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October 6, 2022

Argentina - Después de 21 años INASE vuelve a tener presidenta

Tecnologia Antecipe aumenta produtividade do milho segunda safra

Developing climate change resistant wheat

Registration is open for UC Davis Leadership Program for Plant Breeders & Scientists 

Últimas vagas para o Treinamento em Testes de Vigor de Sementes, 17, 18 e 19 de outubro

2022 Crop Robotics Landscape (The Mixing Bowl)

October 5, 2022

Danforth Plant Science Center to lead multi-institutional research project to enhance sorghum as a bioenergy crop

Agdia releases ImmunoStrip for detection of Alfalfa mosaic virus

GROW webinar: What it takes to build an eco-efficient genebank for the 21st century

Katalog Odmian Kukurydzy 2023 już dostępny

Sonnenblumen 2023 von Strube: Noch bis Ende Oktober früh bestellen und Rabatt nutzen

Not all agriculture jobs are outdoors

Become a part of the growing agriculture sector

Saatbau Linz, Zwischenfrucht - Premiummischungen

Australia - Lupin establishment project sows seeds for success

Historic moment in Kenya as government lifts GMO ban

Corn drydown and maturity

Bayer completes sale of its Environmental Science Professional business to Cinven

African Agriculural Technology Foudation (AATF) gets grant to monitor pod-borer resistant cowpea in Nigeria

Instituto Phytus, CRO based in Brazil, joins Staphyt

Reducing spread of herbicide resistant weed seed during harvest and tillage operations (Farmers Advance)

Use these strategies to complement herbicides for harvest weed seed control (Successful Farming)

Keep disease in mind as you select soybean seed and seed treatments - This is especially important for elevated-risk scenarios, says LG Seeds agronomists 

Combat economic variables by improving cash flow with the TruChoice offerProgram delivers upfront savings on Corteva Agriscience crop protection products

International collaboration works to breed fungus-resistant cotton - New germplasm lines fight off fungus and have good fiber quality

Assurer la pérennité de la production de semences, une priorité pour SEMAE

South Africa - New plant improvement act and plant breeders’ rights regulations look forward to an age of industrial hemp (Engineering News)

Genomics-informed prebreeding unlocks the diversity in genebanks for wheat improvement (Nature)

Parceria ABRASS – Semente de soja é a protagonista em novo programa do Canal Rural - Projeto vai ao ar mensalmente nos telejornais da emissora e mostrará a tecnologia envolvida na produção do insumo e os próximos desafios do setor

October 4, 2022

AGG-Maize project registers impressive progress - Achievements and next steps discussed at the review meeting in Nairobi, Kenya



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