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July 28, 2014

New webcasts save time, money and pesticides during soybean aphid season

Canadian Food Inspection Agency - Notice of submission for approval of novel food, livestock feed and environmental safety approval for commercial planting purposes of a plant genetically modified for insect resistance from Monsanto Canada Inc.
Avis de demande de Monsanto Canada Inc.d'approbation d'un aliment nouveau pour animaux et humains et d'approbation de sûreté environnementale pour un végétal destiné à la plantation commerciale, qui a été modifié génétiquement pour le rendre résistant aux insectes et tolérant au herbicide

Agronomic Innovations, LLC buys AgRobotics, launches farmer-centered AutoProbe Precision Soil Sampling Services and licensing of AutoProbe to farmers and agronomic service providers

Phosphate transport from fungi to plant roots requires a proton pump

Wilde Gene gegen Stress - Genom der Wildtomate Solanum pennellii gibt Aufschluss über die Ursachen der extremen Stresstoleranz dieser Tomatenart

Ontario, Canada - Many factors involved in bee winterkill losses

Declining bee population attracts research at New Mexico State University’s Los Lunas Ag Center

USA - Water+ Intelligent Irrigation Platform footprint exceeds 40,000 acres for 2014 season

Brasil - DuPont entra em tratamento de sementes com Dermacor, solução de ponta contra a Helicoverpa (Cultivar)

BASF lança quarta fase de sua campanha de valorização da agricultura brasileira

Pesquisa aponta maior satisfação e valorização do agricultor na sociedade

New University of Leeds project: biology, history and intellectual property

Deutschland - Insgesamt 220 agrarrelevante Patente 2013 erfasst (Raiffeisen)

Der Schlüssel für robusten Reis (Bild der Wissenschaft)

Juego didáctico sobre el manejo de resistencia a insectos en cultivos Bt

Stress-tolerant tomato relative sequenced

Un modelo matemático explica la dinámica de productividad de las cosechas de maíz

Flying in to increase crop yields and reduce losses - Cutting edge technology is enabling farmers and agronomists in South Africa to maximise production by improving plant health inspections. (SGS)

Inner Mongolia leverages vegetable development

New weapons improving the odds in rhizoctonia battle (SANFTA)

Dr. Peter VanderZaag appointed to International Advisory Committee of World Potato Congress Inc.

Seeds keep vital much longer when stored without oxygen

Know your nematodes and set up a crop defence system in 2014

Weyerhaeuser and DuPont Pioneer enter technology license agreement

Grass ever more important for growing world population

Australian Cereal Rust Report: Volume 12, Issue 2: Cereal rust situation update, July 2014

Australia - Ask an expert about harvest weed seed control

July 27, 2014

Romer Labs collaborates with Feed the Future Initiative in international program to reduce post-harvest loss and food waste

Tanzania - Water Efficient Maize for Africa (WEMA) seed: science breakthrough (IPP Media)

Global food safety agreement signed by China and UC Davis






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