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February 28, 2015

American Seed Trade Association research shows education key to consumer appreciation (High Plains Journal)

Canada - Le ministre de l'agriculture annonce que la Loi sur la croissance dans le secteur agricole a obtenu la sanction royale - L'industrie souligne l'adoption de la loi qui modernisera l'industrie agricole canadienne

SeedWay names Director of Agronomic Seed Production

SeedWay names Chief Communications Officer

Bayer crown prince vows independence for diversified drugmaker (Reuters)

New seed processing center in Kolda, Senegal (Africa Lead News)

2015 Sorghum U highlights, resources now available (High Plains Journal)

Bayer CropScience Vegetable Seeds is platinum sponsor of National Watermelon Convention

Plant Impact raises £6mln ahead of investment programme (Proactive Investors)

New light shed on the microbial battleground between soil and roots

EU-Parlamentarier und NGOs uneins über Nutzung von Gen-Saatgut in Entwicklungsländern (EurAktiv)

Deutschland - Streit um Saatgut-Nachbaugebühren verschärft sich (Top Agrar)

February 27, 2015

Kartoffelkäfer mit RNA-Interferenz bekämpfen - Mit Hilfe von RNA-Interferenz lassen sich Kartoffelpflanzen gegen ihren größten Fraßfeind wappnen

Iowa State University's Herbicide Guide offers strategies to manage resistant weeds

Silage trials show forage type and variety selection key to yield and quality

Soy Checkoff positions U.S. soy industry as global leader - Upcoming gathering of global oilseed industry will give U.S. soy family an opportunity to lead

Canada - Landmark legislation Bill C-18 receives Royal Assent in Parliament - Plant Breeders’ Rights amendments keep Canada competitive and innovative

Monsanto's Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybeans to deliver enhanced weed control, agronomic packages across all maturity groups - Expanded training and education efforts available to growers and retailers in 2015

Africa contemplates establishing continental food safety body

USDA/APHIS announces withdrawal of 2008 proposed rule for biotechnology regulations

USDA/AMS seeks nominees for the United Soybean Board

A Tropical Melhoramento & Genética (TMG) está com inscrições abertas para o Programa Novos Talentos

Purdue University researcher in project to lessen impact of soybean sudden death syndrome

Fundação MT abre inscrições para estagiários e trainees

USA - New Capture 3RIVE 3D insecticide from FMC registered for use with 3RIVE 3D in-furrow delivery system

Diretor do Rothamsted Research visita Embrapa Trigo

United Kingdom - Parliamentary report identifies major flaws in EU regulation of GM crops 

A Foggia convegno Syngenta su Produzione Integrata del Pomodoro da industria

Rapsmarkt wird auch von Politik und Währung gesteuert 

Mit frühen Sorten Greeningflächen bereit stellen


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