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October 24, 2014

Agronomix Software Inc. releases version 37 of Agrobase Generation

Syngenta Crop Talk video series showcases breakthrough technologies to help manage agronomic issues 

Brasil - Seis insetos que competem com você por comida 

Production specialist Connor Lewis joins Thomas Ag Services

USA - CHS Inc. and Thomas Ag Services launch seed distribution and private label seed program

Comunicado sobre o recebimento e comercialização de soja Intacta RR2 PRO

Fundação Pró-Sementes amplia atuação no centro-oeste e no sudeste

Helicoverpa armigera ataca soja recém plantada em Goiás

Brasil - BASF conta com novo Diretor de Vendas para atender os estados do Centro Oeste, Norte e Nordeste (Cultivar)

Bayer CropScience reveals insights into crop protection industry gathered during  the 2014 Conference of the California Association of Pest Control Advisers

Aprosmat participa do Congresso Pan-americano de Sementes no Equador

SynTech CEO unveils the company's Vision for 2020 and appoints new directors

Uruguay - Será obligatoria la certificación de semillas de cinco gramíneas forrajeras - El plan del Instituto Nacional de Semillas comenzará el 1° de enero próximo con Bromus y Dactylis (El Observador)

Sanz felicita a "Ramiro Arnedo" por su apuesta por la innovación en semillas - El presidente ha destacado "su apuesta por la innovación para ofrecer las mejores variedades de semillas de frutas y hortalizas" (La Rioja)

Ghana Advanced Maize Seed Adoption Program launched (Spy Ghana)

France - Le nouveau visage du site Monsanto de Saint-Andiol (La Provence)

Mississippi State University plant virologist Sead “Sejo” Sabanadzovic earns major recognition 

Key cereal fungicides may be banned as EU tightens rules (Farmers Weekly)

United Kingdo - Bayer CropScience's wheat breeding plans take shape (Farmers Guardian)

Seed industry warns of costs for farmers as Australia boosts biosecurity to combat outbreak of Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus (ABC)

Northern Territory, Australia - Watermelon crop destruction continues (Katherine Times)

2015 IPM ESSEN to host 1,500 exhibitors (FloraCulture)

DuPont Pioneer, Perdue AgriBusiness announce plans to double acreage for the 2015 Plenish high oleic soybean program - Demand for healthier soybean oil grows 

Zuckerrüben in Deutschland - Letzte Proberodung bei Pfeifer & Langen: bis zu 21% mehr Zucker als im Durchschnittsjahr

Heliospectra AB (publ) – Partial Annual Accounts January to September 2014

FAO and AfricaRice strengthen ties to support regional rice development in Africa 

New soil health website supports African farmers on World Food Day

CABI expert, Dr Julie Flood, to talk at major new plant health conference

Plant breeding and market trends impact the design of food processing equipment, according to Hughes Equipment Company report 

UQ scientists help unlock the secrets of photosynthesis


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