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April 12, 2024

Handreiking weerbare rassen

Bühler launches fully automatic bagging station with Premier Tech

Gasol, el nuevo california amarillo de Semillas Fitó que aporta producción y resistencia a oídio (Ideal)

Domestic sunflower cultivation is at the forefront of Europe (Trade Magazin)

National Biosafety Authority says it has not granted approval for the seeds of 14 genetically modified products to be cultivated in Ghana (Ghana News Agency)

University of Missouri is part of a $6.6 million research project on cover crops

A pan-genome of 69 Arabidopsis thaliana accessions reveals a conserved genome structure throughout the global species range (Nature)

A magical path to Stine Seed

New publication shares insights into AI for crop improvement from Iowa State University researchers

‘Legume leader’ set to share 40 years of lupin experience

ASTA Leadership Summit: a crucial investment for mid- to senior-level seed professionals

Boa Safra investe em inovações para assegurar a qualidade das sementes

April 11, 2024

Danforth Center selected as project of a new partnership between the U.S. National Science Foundation and NobleReach emerge - Translation for impact program aims accelerate bringing new technologies to market

ASTA, the American Seed Trade Association, represented at The Asia and Pacific Seed Alliance Phytosanitary Expert Consultation

Bayer mentorship program to boost doctoral students’ career success

Late drilled spring barley crops: how to get the most from them

Nog beperkte beschikbaarheid robuuste maïsnieuwkomers

Innovation lights up Sakata EMEA’s greenhouses

These new organic varieties from Rijk Zwaan help cucumber and pepper growers

BASF presenta la miniserie video dedicata al pomodoro da industria

CapGen Seeds muestra en Níjar el tomate Gavilán, su primera variedad resistente a rugoso (Portagrano)

BASF | Nunhems opens Tomato Experience Center in The Netherlands
Eröffnung des BASF | Nunhems Tomato Experience Centers in den Niederlanden
BASF | Nunhems apre il Tomato Experience Center nei Paesi Bassi

Capturing the full spectrum of genetic diversity
Enthüllung der Genom-Vielfalt

Innovating for the future: How MAS Seeds designed its new maize and sunflower seed portfolio

The growth of Harmoniz: A new era in seed development

The future of EU farming depends on balanced and effective legislation on Plant Reproductive material: a letter to MEPs

Disease in Professional Turf survey 2023

Recovery from flooding

Guilbart : Une trémie frontale pour le semoir TDrill Contour (Farm Connexion)

Agrisem commercialise son semoir monograine, le Chief (Farm Connexion)



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