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September 25, 2023

Kansas Wheat offers advice for farmers trying to source certified seed wheat this fall (FarmProgress)

Totam Seeds présente TopGun sur le marché des serres de haute technologie (FreshPlaza)

Scientists design fresh tomatoes suitable for mechanical harvesting

Looking below ground level with Root2Success: Managing root health in horticulture crops in a sustainable manner

Uplifting buckwheat in the U.S. Pacific Northwest

IITA–CGIAR's program Strengthening the Supply of Improved Seeds and the Public-Private Partnership in Central Africa (SISCA) highlights seed regulation merits in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Prairie View A&M University scientists exploring hemp as sustainable alternative to grain in animal feed 

Peru - Cusco: Instalan parcelas demostrativas para incrementar semillas de maíz amiláceo INIA 618 Blanco Urubamba (Agro Peru)

Universidad Autónoma de Chapingo genera nuevas semillas híbridas de maíz (La Jornada Estado de México)

September 22, 2023

Australia’s wheat productivity ranks highest globally

Data startup Agrela Ecosystems, born out of Danforth Center, begins commercializing tech after years of R&D

Farmers hopeful but unrecognised in the fight against climate change

Barenbrug USA joins A-List in advancing sustainable turfgrass management

Results for 2023 Nebraska Pea Variety Testing released

Tecnologie di Evoluzione Assistita (TEA): le nuove biotecnologie per un’agricoltura più sostenibile

Nieuw Border Operating Model importen Verenigd Koninkrijk

Digital PCR in the GEVES laboratories

Digitalisierung in der Landwirtschaft: Ergebnispapier der Experimentierfelder-Konferenz 2023 veröffentlicht

Bejo Sorten-Highlights - Broschüre 2023/2024

Italia - Catalogo Bejo 2023-2024

BASF y VEGGA unen fuerzas para potenciar la agricultura digital, sostenible y de precisión

United Kingdom - New approach to regulating precision bred products could unlock investment in crop genetic research and innovation

United Kingdom - Food Standards Agency unveils streamlined approach to gene-edited crops (Farmers Weekly)

United Kingdom - Discussion on precision breeding at the Food Standards Agency Board meeting on 20 September 2023

From salt-tolerant wheat to Robusta coffee that tastes like Arabica, two climate smart startups to watch (AFN)

Forschung im Zuckerrübenanbau - Teil 1: Digitaler Pflanzenschutz – das Experimentierfeld „FarmerSpace“

A look at North Dakota State University's bean breeding facility (Ag Week)

Milestone registration of Problad by Netherlands, as national competent authority and zonal Rapporteur Member State of the EU Central Zone

Italia - In G.U. il decreto attuativo del “Piano nazionale delle sementi bio” (Agricoltori Italiani)

Brasil - Evento promove o lançamento oficial do tomate Da Vinci no Triângulo Mineiro



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