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April 8, 2020

United Kingdom - Exploiting new markets as oat demand soars (FG Insight)

Australia - Pulse Protein Co-operative Research Centre's plans are pulsing for growers, scientists, food industry (Farm Weekly)

The search for a 'superwheat' at NIAB (The Northern Farmer)

Ultra-high protein soybean supports demand for plant-based meat (AgProfessional)

Vietnam - Cotton and products, annual report

Thailand - Cotton and products, annual report

Senegal - Cotton and products, annual report

Mexico - Cotton and products, annual report

Egypt - Cotton and products, annual report

Brazil - Cotton and products, annual report

Australia - Cotton and products, annual report

Evelyne Thomet, langjährige Vorsitzende der Delley Samen und Pflanzen AG, geht in Ruhestand (BauernZeitung)

Embrapa coleta amostras de amendoim para investigar a ocorrência da doença do carvão no Brasil

Collective efforts to fight fall armyworm in Nepal - Stakeholders work together to strengthen systems for detecting, mitigating and managing the invasion of the destructive pest.

Crossing boundaries - Looking at wheat diseases in times of the COVID-19 crisis

Brazil - Pauta 16ª Reunião extraordinária da Comissão Técnica Nacional de Biossegurança (CTNBio), 9 de abril de 2020

APASEM - Peroxidase para análise de verificação de outras cultivares

A importância das cultivares para a agricultura

April 7, 2020

USA - Syngenta extends partnership with Ram Trucks to help farmers enhance productivity through AgriEdge - Ram AgPack gives farmers access to exclusive Syngenta farm management program

Syngenta Deutschland - Virtuelle Feldbegehungen: Brandenburg

Neun Neuzulassungen der Saaten-Union im Getreide

Österreich - Produktion von Ölkürbis

BASF veredelaars komkommers blikken 20 jaar terug en delen visie voor de toekomst - 20 jaar hogedraad komkommers

Hausse des surfaces de maïs semence en Europe

Hausse des surfaces de sorgho semence dans l’UE

Promotion du maïs et du sorgho en Ukraine

Safeguarding the food chain: Seed movement and food security during the COVID-19 crisis - An update from the International Seed Federation

Winterweizen Hyacinth, von Hauptsaaten für die Rheinprovinz – Mit Hybriden gegen den Klimastress

Australia - Growing pulses in 2020 – new resources to get you going

Wild tomato resistance to bacterial canker has implications for commercial tomato industry





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