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November 23, 2014

Indian scientists use nanoparticle-treated seeds to raise yields (Business Standard)

November 21, 2014

Revoluciona mexicana en España interacción entre plantas y bacterias
Revolutionizing the interaction between plants and bacteria

Are microbes at the root of a solution to world food production? (NCBI)

Seed production temperature regulation of primary dormancy occurs through control of seed coat phenylpropanoid metabolism (New Phytologist)

Fast Clone ID permite identificar variedades y clones de vid

Vermicompost leachate improves tomato seedling growth - Environment-friendly fertilizer supplement stands up to temperature, water stresses

November 20, 2014

Corn School: Harvest & storage procedures for low test weight, high moisture corn (RealAgriculture)

Sathguru Management Consultants launches technology for accelerating agricultural productivity: Maice 3, a tablet and server integrated agronomy software solution for global seed and agri-business companies (Business Standard)

Sustainability and quality can enhance cotton marketing and profitability

U.S. farmers report yield boost from cover crops on corn, soy (Farm Futures)

USA - VegetableGrowerConnect delivers results for vegetable growers and suppliers together (Growing Produce)

Väderstad's new 47 cm discs with milled notches, TrueCut,  improve the slicing effect of TopDown and Carrier X and cut up harvest trash more thoroughly so that it decomposes faster

Schnell, günstig und gentechnikfrei: neuer Ansatz will jährliche Ertragssteigerung von Pflanzen verdoppeln - Experten-Tagung der Universität Hohenheim setzt auf neue Methoden, um den wachsenden Bedarf an Nahrungsmitteln und Pflanzenmasse zu decken

November 19, 2014

Rebuild, restore, renew: Bio S.I.Technology’s SD 25 to the rescue - Microbial formula recycles leftover stubble to accelerate the renewal of carbon and microbial levels in the soil

Robotik in der Landwirtschaft - Technologieseminar des Fraunhofer IPA informiert über Chancen, Trends und Herausforderungen

FMC launches 3rive3D, new application tech that includes on-planter application teamed with special formulation of key insecticide (Prairie Farmer

Biopesticides emerge as an alternative cropping tool

November 18, 2014

Software to improve sustainability in horticultural, grape and wine-growing, and sugar beet production 
Un software para mejorar la sostenibilidad de la producción hortícola, vitivinícola y la de remolacha azucarera

Entrepreneurs create effective method against bee harming pest

New AyrMesh Bridge provides long-range network access

Lallemand Plant Care expands its soybean inoculant product portfolio

First International job board for the agricultural sector

Valley Irrigation develops technology integrating irrigation data into farm management systems

Gene sources in crop gene pools can impart natural tolerance to the rice breeds (Oryza)

November 17, 2014

USA - Storage options help grain growers go to market

Lançados volumes I e II da série sobre produção de sementes de hortaliças 

Rice yield increase of 30 percent enabled by use of a photosynthesis ‘switch,’ researchers learn

Helping wheat defend itself against damaging viruses - Patent-pending technology has shown success in disease resistance to wheat streak mosaic virus and triticum mosaic virus, among others

Vietnamese seed production company Lam Tai Co. Ltd. acquires seed brushing machine and seed gravity table from Seed Processing Holland

Texas, USA - Picking vegetables to grow starts with knowing where to plant




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