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September 25, 2020

New publication highlights cover crop rankings

Virtual Innovative Genomics Institute field trip

Choose seeds for your farm using FBN Seed Finder

Introducing the first-ever Danforth Center Grow Challenge, a peer-to-peer campaign to raise critical funds for the Danforth Center

USA - 2020 is a good year to evaluate SDS seed treatments - Soybean seed treatments to fight sudden death syndrome aren’t foolproof, but they help (Farm Progress)

Bayer settles thousands of U.S. Roundup cases with trial attorneys (Reuters)

USA - Availability of preliminary Plant Pest Risk Assessment and draft Environmental Assessment for petition to deregulate petunias modified using genetic engineering

Plant protein: is it the new frontier?

Integrating biological controls for root-knot nematodes, weeds in organic farming

Pluton Biosciences launches new website highlighting microbial testing division Microbe Inotech

5 fundamentals to improve plant health and operational cotential

Canadian students receive C$90,000 in support from Bayer Fund’s Opportunity Scholarship

September 24, 2020

This is a flip 'the switch moment' for the future of food

Winfield United Croplan Seed to Yield reports

WinField United Canada and Country Farm Seeds are entering a partnership that will benefit farmers across eastern Canada (Farms.com)

Registration is now open for the American Seed Trade Association's CSS & Seed Expo Virtual

Introducing Total Seed Production’s new Soybean Supervisor: Brandon Eisele

Valent BioSciences announces creation of new Chief Commercial Officer position and other organizational and reporting changes to drive growth

Williams Collins continues support for agricultural innovation with gift to the North Carolina Plant Sciences Initiative

September 23, 2020

Research collaboration targets plant-based vaccine development

USDA/ARS study reveals airborne fungus can trigger plant growth

S&W Seed Company announces fiscal 2020 financial results

Early-Bird registration discount extended! UC Davis Hemp Breeding and Seed Production on-line course

September 22, 2020

Marrone Bio Innovations announces plans for CFO succession - President and CFO James Boyd to retire from the company; search process for new CFO underway

Syngenta donates $1.5M growth chambers to North Carolina State University

Space nematodes: A giant leap for interplanetary agriculture - This mission to space offered a novel perspective and provided new insights into nematode behavior and development

Clemson University rejoins forces with collaborative group to kick-start small grains program

$2M USDA grant funds value-added grains project

All-America Selections honors Jianping Ren, Sr. Plant Breeder at PanAmerican Seed Co.,  with ornamental breeding achievement - The Breeder's Cup recognizes those who dramatically influence horticulture

Crop diversity is key to increased profits for Brazilian farmers



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