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January 29, 2015

Understanding melons - Faster breeding thanks to smart combination of techniques

Half of all customers choose E-Control for their new Väderstad Rapid seed drill

January 28, 2015

How Next-Generation Phenotyping is Revolutionizing Plant Breeding (Springer)

HyperART: non-invasive quantification of leaf traits using hyperspectral absorption-reflectance-transmittance imaging (BioMed Central)

Role of seedling diseases and the efficacy of fungicide seed treatments in stand establishment of cotton (Plant Management Network)

Tasmanian researchers develop DNA poppy seed test to identify systemic downy mildew pathogen (ABC)

Área de refúgio é essencial para o controle de pragas

Peeling Roma-style tomatoes the eco-friendly way 

Septoria pathogen “hijacks” wheat crop defences - Scientists identify the mechanisms by which the fungal pathogen of wheat causing Septoria Tritici Blotch manipulates plant immune responses to its own advantage

The Facebook of plant science

France - Herbe-book, la base de données qui vous dit tout sur les variétés fourragères

USA - Real experiences from LibertyLink soybeans growers (Bayer CropScience)

Battle weed resistance with herbicides from different groups (The Field Position)

Canada - Growing grass seed can fit well into a rotation. Here are seven tips for beginning grass growers (Grainews)

University of Illinois researchers learn more about herbicide defense 'switch' in cereal crops (Farmers Advance)

INCOTEC Australia now offering European standard seed priming

Australia - Stringent sampling needed to assess crown rot risk

January 27, 2015

The Netherlands - Licensing platform for plant breeding innovations (Managing Intellectual Property)

Gesündere Nahrungsmittelproduktion durch bessere Nützlinge für biologische Schädlingsbekämpfung

Suppress, from Westbridge Company: new organic herbicide registration for California

Brasil - Nematoides: a ameaça invisível 

Synthetic amino acid enables safe, new biotechnology solutions to global problems

FMC Agricultural Solutions offers Spartan Elite herbicide for sunflowers 

Supercomputing the evolution of a model flower

Researchers identify natural plant compounds that work against insects - UC Riverside research could lead to the development of novel insecticides

Why farmers may, or may not, adopt nitrogen-efficient technologies

Five tips to get your seed off to the right start (Grainews)

Plant breeders rely on psychophysics to meet consumer wants (SeedWorld)

January 26, 2015

Seed coating to overcome rice paddy threats (MyNewsHub)

GroGenesis announces product development aimed at eradication of fungal disease in high value crops













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