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April 1, 2015

Sorghum pricing offers producers opportunity to maximize profits

March 31, 2015

U.S. EPA grants extension for bird repellant on Louisiana rice seed (Stuttgarter Daily Leader)

Telangana to have 100-acre Seed Park, with seed testing labs, storage facility and other infrastructure to support seed firms in developing quality seeds (The Hindu BusinessLine)

Secret national security court used in Iowa corn seed theft case (KETV)

Monsanto announces multi-year commitment to help monarch butterflies

African Union Commission launches a continental SPS Committee to assist member states in their efforts to protect human, animal and plant health

U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Institute of Food and Agriculture awards 36 food safety grants, including $6.7 million for antimicrobial resistance, to protect consumers

Extension of public comment period for U.S. Department of Agriculture’s recent stakeholder workshop on coexistence

Brasil, CTNBio - Accesse a pauta da 181ª Reunião Ordinária, de 9 de abril de 2015

Bayer CropScience opens breeding and trait development station at Pikeville, North Carolina - $6.3 million state-of-the-art facility dedicated to advancing agriculture through cotton and soybean research and development

Bayer CropScience launches global web video competition for farmers - “YouFarm International” to raise awareness and appreciation for modern agriculture

Deutschland - Neue Broschüre von Syngenta: Schädlingsbekämpfung in Raps 

Sumitomo Chemical to strengthen global crop protection business organization - 
Combining agricultural chemicals business and biorational business towards operational synergies

JanWillem Breukink retires from INCOTEC's Board

PBL’s patent on glucoraphanin-rich broccoli : Valid - European Patent Office Decision confirms societal value and validity of patents for innovative plant breeding

Patent ruling boosts innovative plant breeding

Maisanbau auch unter Dürrebedingungen dank Gentechnik - Erste trockentolerante Maispflanze in den USA im Anbau 

Secret to how plants regulate Vitamin C production proves surprising

Inauguration of Goëmar’s global headquarters, “local roots, global reach”

Parlamentarische Staatssekretärin des BMEL besucht Bundessortenamt 

Trials of genetically modified safflower find the plants thrive in Western Australia's Ord irrigation scheme (ABC)

GroGenesis trials in Australia provide picture perfect results - AgraBurst treated section is the only part of test field to yield success

U.S. National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and Monsanto announce commitment to help monarch butterflies

European Seed Association regrets "broccoli/tomato decision" of European Patent Office's Enlarged Board of Appeal - Patentability of plants obtained by essentially biological processes threatens balance of breeders’ rights and patents and may hinder future breeding innovation

Economische analyse van de Nederlandse biotechnologiesector (CGM 2015-01)

Import genetisch gemodificeerde soja MON 87751 met twee insectenresistentie eigenschappen (CGM/150327-01)

GMOs on display The use of genetically modified organisms in exhibitions
GGO’s te kijk gezet. Het gebruik van genetisch gemodificeerde organismen in tentoonstellingen

CultiVent Farm Service - Mehr Kulturarten: KWS erweitert Online-Beratung für Landwirte

Scientists discover why flowers bloom earlier in a warming climate

Attendees of the UN Climate-Smart Agriculture conference call for action on climate-resilient farming 


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