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May 20, 2022

Chinesisches Unternehmen LongPing High-Tech will Sorghum-Saatgut für Brasilien auf den Markt bringen (Latina Press)

Uruguay será el país anfitrión del Congreso de Semillas de las Américas, del 26 al 28 de septiembre en Punta del Este

A shrinking fraction of the world’s major crops goes to feed the hungry, with more used for nonfood purposes (The Conversation)

Scientists release new, weed-resistant sorghum variety - It resists striga, a destructive parasitic weed that can cause up to 100 per cent yield loss (The Star)

May 19, 2022

University of Florida scientists may have found a way to more efficiently apply genome editing to plant breeding

Sakata iField chega com diversas novidades em 2022

Nufarm Americas takes over manufacturing of Pentia plant regulator

Cost and time required for the discovery, development and authorisation of a new plant biotechnology-derived genetic trait

Global Tomato Congress

La francesa Voltz Maraîchage llega a España (Portagrano)

Strengthening sorghum and pearl millet hybrids delivery in Eastern and Southern Africa

Paraguay - Senave interviene parcelas ilegales de semillas para maíz (La Nación)

"Las semillas de maíz serán una limitante esta campaña" adelanta el CEO Cono Sur de Bayer (Perfil)

GE Current and Wageningen University & Research share data from an intra-canopy lighting study

France - Semences : surfaces en baisse pour la récolte 2022, s'inquiète la Fnams (Le Paysan Tarnais)

La stratégie de Vilmorin pour rester numéro un mondial des semences potagères (L'Usine Nouvelle)

Quality seeds play key role in boosting agriculture production, says Pakistan Hi-Tech Hybrid Seed Association (Associated Press of Pakistan)

Ghana - Council for Scientific and Industrial Research – Savanna Agricultural Research Institute (CSIR-SARI)  develops technology to increase yield of legumes (News Ghana)

Data collection begins for 688 on-farm trials as Meristem’s biological Excavator validation moves to phase two 

Drought-resistant crops sought to tackle food crisis (SciDev.Net)

New strategies to save the world’s most indispensable grain - Genetic insights help rice survive drought and flood

Public-private potato breeding partnership for smallholder farmers enters second phase

Corteva Agriscience Egypt hosts U.S. GreenTech Business Delegation - Company showcases innovations and solutions focused on national food security

España acoge el 73º Congreso Mundial de Semillas (eComercio Agrario)

New genomic techniques: the European Commission opens the door - An historical challenge for the French EU presidency (European Scientist)

Apassul lança manual para controle de laboratórios de sementes

Colombia - Con 150.451 hectáreas sembradas, los cultivos transgénicos aumentaron 31% en 2021

United Kingdom - Syngenta propose new bioscience laboratory in Warfield, Bracknell (Bracknell News)

May 18, 2022

How tweaking genes keeps corn and rice on your plate

AMVAC®, 3Bar Biologics partner on SIMPAS-compatible packaging for liquid microbial SIMPAS-applied solutions



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