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January 18, 2022

Introducing Streamline Ag: seed-driven crop inputs

USA - Pioneer says many farmers making the switch to Enlist E3 soybeans (Hoosier Ag Today)

USA - BASF releases new cottonseed variety ST 4595B3XF (Southeast AgNet)

 University of Nebraska study finds climate, field management are key to increased crop yields

January 17, 2022

Canada - Seed and agriculture industry partners host Seed Summit 2022
Des partenaires de l’industrie des semences et de l’agriculture organisent le Sommet des semences 2022

Iowa State University evaluates weed seed destroyer (Brownfield Ag News)

Snake River Seed Cooperative becomes employee and grower owned (Idaho Press)

January 14, 2022

Plants: RNA notes to self

SaskCanola commits C$1.14 million to collaborative canola research

Clubroot on oilseed rape in Saskatchewan, Canada

Genetic strategy reverses insecticide resistance

Six new All-America Selections national winners for 2022

Gene editing a ‘polarizing’ debate in organic production (The Western Producer)

Cover crops play important role in resilient agriculture

Diane Bailey to head Cornell University's Institute for Digital Agriculture

January 13, 2022

American Seed Trade Assocation and Seed Association sign 4th memorandum of understanding

American Seed Trade Association announces speakers for 61st Vegetable & Flower Seed Conference

Purdue Ag-Celerator fund invests $200,000 in two agriculture startup companies

Second round of grants awarded in Agricultural Genome-to-Phenome Initiative research

Powerful sensors on planes detect crop nitrogen with high accuracy

Danforth Center expands innovation team - New hire to focus on two key programs connecting startups with infrastructure and scientific expertise to derisk new technologies

Evio, Inc. announces partnership with Rare Earth Genomics Texas, LLC

The legacy of Campbell Soup’s tomato breeding program (Modern Farmer)

Registration for 2022 Sorghum Improvement Conference of North America now open

January 12, 2022

Soli Organic announces seed genetics partnership with Rutgers University, deploys precision AI technology to boost plant resource use efficiency

Florida Foundation Seed Producers - Invitation to Negotiate (ITN) 22-01 - Development of improved St. Augustinegrass and Bahiagrass cultivars

Indiana, USA - The cost of testing agricultural seed would go up under Senate bill (Indiana Public Media)

Study challenges evolutionary theory that DNA mutations are random - Findings could lead to advances in plant breeding, human genetics
Ein Schritt voraus: Wie Pflanzen gefährliche Mutationen vermeiden

FFAR seeks nominations for 2022 New Innovator in Food & Agriculture Research Award

USDA/NIFA invests $9M to expand reach and increase adoption of climate-smart practices



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