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October 30, 2014

LumiGrow research highlights amazing possibilities

New software which offers scientists and researchers an easy way to analyse, model and visualise scientific datasets has been released by CSIRO

Agdia, Inc. announces Vip3A ImmunoStrip for testing transgenic corn containing event MIR162

Two new focus areas in rice seed research (Oryza)

Mississippi, USA - Fall tests for nematodes help keep crops healthy

Roundup Ready PLUS Diversified Weed Management Solutions infographic 

LED lighting can significantly reduce greenhouse horticulture energy consumption
Ledverlichting kan energieverbruik glastuinbouw sterk terugdringen

LfL-Jahrestagung 2014: Ackerbau – mit hohen Erträgen erfolgreich wirtschaften

Australia - Stop disease and pest cycles in their tracks with crop checks this harvest 

October 29, 2014

Produção de silagem de alta qualidade de sorgo

Literature searches benefit from location tagging

Choosing the right seed variety for your crop - There’s page after page of data about new seed varieties. Here’s how to find the ones that are right for you (Grainews)

Monsanto invests to transform plant breeding and deliver improved ag solutions to farmers

Western Australia - Best strategy for diamondback moth 

October 28, 2014

Versalzung: Neue Wege in der Pflanzenzucht gefordert

Manejo preventivo para produzir feijão com qualidade

New app takes the guesswork out of preharvest weed control timing

United Kingdom - New Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in soil science: ‘Soils Training and Research Studentships’ (STARS) consortium 

Trespenarten und resistenten Ackerfuchsschwanz in Winterraps bekämpfen (Proplanta)

Anbauempfehlungen für Dinkel im ökologischen Anbau (Proplanta)

Salt-loving plants may be key to global efforts for sustainable food production

United Kingdom - It’s time for black-grass control with Atlantis WG from Bayer CropScience

Ornamental plant seedlings grown with LED lights at Purdue University

Four in one: new discovery on pest fruit flies - Research findings should reduce trade barriers and boost pest control measures

October 27, 2014

Assessing cotton fiber quality from a tiny sample

Scientists’ new analysis of plant proteins advances our understanding of photosynthesis

Using microscopic bugs to save the bees - Undergraduate BYU student on the path to treating deadly bee-killing bacteria

New Priaxor from BASF combines one of the most researched fungicides in the market with a new active ingredient

New Web tool allows users to visualize, analyze agriculture data

More choices of soybean cyst nematode resistant soybean varieties for Iowa for 2015




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