March 20, 2023

España - Bikos de Nunhems, mayor precocidad y resistencia a oídio en ciclo tardío (Portagrano)

IRRI facilitates agreement between KALRO and Advanta Seeds International in efforts to enhance access to seeds of improved rice varieties in Africa

Lidea - Es Zapotek, la variedad más productiva y estable por tercer año consecutivo

How more resilient genetics will keep UK sweetcorn production fit for the future - Collaboration between the United Kingdom’s largest sweetcorn producer and leading vegetable plant breeder Elsoms is helping fast-track the development of traits to make the crop fit for the future

Danish growers picked up sugarteet seeds at the DLF factory in Denmark

Invitation til webinar - Få flotte baner og plænearealer der kan klare de kommende klimaudfordringer

Op 14, 15 en 16 februari was De Ruiter aanwezig op HortiContact, hét evenement voor de Nederlandse glastuinbouw

Le nuove tecniche bgenomiche per l'agricoltura italiana: servono davvero? 

Israeli startup Plantae Bioscience deploys CRISPR to ‘virtually eliminate’ bitter-tasting saponins in yellow peas (AFN)

Demographic modeling plays back tape of wheat evolution

Ray-grass anglais, utilisations et avantages

Tozer Seeds’ state-of-the-art arugula breeding program offers several varieties to meet the growing market demand

New competition era for gene-edited crops and the positive shift on GM crops: An overview on global regulatory changes (AgroPages)

HvSWEET11b plays a multifunctional role in grain development of barley
HvSWEET11b spielt eine zentrale Rolle bei der Kornentwicklung von Gerste

Golden Harvest accelerates forward with sponsorship of NASCAR Xfinity Series driver Sammy Smith