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September 20, 2014

Johnny’s Selected Seeds introduces Tozer Seedss' Kalettes, a non-GMO cross between kale and Brussels sprouts (Fresh Plaza)

X-ray vision puts plants, dirt on world stage (Laboratory Equipment)

Europäische Union - ‚ÄčErneute Stakeholder-Konsultation zur Saatgut-Verordnung (Dega-Gartenbau)

September 19, 2014

Paraguay - Continúa decomiso de mercaderías - Semillas, fertilizantes y plantas ornamentales caen en Encarnación

Gangster herbicide program update from Valent U.S.A. Corporation

Australian OGTR - DIR 130 - Limited and controlled release of wheat genetically modified for improved grain quality – Murdoch University

New disease resistant maize released for Kenyan farmers (Standard Media)

Discovering genes that control oil and protein in soybeans (Farm & Ranch Guide)

Turbocharging photosynthesis to feed the world - A faster enzyme for turning CO2 into sugar is a key step toward much higher crop yields (MIT Technology Review)

New 'Focus on Potato' webcast addresses fungicide resistance, management

Seed companies working on a prescription for each field (Farm and Dairy)

Québec, Canada - Le Ministre de l'Agriculture est préoccupé par l'usage des semences traitées aux néonicotinoïdes

U.S. patent issued to Syngenta Participation AG for snap pea variety SL3134 (4-traders)

Väderstad-Verken AB - Tempo’s new row spacing interesting for organic farmers

Producción de semilla de papa en centro biotecnológico de Mérida permitirá ahorrar $50 millones anuales (AVN)

Vietnam issues circular for exceptional recognition of biotechnology in agriculture and rural development  

New ISAAA publication: Pocket K on Bt eggplant

Maïsstengelboorder duikt weer op in Limburg

Canadian Canola Growers Association's endowment to fund innovative policy research at the University of Saskatchewan

Der neue Newsletter "Saat-Gut!" 02/2014 ist da

Herbstaussaat: Beizung als effektive Pflanzenschutzmaßnahme (Proplanta)

Sunflower vertical tillage tools set to go high-tech (Grainews)

For legume plants, a new route from shoot to root 

Despite USDA approval, AgroSciences' new GMO corn and soybeans face hurdles (Reuters)

Arysta LifeScience recognized for exemplary workplace practices, receives prestigious “When Work Works” award

Innovation opportunities in agri-tech

New trends, new crops offer new possibilities for edibles (Greenhouse Grower)

Amped-up plants - Bacterial enzyme supercharges photosynthesis, promising increased yields for crops (Nature)

Western Australia - Phone survey to examine break crops attitudes

Plant engineered for more efficient photosynthesis


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