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October 6, 2015

There’s more to seed selection than just yield - Tips for choosing the best varieties for each field 

PhilRice researchers develop app for rice farming

Herbizide: Schon jetzt Ordnung schaffen

Wheat choice has lasting effect on soil health and wheat yield

October 5, 2015

Western Australia - Department of Agriculture and Food  trials show crop sequence trends (Farm Weekly)

A farmer and his drone?

Herbizideinsatz im Roggen – Setzen Sie auf die gute fachliche Praxis

Wild plants call to carnivores to get rid of pests -- could crops do the same?

Western Australia - Soil acidity could increase risk of root lesion nematodes

October 4, 2015

The scorecard, as Drought Tolerant Maize for Africa, a marathon maize project, winds up after eight years

A ‘double-hatted’ maize variety brings good tidings to farmers in western Kenya - WH507 is both nitrogen-use-efficient and drought-tolerant

October 2, 2015

Crean investigadores inoculante que potencia cultivos de maíz, jitomate y papa

Japan and IRRI launch project to aid climate forecasting for farmers 

Lignées recombinantes : quand la physique théorique aide à résoudre un vieux problème de génétique

United Kingdom - Dow AgroSciences' decision support system for ASTROKerb and Kerb Flo 500 to start October 1

Neuheiten bei der Zuckerrübentechnik mit Blick auf die Agritechnica 2015

October 1, 2015

Illumina expands world’s largest genomics analysis platform and adds to open source initiative

USC introduces new U-Batch seed treater (AG Professional)

Is there a more advanced LED grow light than this? - Heliospectra’s RX30 leads the way into plant science labs across the world

BASF expands production capacities of innovative biological solutions for agriculture and horticulture in Littlehampton, United Kingdom
BASF erweitert Produktionskapazitäten für innovative biologische Lösungen für Landwirtschaft und Gartenbau

September 30, 2015

Covering the bases with cover crops

United Kingdom - New carrot fungicide from Syngenta "also boosts marketable yields" (Horticulture Week)

GRDC investment addresses northern production queries 

Australian growers get pest smart with Veg Pest ID

September 29, 2015

The science of soil health: going deeper

Scientists sequence genomes of microscopic worms beneficial to agriculture - UC Riverside-led study identifies gene families in five nematodes that are likely to be involved in parasitism

Resultados de fenotipagem de plantas apresentadas em XV Congresso Brasileiro de Fisiologia Vegetal

USA - Evaluation is key to building a strong herbicide program - The time to survey herbicide effectiveness is now

USA - Tomato biocontrols

Octocopter! Experimental drone for agricultural research at Rothamstedt Research - Demonstrator technology takes to the skies to collect data for field trials








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