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January 15, 2021

Die Welt ist massiv im Wandel. Neue Herausforderungen im Ackerbau brauchen neue Strategien

MME (Milk-Meat-Energy = Milch-Fleisch-Energie) – die neue Silomaisgeneration, von Saatbau Linz

United Kingdom - Whole-farm approach contributes to award winning crops

Dr. Fritsche-Neto joins IRRI as Head of Breeding Analytics and Data Management

Projekt zur Bohnen-Vielfalt: IPK-Wissenschaftlerin setzt auf Bürgerbeteiligung

Regionales Eiweiß produzieren mit IG Pflanzenzucht Soja

Giving Africa’s new crop varieties a data boost digitally

Euroseeds featured in the European Associations Digital Report

Innovazione vegetale, Assosementi - La decisione spetta all'Europa - L'agricoltura italiana ha bisogno di competitività e sostenibilità, non di disinformazione

Florida Foundation Seed Producers - Invitation to negotiate exclusive license opportunity: ITN21-01 - 'Solar Dancer' tomato hybrid 

Ahern Agribusiness wordt overgenomen door Israëlische investeringsgroep (GroentenNieuws)

France - Agricultural biotechnology, annual report

USDA/APHIS announces deregulation of cotton developed using genetic engineering

United Kingdom - EU Exit Perspectives: Seed potato sector needs rapid resolution

USDA/NIFA announces grant to collect ‘superior performing’ hemp seeds

Incotec's first microplastic-free film coat for corn

La Chine construit la plus grande banque de matériel génétique au monde pour renforcer la sécurité alimentaire (Agriculture Maroc)

Cotton quality mapping as a tool for growers

The British seed potato dilemma (Irish Farmers Journal)

China approves import of GM corn from Bayer and Syngenta (AgriMarketing)

Corteva Agriscience starts construction on a new Center of Seed Applied Technologies (CSAT) in Aussonne, France (HortiDaily)

European Crop Protection Association becomes CropLife Europe (NewAg International)

Victory Hemp launches campaign to finance regenerative hemp production (CSR Wire)

Ahern Agribusiness, Inc. announces new ownership - New infusion of capital to support continued innovation and growth for the industry leading vegetable seed company

LIZ - Landwitschaftlicher Informationsdienst Zuckerrübe - Sortenauswahl für die Ergänzungsbestellung 2021 - LIZ-Sortinfo aktualisiert und jetzt online

Corteva Agriscience beginnt mit dem Bau eines neuen Zentrums für angewandte Saatgutbehandlungstechnologien (CSAT) im Südwesten Frankreichs (Gabot)

Western Grains Research Foundation commits C$2.6 million to 16 new research projects

January 14, 2021

Modern tomatoes can’t get same soil microbe boost as ancient ancestors

Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research (FFAR) seeks nominations for 2021 New Innovator in Food and Agriculture Research Award

Brasil - Novo híbrido de sorgo com alta produtividade de grãos está em oferta para contratos de cooperação técnica e licenciamento



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