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January 20, 2020

Deutschland - Saatgut-Notfallzulassung zuletzt nur noch für Ölkürbisse (Top Agrar)

United Kingdom - Two UK fresh produce companies earn spots in Top 10 of Fruit Logistica Innovation Awards (Produce Business UK)

Argentina - El Instituto de Ecología encabeza un proyecto de conservación de semillas (AM Queretaro)

North Dakota State University Extension explains natural-air drying concepts, busts myths

Hybrid wheat on Syngenta's radar for UK growers (Farmers Weekly)

USA - Syngenta to launch new Application Academy at GIGGA Turf Management Exhibition (Pitchcare)

City of Greensboro, North Carolina, and Guilford county nearly unanimously approve $3.6 million in incentive packages for Syngenta Crop Proetction (New York Business Journal)

Ramiro Arnedo presenta sus tres tomates estrellas (Revista Mercados)

Mapping of transgenic alleles in soybean using a nanopore-based sequencing strategy

Limagrain devient leader des semences potagères (Les Marchés)

Deutschland - Saatgut-Ergänzungsbestellung über den Saatgutshop im Pfeifer & Langen Rübenportal noch bis zum 26. Januar möglich

January 17, 2020

America’s most widely consumed oil causes genetic changes in the brain - Soybean oil linked to metabolic and neurological changes in mice

Canada - Bayer discontinuing DKTF 92 SC and DKTF 94 CR canola hybrids for 2020 - Performance issues limited to specific hybrids

Germany is leading a vegan revolution in Europe

España - Las variedades orientales de Sakata (Portagrano)

New technology can ‘sniff out’ crop diseases

Vielfältige Projektideen für den Schutz von Bienen und Bestäuberinsekten in der Agrarlandschaft

Succesvolle BVO-dag geeft aftrap voor nieuw decennium

Red node disease on beans in Florida, USA

New gene database established to promote rice breeding (Ecns)

USA - Improved sorghum hybrids for 2020 (High Plains Journal)

USA - Consider sorghum for 2020

Canada - Intellectual property s Strategies for the cannabis industry (Fasken)

Conditions for Syngenta economic incentive package released by the City of Greensboro (The Rhino TImes)

U.S. Congress ramping up pressure to ‘provide a pathway forward’ for hemp, CBD (Hemp Industry Daily)

Empresas agroecológicas utilizam cultivares da Embrapa Hortaliças para produção de sementes orgânicas

Cultivares de soja altamente competitivas ampliam opções para agricultor brasileiro

A Embrapa Soja estará promovendo em Londrina, PR, o IV Curso Sobre Tecnologia de Produção de Semente de Soja

Agro-Sol apresenta cultivares em evento em Rondônia

Deutschland - Notfallzulassung für Force 20 CS (Wirkstoff: Tefluthrin) nach Artikel 53 der Verordnung (EG) Nr. 1107/2009





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