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New microbials technology from Advanced Biological Marketing increases peanut and vegetable yields

Van Wert, Ohio, USA
March 15, 2012

This Spring Advanced Biological Marketing will add two new products for increasing vegetable and peanut yields to their line of biological seed enhancements.
NaturallTM for Vegetables and Graph-Ex SATM for Peanuts contain crop specific blends of beneficial strains of Trichoderma microbials.

“We’re bringing the same technology that has proven to increase yields in corn, soybeans and wheat to commercial peanut and vegetable growers”, said Dan Custis, CEO of ABM. “We’ve seen outstanding results in field trials and on farm trials with the iGETTM technology in the corn belt and are excited to make this same technology available for peanut and vegetable growers.

Trichoderma colonizes on the root structure of the crop and attacks and kills soil pathogens before they can attack the host plant. Trichoderma multiplies and thrives as the host plant grows providing season long protection. Their association with the plant induces gene expression and changes in plant physiology to enhance multiple biochemical pathways. ABM calls this the iGETTM Technology - induced gene expression triggers.

NaturallTM for Vegetables is available in two formulations, HC and PB. HC is a pre-treatment applied to the seed by the seed company or seed dealer while the PB formulation is grower applied to the seed. NaturallTM for Vegetables is labeled for cucurbits, fruiting and leafy vegetables and cole, bulb, root and tuber crops.

Graph-Ex SATM for Peanuts contains trichoderma as well as encapsulated rhizobia in a talc-graphite carrier. Company officials contend that this product not only benefits the peanut crop, but also provides better seed flowability causing less wear and tear on equipment.

These plant specific strains of trichoderma were developed by Dr. Gary Harman at Cornell University in a microbial breeding program. Three decades of research at Cornell and other international biological research programs went into the development of these products.

ABM identifies, develops, and markets specialty biological products for agricultural and agricultural related industries. They are located in Van Wert, OH and have distributors across the US and internationally.

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Website: http://www.abm1st.com

Published: March 15, 2012











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