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July 27, 2015

University of Georgia names The Turfgrass Group licensing & marketing agent for new drought tolerant TifTuf Bermudagrass

Syngenta says Monsanto's $2 billion break-up fee comes with caveat (Reuters)

Spanish pulse market outlook 2015

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Agricultural biotechnology, annual report

European Union - Agricultural biotechnology, annual report

USA - Syngenta introduces Vibrance seed treatment fungicide for use in sugarbeets

European Union 28 opt out regulations - Position of the member states

Benefícios da rotação de culturas com milho na produtividade de soja será tema de Palestra Online

Pioneer sales representatives in Iowa cover plots with cover crops - Educational field events hosted with collaborators The Nature Conservancy and La Crosse Seed

Australian OGTR - DIR 139 - Notification of Licence Application: Commercial release of canola genetically modified for herbicide tolerance from Pioneer Hi-Bred Australia

Mycogen Seeds portfolio leader, agronomist recognized as Future Giants of the Seed Industry - Industry honors Jamey Albrecht and Andrew Ferrel

Fundação Pró-Sementes dissemina conhecimento sobre certificação de sementes em ciclo de palestras

Enigmatic edibles - Brassica oleracea and an 'abominable mystery'

Maize lethal necrosis threatens Africa’s food security

Wheat rust expert contributes to resistance in Pakistan (CIMMYT)

Produtividade e precocidade destacam Brasmax Elite IPRO - Cultivar foi lançamento da safra 14/15 e tem chamado a atenção por seu potencial produtivo e excelente pacote sanitário

Sudden death syndrome: a growing cause of crop loss in U.S. soybeans

Sneak preview of the 2015 Global Youth Ag-Summit Program

Rice disease-resistance discovery closes the loop for scientific integrity

University of Wisconsin study shows how a kernel got naked and corn became king

New open-access webcast addresses fungicide resistance in soybean

Alsace, France - Groupe Comptoir Agricole consolide sa filière de multiplication de semences de maïs (Terre-net)

Seed Consultants celebrates 25 years in the seed business

New rice lowers methane emissions

United Kingdom - Plant Varieties and Seeds Gazette, July 2015

United Kingdom - Industry kick-starts work on Great British Food and Farming Plan

Saaten-Union - Starke Nachfrage nach viterra Mischungen 

Weizen-Junior-Cup 2016 - Das Duell im Weizenfeld

Reis statt Weizen - Japaner entwickeln backfähiges Reismehl (Deutschlandfunk)

United Kingdom - As pulse harvest gets under way, PGRO underlines the top 10 crop benefits for growers








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