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September 1, 2014

Polinização do açaí pode aumentar a produção

Veritas passa a integrar o portfólio da Bayer CropScience Brasil

Neue Langzeit-Studie zum Stressgedächtnis von Pflanzen - Erlebter Dürrestress erhöht die Widerstandsfähigkeit gegenüber extremer Dürre

Western Australia - Nipping budworm (Helicoverpa punctigera) in the bud

August 30, 2014

Fungicide seed treatments for wheat

August 29, 2014

NK soybeans stand up to sudden death syndrome in Iowa (Syngenta)

USC's tube conveyors is designed with seed in mind

With the new LPV treater, USC, LLC sets a new standard in seed treatment technology

New tools for organic farmers teach do-your-own plant breeding

Petkus introduces Gravity Table G40, the next generation
Petkus Gewichtsausleser G40 - Die nächste Generation

Valoya adds further LED products to its light solution for controlled growing environments

August 28, 2014

USA - Did we miss the boat on corn plant population in 2014?

Colorado, USA - Seed treatments strongly recommended (The Holyoke Enterprise)

Manejo Integrado de Plagas es la clave contra la plaga Helicoverpa - Conclusiones de gira técnica en Embrapa

Imker können Bienengesundheit verbessern - Gute Ausbildung und kontinuierliche Betreuung beugen Verlusten vor

August 27, 2014

Controle da Helicoverpa armigera com uso da vespinha Trichogramma

USA - Fluency agent showcased for second year on more than 60,000 US corn and soybean acres - Bayer CropScience collaborates with equipment manufacturers, seed companies and retailers to test innovative seed lubricant

Keeping up with soybeans - Bayer CropScience highlights innovative solutions at Farm Progress to help soybean growers achieve healthier, higher yielding crops

Bayer CropScience showcases complete offerings and expansion of Bayer SeedGrowth Centers at 2014 Farm Progress Show - The four components of Bayer SeedGrowth provide growers one stop for all their seed treatment needs

Touch spurs plant-microbe interaction

Water ‘thermostat’ could help engineer drought-resistant crops

Les semences de qualité augmentent de 30% les rendements agricoles en Afrique, selon le CORAF (AfriScoop)

Monsanto offers weed management solutions (Brownfield Ag News)

Functional genomics of seed dormancy in wheat: advances and prospects (Frontiers in Plant Science)

Precision Laboratories' new seed treatment packs nutritious punch (AgWeb)

Gaz à effet de serre : un nouveau groupe de microorganismes du sol lié à leur élimination
Greenhouse gases: a new group of soil micro-organisms can contribute to their elimination

August 26, 2014

Melhoramento genético do tomate

USA - Bayer CropScience plans 2015 release of new corn herbicide DiFlexx to give growers upper hand against tough weeds - Unique blend of dicamba and Crop Safety Innovation safener technology to change weed control practice

Doorbraak voor glutenvrije gewassen in Limburg (de Gerderlander)

University of Arizona science could make canola oil more nutritious, and broccoli more tasty - Genomics researchers of the University of Arizona's iPlant collaborative have helped unravel the genetic code of the canola plant




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