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September 22, 2014

Prevención, rotación de cultivos y control mecánico, métodos contra el teosinte (Diario del Campo)

New soybean webcast addresses fungicide resistance

Mown grass smell sends SOS for help in resisting insect attacks, researchers say

El enriquecimiento carbónico y la salinidad en la producción de tomate asurcado de alto valor comercial (Interempresas)

Influence of corn, soybean herbicide treatments on cover crops

BASF und ADAMA empfehlen den gewässerschonenden Einsatz von Metazachlor

BASF Herbizid-Innovationen für eine moderne und effiziente Landwirtschaft

Frost research to refine crop management practices

September 20, 2014

X-ray vision puts plants, dirt on world stage (Laboratory Equipment)

September 19, 2014

QSorter Explorer from QualySense - The most advanced technology for cereal analysis and sorting

New Jersey, USA - Airplane is dusting crops in Hunterdon and Somerset counties, but not with chemicals (NJ.com)

New disease resistant maize released for Kenyan farmers (Standard Media)

North Carolina State University researchers examining different thrip control methods (Southeast Farm Press)

Discovering genes that control oil and protein in soybeans (Farm & Ranch Guide)

Turbocharging photosynthesis to feed the world - A faster enzyme for turning CO2 into sugar is a key step toward much higher crop yields (MIT Technology Review)

New 'Focus on Potato' webcast addresses fungicide resistance, management

Seed companies working on a prescription for each field (Farm and Dairy)

Väderstad-Verken AB - Tempo’s new row spacing interesting for organic farmers

Compositional and proteomic analyses of biotech broccoli

Saatbettbereitung zur Wintergerste 

Herbstaussaat: Beizung als effektive Pflanzenschutzmaßnahme (Proplanta)

Raps - jetzt Gelbschalen aufstellen!

Sunflower vertical tillage tools set to go high-tech (Grainews)

Long-distance communication from leaves to roots

For legume plants, a new route from shoot to root 

Amped-up plants - Bacterial enzyme supercharges photosynthesis, promising increased yields for crops (Nature)

Plant engineered for more efficient photosynthesis

Nitrogen research to boost malt barley

September 18, 2014

Research emphasis on Goss’s Wilt has improved resistance ratings (Farm & Ranch Guide)

X-ray vision puts Nottingham plant and soil sciences on the world stage 




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