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February 12, 2016

New sprayer technology reduces pesticide use

PacBio AGBT 2016 workshop live

Common antibiotic inspires hunt for new herbicide

Terres Inovia - Guide de culture Tournesol 2016

United Kingdom - Use the correct seed rate for spring barley varieties to ensure optimum establishment

Managing two soybean pests to optimize yield

Modeling robust use of pesticides - Adaptive control techniques can help manage pests more effectively

February 11, 2016

Iowa State University research finds genetic basis for resistance to sudden death syndrome in soybeans

Rubisco activase best clue for better photosynthesis in fluctuating light 

Safeguarding U.S. wheat: Kansas State University researchers staying ahead of wheat blast disease

Genetically modified rice could withstand the ravages of climate change (Newsweek)

Scientists at the John Innes Centre have discovered a new target in plants for the development of new herbicides for use by farmers and gardeners

UW–Madison engineers create custom tuning knobs to turn off any gene 

February 10, 2016

Maize lethal necrosis field day demonstrates promising maize germplasm

Genome-wide prediction models that incorporate de novo GWAS are a powerful new tool for tropical rice improvement (Nature)

Algen: gerecycleerde en biologische meststof

Breeding wildness back into our fruit and veg - Wild tomatoes are better able to protect themselves against the destructive whitefly than our modern, commercial varieties.

February 9, 2016

The herbivores dilemma

New APS Press title helps users exploit beneficial microorganisms in agriculture -  The ultimate how-to guide for isolating, culturing, and applying key Trichoderma species

Scientists share strategy at conference to halt migratory wheat disease

Performance of pearl millet germplasm accessions and hybrids capture interest in Niger

Tiny bugs tackle big crop disease problems

Ancient gene network helps plants adapt to their environments

Identifying plant and animal dna switches much faster and cheaper - PhD student devises new technique for ecological epigenetic research

Dow AgroSciences unveils new innovative insecticides for Europe, Middle East & Africa region - Two new innovative products respond to needs of local farmers in the region in key crops for consumers

Marrone Bio Innovations submits novel biofungicide to U.S. EPA for regulatory review - Product MBI-110 to provide natural product solution for controlling downy mildews and white molds

Testimonial from Seed Processing Holland's customer American Takii, Inc.

All Drone Solutions introduces Remotely Operated Agriculture Mapping (ROAM)

Tel Aviv University discovers genetic trigger for asexual plant reproduction - Collaboration with Freiburg University reveals regulator that produces moss embryos without cross-fertilization 

Australia - Superior crop sequences a winner for farm profitability





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