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January 25, 2016

CropPAL, a new database of valuable protein information for economically important crop plants - Bringing valuable data to light for global crop research

December 16, 2015

130 years after launch, India’s first seed company goes digital (The Free Press Journal)

December 13, 2015

Australian Prime Minister announces new initiatives to revolutionise agriculture

December 9, 2015

Launch of the WIKWIO Project: Weed Identification and Knowledge in the Western Indian Ocean

October 28, 2015

Online tool is improved to unleash power of crop diversity

October 27, 2015

Big data for development research

October 19, 2015

AisleOne iPad app aims to shake up online shopping (The Australian)

October 6, 2015

PhilRice researchers develop app for rice farming

August 26, 2015

Bhutan - National Seed Centre’s website launched

August 25, 2015

New strategic alliance between Agronomix Software Inc. and China Golden Marker (Beijing)

May 31, 2015

Website of the International Licensing Platform Vegetable is now online
Website ILP Vegetable staat online

May 20, 2015

Western Australia - MyPaddock tool to boost productivity and profitability

March 5, 2015

Lincoln University student creates 'invaluable' app during an internship at Agriseeds (Educators NZ)

January 13, 2015

HM.CLAUSE lance son nouveau site internet - Sous un même portail « www.hmclause.com », et pour la première fois, retrouvez les variétés potagères des deux marques commerciales Harris Moran et Clause et plus encore

December 13, 2014

Australia - New planning tool on the Farm Biosecurity website makes biosecurity second nature

November 24, 2014

Western Australian growers reminded to register sensitive production sites online

August 20, 2014

Australia - Crop diagnosis and response a click away for agronomists

June 19, 2014

Expanded MyCrop app a grain crop troubleshooter

May 16, 2014

Western Australia - Improvements to Flower Power, online tool to predict wheat flowering times of up to three different varieties at the same time and the risk of frost or heat stress in your location

April 23, 2014

IFOAM announces the creation of internet extension ‘.BIO’

March 17, 2014

Australia - It's more than just weed control with new apps

February 3, 2014

‘Spudcasts’: AUSVEG launches new potato R&D initiative

December 3, 2013

Web tool helps raise rice yield and income

November 15, 2013

‘InfoVeg’ puts millions of dollars of research in the palm of growers’ hands

September 30, 2013

Australia - Field pea information from GRDC at your fingertips

September 20, 2013

 New mobile device application: GRDC Insects: The Ute Guide

September 19, 2013

Nutrition planning simplified with new GRDC app

July 31, 2013

Agrogen, la página web didáctica china sobre biotecnología agraria

February 25, 2013

Western Australian grower’s yield app wins Grain Inventors competition

December 4, 2012

That’s one small step for apps, one giant leap for soil science








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