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April 17, 2015

Nutrigenomics: Can diets be tailored to an individual’s genetic make-up? (Genetic LiteracyProject)

“Building a Better Tomato: The Quest to Perfect the Scandalous Fruit” (University of Florida)

University of Florida launches digital book series to tell its best research stories

Cost cutting with new agricultural technology (Grainews)

Derribando fábulas sobre los OMGs a través Twitter: #mitostransgénicos 

Syngenta CFO says expects North America recovery in Q2 (Reuters)

Nationalisierung von GVO-Importzulassungen stellt Europäischen Binnenmarkt in Frage - Deutscher Bauernverband: EU-einheitliche Regelungen sind unabdingbar

Voices and Views: Why Biotech?  

'More innovation possible in snack tomatoes' (Horti Biz)

April 16, 2015

Interview with Marc Andrieux, Bayer CropScience Head of SeedGrowth Technology & Services, Coatings

USA - Oregon GMO critics, proponents agree on mediation system (Capital Press)

Nairobi ABBC-2015 Declaration: Lift ban on GMO imports in Kenya

Claves del riguroso proceso por el que un organismo modificado genéticamente llega al mercado 

Patentability of plants and plant products under the European Patent Convention (Lexology

Patentability of plants and plant materials in Europe (Lexology)

Study puts a price on the help that nature provides agriculture

April 15, 2015

Fragliche Entscheidung: Pflanzen nun patentierbar (Top Agrar)

Gentechnik-Pflanzen und Glyphosat: das Ende einer Ära

Plant Breeding Matters, Spring 2015 issue (British Society of Plant Breeders)

USA - Finding common ground on GMOs and labeling (The Hill)

International standard proposed for plant breeders' rights

2050: Water supplies to dwindle in parts of the world, threatening food security and livelihoods - Better policies and more investments needed, including adaptation of agriculture to climate change

Biologists use 3D printed artificial flowers to study plant evolution (3dprint)

Pinot Noir’s diversity may come from a 30 million-year-old battle with viruses - New research finds that vines can incorporate virus DNA into their own genes (Wine Spectator)

April 14, 2015

Mitos y realidades sobre los cultivos y alimentos transgénicos en ‘La Noche’ de TVE 24 horas

The organic movement adopts culture of innovation for the common good

April 13, 2015

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposal could be tipping point on GMO battle (The Daily Republic)

Roundup and risk assessment (The New Yorker)

La razón por la que países europeos prohíben los cultivos transgénicos en sus fronteras 

Pakistan - Experimenting with hybrid seeds of maize, rice, wheat and sunflower (Dawn)


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