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April 09

KeyGene and Semillas Fitó sign long-term agreement - Semillas Fitó is first member of new field crop consortium within the KeyGene InnovatorsClub

Wageningen UR and KeyGene to develop a superior genome physical map of potato

January 09

Interview with KeyGene CEO Arjen van Tunen: "The Whole Genome Profiling Method, a new technology platform for molecular breeding"

KeyGene and Amplicon Express announce Whole Genome Profiling, a method that enables fast and efficient Whole Genome Sequencing of plant and animal genomes - 450 Mbp melon genome sequenced

BASF Plant Science takes intellectual property licenses on disease resistance genes from KeyGene

October 08

KeyGene responds to market demands and expands its sequencing capacity with a GS FLX Titanium system

June 08

Belgium Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research (ILVO) and KeyGene sign AFLP license agreement

May 08

KeyGene and the U.S. Department of Agriculture sign long-term collaboration on pepper research

April 08

KeyGene InnovatorsClub: a new strategic initiative for small and medium-sized plant breeding enterprises

September 07

D1 Oils and KeyGene to collaborate on molecular genetics for Jatropha

Ghent University and Keygene sign AFLP license agreement

July 07

KeyGene establishes a Joint Lab for Plant Molecular Breeding with the Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences

May 07

Keygene Products releases KeyGene Quantar Suite, new fragment analysis scoring software suite for genotyping technologies

April 07

Keygene expands its Genome Analysis Platform with the Illumina Genome Analyzer and the Roche Genome Sequencer FLX system

January 07

Keygene launches KeyPoint technology for high throughput mutation scanning

October 06

KWS and Keygene sign research agreement on high throughput genotyping

Chinese Academy of Sciences institute seals long-term partnership with Keygene

January 06

Keygene launches CRoPSTM technology platform for largescale polymorphism discovery and detection

Fast sequencing technology Genome Sequencer 20 System now also used in genotyping

December 05

SenterNovem grant for an innovative collaboration feasibility study

July 05

Keygene strengthens its innovative research strategy by entering into a strategic collaboration with Radboud University Nijmegen - Prof. Tom Gerats joins Keygene's innovative research program

May 05

Takii acquires a 20% share in Dutch biotech company Keygene and enters the Bio Seeds strategic alliance

June 03

Breeding by Design™ aims to control all allelic variation for all genes of agronomical importance

Changes in the shareholder composition of Keygene Genetics

LD mapping using ultra high density maps

Keygene Genetics launches ‘Carte Blanche’, a superior genetic mapping software package

May 03

Keygene and Plant Research International sign framework agreement on the application of molecular markers based on Keygene’s AFLP® technology

June 2001

Vilmorin Clause & Cie. becomes shareholder in the genomics company Keygene

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