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June 20, 2024

Canada - Ontario fruits and vegetables grown sustainably, study shows

Verdesian Life Sciences names Wendy Shusko Chief Financial Officer

Maizex Seeds announces that its exclusive forage and cereal varieties will now be marketed under the Maizex brand, following a similar rebranding of its soybeans line last year

June 19, 2024

Dairyland Seed introduces new class of soybeans for 2025

University of Windsor researcher develop crops better able to cope with changing climate (Education News Canada)

Pure Dynasty with ACCe is the newest breakthrough in paspalum turfgrass - New herbicide-resistant seeded paspalum is now available

Farm Credit Canada announces $5 million investment into the Global Institute for Food Security (GIFS) at the University of Saskatchewan to accelerate breeding and innovation for Canadian agriculture

Canada - Prairie Crop Disease Monitoring Network (PCDMN) launches new website

Lethbridge College Research Chair to receive nearly $500,000 to continue research

June 18, 2024

Canadian Seed Growers' Association, Seed Scoop, June 18, 2024

Pearl millet wins approval from honey bees and other pollinators

American Seed Trade Association honors industry pioneers

How CRISPR gene-editing technology could change the way we eat

Can engineered plants help make baby formula as nutritious as breast milk?

June 17, 2024

USDA/APHIS amends Federal Order for U.S. Imports of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) and pepper (Capsicum spp.) hosts of Tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV)

USDA/APHIS protects domestic fruit production and deregulates tomato brown rugose fruit virus in fruit for consumption

Cibus confirms important milestone for nutrient use efficiency trait development

Crop Science Innovation Update 2024: Bayer to deliver ten blockbusters in ten years

Yield10 Bioscience signs exclusive, global commercial license with Rothamsted Research for producing omega-3 products in camelina

Nutrien Ag Solutions completes acquisition of new biocontrol technology

Understanding the edge effect on corn fields

Maine vegetable breeder Dr. John Navazio remembered as a generous teacher (Bangor Daily News)

Making winter wheat profitable in Maritime Canada (Real Agriculture)

June 14, 2024

University of Kentucky breaks ground on Agricultural Research Building, advancing the state’s agricultural industries

Benson Hill, 2024 letter to shareholders

Registration is now open for Ball Seed Customer Days, July 25 & 26

USDA-Agricultural Research Service releases 3 new lettuce breeding lines with greater disease and pest resistance

Rothamsted Research agrees global commercial license with Yield 10 Bioscience to produce omega-3 products in camelina - A huge success for UK biosciences, genetically engineered Camelina will enable sustainable land-based production of omega-3 oils for use in aquafeed, pet food and human nutrition

North Dakota State University celebrates two new state-of-the-art agricultural facilities (Northern Ag Network)

Michigan State University team receives $750K to explore climate change mitigation potential of switchgrass



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