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August 22, 2014

BreedIT Ltd. and Seach Ltd. form KanaboSeed to develop new medical cannabis varieties

SDA pasará a actuar en el mercado Colombiano

Monsanto promove curso de Conservação e Educação Ambiental Florescer em Camaçari (BA)

BRS Sabiá é lançada como opção de precocidade e produtividade para o trigo

Tecnologias de Clima Temperado estarão na Expointer

Heat stress-resilient maize hybrids for Asian farmers

CIMMYT, Limagrain and Seed Co Limited teams discuss partnership for tackling maize lethal necrosis

European Seed magazine launched to serve the growing seed industry

Alberta Wheat Commission encourages growers to provide more CPSR and CWRW wheat in harvest samples

Report - French seed treatment market 2014 - Application and crop type analysis

Resistant weeds? Pulverize the seeds (Modern Farmer)

Arkansas Plant Board's Seed Committee considers request to scale back testing of rice for certain transgenic varieties (Stuttgart Daily Leader)

Mehr Zucker aus der Rübe holen

Monsanto has never sold GM maize in Italy

New international effort led by Cornell University seeks to add a stronger voice for science and depolarize the debate around ag biotechnology and GMOs

Soybean seed treatment timelapse shows product impact

Partnership creates plant science app for teachers, students

ESN Smart Nitrogen, from Agrium Wholesale, is a great fit for winter wheat, can provide all nitrogen needs for winter wheat

Almeria, España - El laboratorio de Coexphal analiza la principal enfermedad bacteriana del tomate transmitida por semilla (TelePrensa)

Guatemala - Todas las semillas  que el Instituto de Ciencia y Tecnología Agrícola ha mejorado a lo largo de 41 años de investigación no están patentadas en favor de nadie (Pensa Libre)

Oilseed rape genome sequenced

Rapsgenom offenbart Details der Arten-Enstehung (biotechnologie.de)

Pakistan Agricultural Research Council, Yuan Longping High-Tech Agriculture Co. Ltd. and Guard Agricultural Research and Services Pvt. Ltd. sign agreement to develop fine grain type rice hybrids in Pakistan

Consiguen inhibir el Virus del Rizado Amarillo del Tomate (TYLCV) (HortiInfo)

Canola genome sequence reveals evolutionary ‘love triangle’

Elsoms Vegetable Open Days 2014

Hoogendijk Agro gaat voor kwaliteit in de grove sortering wortelen

Deutschland - Saatgutwechsel verharrt auf stabilem Niveau

Using the genes of Israeli wheat to fight climate change - A new technology extracts useful features of wild plants (Forward)

Dow AgroSciences expands Davenport, Iowa R&D site






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