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International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)
July 09

Rice Today, a publication of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)

Global rice research community provides critical tools to unravel the diversity of rice

Rice defies its reputation as a thirsty crop

June 09

Filipino farmers welcome new rice varieties

April 09

"Scuba rice" that can survive more than two weeks under water makes a splash in India and Bangladesh

March 09

50 years of rice research helps feed the world

DuPont and the International Rice Research Institute partner to boost rice yields

February 09

National University of Singapore partners with International Rice Research Institute

January 09

New agreement between ICAR and IRRI opens avenues for strengthening Indian rice research

New, higher-yielding rice plant could ease threat of hunger for poor - Global consortium of scientists developing rice that would boost yields by up to 50% for smallholder farmers in Africa and Asia

Cereal Systems Initiative for South Asia (CSISA), a major agricultural initiative, will benefit millions of South Asian farmers and help ensure regional food security

November 08

IRRI's quarterly magazine Rice Today and and The Rice Trader, Inc. team up to create mouthpiece for critical global industry

October 08

Southeast Asian nations endorse rice action plan

September 08

Global food situation at a crossroads

June 08

Research required urgently to control planthopper pests, a major threat to Asian rice production

May 08

New rice varieties from the International Rice Research Institute can survive flooding, salinity and drought

April 08

With the specter of food shortages looming in Asia… New chapter in the history of rice research opens with public- and private-sector partnership

January 08

With rice production facing unprecedented pressure, new Gates funding to help poor rice farmers succeed amid climate change and other challenges

The true price of rice

November 07

New public-private hybrid rice group aims to raise rice yields in the tropics

October 07

Rice-producing nations call for increased focus on production

Training the next generation of rice breeders

International Rice Research Institute scientists create flood-resistant rice

September 07

New rice variety from International Rice Research Institute proves to be flood-resistant in Bangladesh trials

August 07

World rice research centres unite to address major challenges facing African rice growers

May 07

Looking for solutions to the rice virus problem in the Mekong Delta

International Network for Genetic Evaluation of Rice to revitalize global sharing of rice breeding and genetic resources

New knowledge improves rice quality, could help poor farmers boost income

April 07

New research agreement to boost rice production in Indonesia

March 07

New agreement helps permanently protect the world's thousands of rice varieties - the planet's most important food source

January 07

Rice research hub for Greater Mekong Subregion opens in Laos: cooperation is key in Southeast Asia’s most important rice bowl

November 06

ASEAN endorses major initiatives to boost regional rice production

October 06

Change in International Rice Research Institute's copyright policy to facilitate the free exchange of vital information

Senadhira Rice Research Award for 2006

A new vision for International Rice Research attacks the roots of poverty

August 06

New flood-tolerant rice offers relief for world's poorest farmers

June 06

A more powerful and efficient engine for rice: the C3-C4 challenge

A cleaner, greener Asian rice industry

May 06

Uncovering genetic diversity of rice varieties could improve nutritional value, productivity of world's greatest food source

Few young Asians are choosing careers in rice science, despite its vital importance to the region

April 06

Scientists breed rice to defy climate change

March 06

Climate change: the rice genome to the rescue

The Green Revolution comes to Laos

January 06

Crop development efforts get major boost: CIMMYT and IRRI scientists combine computing power to help the world's rice, wheat and maize farmers

Unlocking the genetic vault of the International Rice Genebank

December 05

Open source biotechnology alliance for international agriculture: mapping the patent maze to forge a shared research toolkit

November 05

An exciting new era in rice research
- Breakthroughs in research expected to head off worldwide rice shortage in 2010

Perlegen Sciences and International Rice Research Institute to collaborate on rice DNA variation study

September 05

Rice-producing nations stress the importance of developing new crop varieties

August 05

Research offers drought-devastated rice farmers a chance to fight back

New IRRI-CIMMYT alliance takes shape, announces three new initiatives

June 05

IRRI-CIMMYT Alliance announces three important new initiatives

February 05

Dr. Robert Zeigler named as new director general of the International Rice Research Institute

January 05

Help is on the way for tsunami-battered rice farmers

New IRRI-CIMMYT alliance formed to fight poverty and strengthen food security in the developing world

International Rice Research Institute bids farewell to Director General Ronald P. Cantrell

November 04

Indian scientists dominate science awards in the International Year of Rice

Sustainable strategies to feed the half of the world's population that depends on rice

October 04

Asia's new rice revolution

Major new rice alliance endorses 10-year, 3-point plan

Winners of the International Year of Rice global scientific contest announced: research on genetic diversity, disease control, and the rice genome earn international acclaim

July 04

Bangladeshi farmers take on role of scientist and banish insecticides

June 04

Rice harvests more affected than first thought by global warming

April 04

Asian stability threatened by stagnating rice sector

Ronald P. Cantrell, Director General of the International Rice Research Institute, resigns

February 04

New Challenges and Technological Opportunities for Rice-Based Production Systems for Food Security and Poverty Alleviation in Asia and the Pacific

International rice conference: intensified rice systems required; land and water resources under threat
Asian stability threatened by stagnating rice sector

November 03

Innovative response to pesticide misuse wins British environmental award

October 03

Rice essential to achieving United Nations Millennium Development Goals

HarvestPlus: breeding more goodness into the staple foods of the poor

September 03

Water effective rice being developed at IRRI to face impending water crisis in Asia

Enough rice for all - A success story from Bangladesh

IRRI's rice magazine upgrades its Web presence

June 03

Major campaign launched in Vietnam to protect rice farmers from insecticide misuse

May 03

Top scientific journals call for more public funding of International Rice Research Institute

December 02

Rice: the extraordinary story of Asia's life-giving grain

October 02

IRRI's Rice Knowldege Bank is first comprehensive digital rice-production library

IRRI researchers win top agricultural science award

Biodiversity: adding value to rice farming

September 02

China hosts the first-ever meeting of the industry that feeds half the world

July 02

Who owns the food of the poor? An op-ed by Dr. Cantrell and Mrs. Kamba, International Rice Research Institute

May 02

The International Rice Congress - First-ever congress for the food that feeds almost half the world

Rice researchers win Saint Andrews' Environmental Prize

News about Rice and People - Peace and Food Security in Central and South Asia

4th International Symposium on Hybrid Rice

April 02

Decoding the rice genome: scientists welcome a new era of sharing and knowledge

October 01

IRRI news about rice and people - Helping to feed almost half the planet

International Rice Research Institute chooses Genomic Solutions research system

August 01

Dr. Gurdev Khush, Green Revolution hero, bows out

June 01

IRRI releases report: "Rice Research: The Way Forward"

May 01

Rice research: feeding the world, protecting the planet

February 01

International Rice Research Institute scientists excited by technology transfer trend

January 01

International Rice Research Institute begins testing 'Golden Rice' 

October 00

Rice science that can freely serve the poor

IRRI Filipino scientist wins CGIAR award

September 00

A cleaner, greener rice industry

April 00

International rice workshop in Vientiane, Laos 30 Oct.-1 Nov. 2000 

March 00

Rice nations urged to prepare for PVP and IP

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