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December 18, 2014

Third National Vegetable Grafting Symposium - Growing new roots for the U.S. vegetable industry

Deutschland - Maissorten im Test (Proplanta)

Quand plantes et bactéries font bon ménage

Improved maize to boost yields in nitrogen-starved African soils

Physiological phenotyping of plants for crop improvement (Trends in Plant Science)

Challenges of modifying root traits in crops for agriculture (Trends in Plant Science)

Are we ready for back-to-nature crop breeding? (Trends in Plant Science)

Restoring crop genes to wild form may make plants more resilient - Gene editing techniques recover benefits lost in domestication (ScienceNews)

Research aims to help reduce wheat sprouting risk

December 17, 2014

Pragas mais resistentes a químicos exigem mudança nas estratégias de controle

Sonata fungicide announces new uses for broadacre crops - Ballad Plus fungicide label transitions to Sonata brand, keeping existing uses and adding broadacre

Lower seeding rates of soybean can be combined with pre-emergence herbicide

United Kingdom - Revolutionary tomatoes that resist blight revealed by scientists (Express)

North America - Plant ratings from 2014 trials now available in National Plant Trials Database (Greenhouse Grower)

British gardeners can now grow really tasty, outdoor-grown tomatoes 

Eight ways to make new herbicide-tolerant traits work

Photosynthese: Effektivität des Maises nutzen - Mais kann als C4-Pflanze mit hohen Temperaturen gut umgehen und weiterhin Photosynthese betreiben, wenn C3-Pflanzen längst kapitulieren

Valoya delivers light to Selecta Klemm’s new tissue culture production facility

December 16, 2014

Syngenta creating buzz with Operation Pollinator resources for turf 

Tomatec terá mais de três anos de pesquisa (Cultivar)

Strategies offered by Iowa AgState to help farmers capture value from ‘Big Data’ - Comprehensive report complements regional, national efforts serving farmers

Discovery aims to fight destructive bee disease

BrightFarms pioneers hydroponic greenhouses for urban agriculture (Greenhouse Grower)

INCOTEC launches second generation X.ray seed upgrading

First two MOOCs of Wageningen UR start in January

Wageningen University offers new online master specialisation in plant breeding

Seed coatings with adjusted release profile

Western Australia - Expert fusarium crown rot advice available online 

December 15, 2014

High-tech farming poised to change the way the world eats (San Jose Mercury News)

Now available: the Kansas Wheat Calculator App allows growers to assess yield potential of their wheat stands during the growing season, even during winter dormancy 













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