. and Canada to begin equivalency talks

July 07

Agriculture Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives endorses aid for organic farmers

May 07

U.S. organic sales show substantial growth

U.S. Organic Trade Association launches a web site for farmers and processors transitioning to organic

April 07

Organic Trade Association member testifies before U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee, tells Congress that organic requires infrastructure for continued growth

January 07

U.S. farm bill proposals are a good first step, says Organic Trade Association, but organic farmers need more

December 06

U.S. organic acreage grows, but more is needed, says the Organic Trade Association

September 06

Organic Trade Association welcomes Canadian organic regulation

June 06

USDA moves ahead with final rule

May 06

U.S. organic sales continue to grow at a steady pace

January 06

U.S. organic cotton production trends: acreage of organic cotton gains ground

October 05

The Organic Trade Association applauds U.S. Congress' decision to restore national organic standards

Organic Trade Association asks U.S. Congress to take action to keep organic standards strong

May 05

Recent analysis distorts organic market in Canada

April 05

Organic Trade Association celebrates 20 years of service

January 05

Organic Trade Association works to address issues raised concerning national organic standards

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