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August 14, 2020

Embrapa realiza série de lives sobre o sorgo

Embrapa lança cultivar de arroz para áreas de sequeiro - A cultivar BRS A 502 é uma ótima alternativa para o cultivo de arroz de terras altas, principalmente em área sob agricultura intensiva

Brasil - Mapa alerta sobre perigos de recebimento de pacotes de sementes não solicitadas

Arcadia Biosciences announces second-quarter and first-half 2020 financial results and business highlights

Sementes de alta tecnologia

Breaking down herbicides in agriculture: farmers can easily pitch in - DSMZ researcher sheds light on microbiological degradation of herbicide linuron

Meristem Crop Performance adds three new wheat seed treatments - New offerings expand RaceReady line

„Der Klimawandel verändert Fruchtfolgen“ (Top Agrar)

United Kingdom - Say ‘hello’ to white clover - August is the perfect time to introduce clover back into the sward to reap the benefits that this excellent forage species provides

Soil-borne pathogen new to chickpea growing regions in India detected

Bigger, bolder, high-yielding confectionery groundnut variety released in Karnataka, India

Legumes grow money: Success script of seed systems in Malawi

Decline in US bird biodiversity related to neonicotinoids, study shows

University of Maryland discovers a new role for a well-known molecule as a plant hormone - Findings have implications for seed production and crop yield and could help rewrite textbooks, translating to practical applications for plant reproduction

North Dakota State University Extension leads national coalition to fight soybean cyst nematode - Soybean cyst nematode continues to spread in North Dakota and elsewhere in the country.

Brevant Seeds set to launch in 2021 (The Land)

Total Seed Production promotes from within organization - Kyle McGaughey moves into Corn Plant Manager role

ISAAA answers top 10 myths about agricultural biotechnology

International Seed Federation warns against unsolicited seed packages

Selective breeding: a way to protect crop yields (Ghanaian Times)

Chip Councell assumes Presidency of Maizall, the international maize alliance

Saatgut gegen Kohlfliegen beizen (Agrar Zeitung)

Syngenta Flowers, 2020-2021 Mums catalog

Syngenta integra abertura do programa Caminhos do Agro, promovido pela Secretaria de Agricultura e Abastecimento de São Paulo

Research recommends integrated approaches to managing reniform nematodes in cotton

Brasil apresenta experiências de produção em regiões secas para especialistas do G20

O armazenamento da semente de soja interfere diretamente na sua qualidade e produtividade

August 13, 2020

Cover crop roots are an essential key to understanding ecosystem services

What you need to know: Seeds Canada's financial footing  

Brasil - Empreenda no agro: inscreva a sua startup na Plataforma AgroStart da BASF





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