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October 22, 2014

U.S. EPA concludes that neonicotinoid seed treatments are of negligible benefit to soybean production

No-till agriculture may not bring hoped-for boost in global crop yields, study finds

Robert Berendes joins Paine & Partners as Operating Director

USA - Select soybean varieties with genetic disease resistance 

Precision Planting traz ao Brasil o conceito de “Agricultura de Decisão” oferecendo soluções agronômicas mais precisas aos produtores - Linha de equipamentos captura dados durante o plantio, analisa e gera informações instantâneas permitindo rápida tomada de decisão e consequente melhoria na produtividade

DuPont Pioneer celebrates multi-million dollar production expansion in Chatham, Ontario - New processing towers bring on-site integrated refuge production

Xanthion In-furrow fungicide from BASF receives U.S. EPA registration - Corn growers now have access to a first-in-its-class in-furrow fungicide for use in 2015 season

Coleta de sementes e produção de mudas é o tema do 2º módulo da capacitação Silvicultura Sustentável do SENAR

£5M for agricultural innovation - Businesses and universities across the United Kingdom will benefit from a share of £5M of funding from government and industry

Pilot program seeks to address honeybee-pesticide conundrum

HM. Clause Ibérica, on its 50th anniversary, makes an impression at Fruit Attraction with its new tasty cherry tomato Dolcetini
HM.Clause Ibérica, en su 50 aniversario, impresiona en Fruit Attraction con el nuevo tomate cherry pera Dolcetini

Algérie - Interview du Directeur Général du Centre National de Contrôle et de Certification des Semences et Plants (CNCC) - "99.5% de la semence de céréales sont issus de la production locale" (L'Expression)

Mutagenesis: one way Europeans wish it was 1936 again (Genetic Literacy Project)

Battles rage in Oregon, Colorado over genetically modified foods (Daily Press)

USA - Fun, friendly website helps teens eat more vegetables

The race is on to find organic pesticides - Hunt for beneficial microbes comes amid regulatory scrutiny of man-made chemical insecticides (The Wall Street Journal)

Bayer CropScience strives to find ways to protect crop production (AgriNews)

USA - 2014 new flower varieties guide highlights (Greenhouse Grower)

Exclusive club for agricultural research - The University of Queensland’s expertise in agriculture places it among the world’s top 10 agricultural science research organisations

Washington State University researchers see how plants optimize repair

Automating the selection process for a genome assembler - A publicly available repository allows genomics researchers to compare multiple assemblers

NIAB warns of further losses of plant protection products

Canada - 2014 was a bad year for fusarium (Grainews)

Spanish farmers lead the European innovation in the cultivation of maize

Atlantic Canada's first regional seed bank finds its home at Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Agriculture 

Uganda - Johnnie Ebiyau, a senior research officer with the National Semi-Arid Resources Research Institute (NASSARI), looks to pass on his sorghum genius (The Observer)

Fruits and vegetables are about to enter a flavor renaissance - Chefs are teaming up with plant breeders to revitalize bland produce with robust flavors and exotic beauty - qualities long neglected by industrial agriculture (Pacific Standard)

Colombia - View on poverty: big data protects farmers’ livelihoods (SciDev.Net)

Australia - Avoid the enemy with harvest weed seed testing 

Australia - Build a barrier on-farm against exotic pests and diseases


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