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March 30, 2015

University of Idaho biocontrol researcher, alumna are keys to new “Biological Control of Weeds: A World Catalogue of Agents and Their Target Weeds”


El brócoli cocinado al vapor conserva mejor sus propiedades

Scientists find new defence front against potato late blight

Western Australia - Early sowing wheat a winning strategy 

New South Wales and Queensland, Australia - Plan ahead to keep crown rot at bay 

Western Australia - Research shows benefit of dry sowing wheat early  

Western Australia - Cereal growers urged to take action on crown rot 

March 28, 2015

Regulating root growth - A newly discovered protein controlling root structure could play a widespread role in plant cellular signaling 

March 27, 2015

Agriculture connectée : le web au secours des betteraves
Optimierung der Zuckerrübenernten mit Hilfe einer Internet-Plattform

Perfbet, performance des chantiers de récolte de betteraves

Ontario, Canada - Soybean seed inoculation gains ground (Grainews)

Why nodulation fails - When nodules don’t form, yield will suffer. 
These recommendations could stop fixation failures (Grainews)

Thirty-year study looks at Bermuda grass sustainability without fertilizer - Forage scientist: Bermuda grass pasture stands can be very sustainable without nitrogen

March 26, 2015

Canada - New website launched to help stakeholders adapt to updated Plant Breeders’ Rights

Syngenta recommends: scout early, implement proactive management practices to fend off early-season diseases in wheat

Soybean planting date and varietal maturity

Blé tendre - La septoriose, une maladie propagée par les éclaboussures de pluie (Arvalis)

March 25, 2015

Novel tools to help boost global tomato breeding

Identification of QTL underlying physiological and morphological traits of flag leaf in barley (BMC Genetics)

Host-induced gene silencing of an essential chitin synthase gene confers durable resistance to Fusarium head blight and seedling blight in wheat (Plant Biotechnology Journal)

New Tomato MD app from the American Phytopathological Society identifies what's ailing your tomato plant (Los Angeles Times)

Take a stand against Rhizoctonia (Grainews)

INNO GRAIN-MALT - Entwicklung trockentoleranter Gerste mit verbessertem Samenertrag und gesteigerter Brauqualität

Maize: a Green Bridge - Maisfilm nun auch auf Englisch

Strategien im Umgang mit Mykotoxinen

Researching our daily bread - U.K. researchers are working to increase our global wheat yield and nutrition (Grainews)

Kobe University study identifies inducers able to enhance high-temperature tolerance in plants: proven effective on rice and tomatoes at cooperative farms

Research groups at Kobe University and the University of Tokyo focus on heat-resistant crops (The Japan Times)

March 24, 2015

Spotting problems and targeting treatments to where they are needed - A practical, cost-effective approach for taking aerial images of cotton fields that are detailed enough to show patches of large fields in need of special attention.

Michigan State University is spreading the seeds of big data








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