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University of Nebraska  /  Crop Watch news service
July 09

University of Nebraska–Lincoln offers four plant breeding mini-courses for seed industry professionals

May 09

University of Nebraska-Lincoln plant breeder P. Stephen Baenziger chosen for the board of the International Rice Research Institute

April 09

Look at soybean planting populations, inoculant use to reduce costs

January 09

U.S. researchers develop new variety of sweet sorghum

University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Spring 2009 Seed Guide now available

December 08

University of Nebraska-Lincoln to begin nation's second plant health doctorate program

August 08

Using resistant varieties to combat soybean diseases

CropWatch newsletter - Focus on Wheat: variety selection, planting, pest management

Conference to explore biomass economy of the northern U.S. Great Plains

July 08

Department of Agronomy and Horticulture at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln offers distance-delivered courses for academic credit, noncredit professional development and CEU credit

June 08

University of Nebraska-Lincoln releases “Coyne”, a new Great Northern edible bean, and requests proposals for the exclusive licensing for the seed production, distribution and commercialization of the variety

May 08

Be sure to stay on top of Bt corn hybrid requirements this planting season, says University of Nebraska-Lincoln entomologist

January 08

Study shows major net energy gain from switchgrass-based ethanol

December 07

As vegetable oil demand rises, alternative oilseed crops have potential in Nebraska

October 07

University of Nebraska's CropWatch targets seed selection for spring crops

July 07

University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Department of Agronomy and Horticulture offers three new distance-delivered mini-courses

May 07

Barley yellow dwarf virus is widespread in Nebraska wheat fields

University of Nebraska advances dicamba-resistance research

October 06

$9 million grant will continue international sorghum, millet research

September 06

Department of Agronomy and Horticulture at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln offers web-delivered short courses and workshop of interest to seed professionals

August 06

University of Nebraska's fall seed guide now available

July 06

Rosetta Biosoftware licenses the Rosetta Resolver expression data analysis system to University of Nebraska-Lincoln

January 06

New decorative millets have genetic roots at University of Nebraska

December 05

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension releases it 2006 Spring Seed Guide

November 05

University of Nebraska-Lincoln launches statewide organic farming research effort

August 05

University of Nebraska-Lincoln mobile plant diagnostic lab revved up for on-site field testing and disease identification

University of Nebraska releases new wheat varieties for 2006

July 05

iDiverse and University of Nebraska sign agreements to develop stress resistant crops

June 05

Asian soybean rust threat to dry and snap beans is uncertain

May 05

University of Nebraska research reveals broader protective powers of proline, an amino acid that protects plants against drought and salt stress

March 05

Nebraska wheat growers need to keep an eye out for leaf rust

Monsanto and the University of Nebraska sign agreement to develop crops tolerant to the broadleaf herbicide dicamba

Discoveries by University of Nebraska-Lincoln entomologist are laying foundation for better aphid control

December 04

Nebraska Seed Guide 2005 features comprehensive crop testing results

Soybean rust fungicides approved for Nebraska for 2005

November 04

Soybean rust treatments already approved in Nebraska

October 04

Seed selection becoming more targeted and complex

September 04

Alternative crops sprouting potential for Panhandle growers

Don't stop irrigating soybeans too soon this season

August 04

Seed selection is the first step to quality wheat

Take University of Nebraska's Virtual Wheat Variety Tour and compare wheat yields, attributes

Sudden Death Syndrome identified in Nebraska soybeans

Hybrid-Maize – A new software simulation tool for U.S. corn producers and crop consultants

Teamwork helps develop grass seed production in the High Plains of the U.S.

Proper weed management is key with herbicide-tolerant crops

July 04

Wheat seed quality issues surface again in 2004 in the U.S. Great Plains

May 04

Clearfield system now available for sunflowers

April 04

Grain sorghum -- a well-placed rotation crop

Analysis shows that consumer attitudes are key to ag biotechnology's success

March 04

University of Nebraska-Lincoln research finds positive energy balance for corn-based ethanol

Converting thin alfalfa into high producing pasture

New alfalfa varieties resistant to potato leafhoppers

Turning husks into textiles could boost corn's value

February 04

U.S. soybean seed: smaller in 2004, but high in quality and germination

Nebraska corn and soybean growers will share on-farm research during March program

January 04

Alliance is most popular wheat variety planted in Nebraska for 2004

Planter calibration is important this year due to lower soybean seed weight, says University of Nebraska crops specialist

2004 Nebraska Seed Guide now available

November 03

University of Nebraska research: feeding, grazing GM corn doesn't affect livestock performance

Control winter annual weeds in dormant alfalfa

October 03

Using corn hybrid data when selecting seed

September 03

Legumes boost quality in bromegrass pastures

Geneticist unlocking key to male sterility in plants

University of Nebraska-Lincoln team designing broadleaf crops resistant to common herbicide

Lessons learned with Clearfield wheat in 2003

August 03

Wheat variety information available through online virtual tour   /

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