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March 5, 2015

Grafting research increases fruit and vegetable harvests

Pens filled with high-tech inks for "do-your-own" sensors 

Brasil - Novo fungicida combate com eficácia doenças nas culturas de batata, tomate, feijão e amendoim (Cultivar)

Ohio State University Guide to Weed Identification available for growers 

Researchers develop faster, more efficient test for soybean cyst nematode

Video system for rapid assessment of plant resistance to insects

Schwefel verbessert Widerstandskraft und Geschmack von Pflanzen - Früher Schadstoff, heute begehrter Nährstoff (Industrieverband Agrar)

Hallada una nueva familia de proteínas que controla la resistencia de las plantas a la sequía 

U.S. wheat growers can protect nitrogen in the root zone with Instinct II from Dow AgroSciences

Synbreed project bridges the gap between animal and plant breeding - Breeding success with DNA analysis
Synbreed Projekt: Erfolgreich züchten mit DNA-Analysen

March 4, 2015

A database to unearth plants' genetic secrets - A plant protein structure database will help to uncover unknown functions of plant genes

Updated Syngenta training module increases understanding of corn nematodes 

Mais tecnologia nos pastos 

Soil moisture mission rockets into next phase

On the road to eleven biocontrol agents

The pink LED lights producing a tastier tomato: British farmers use revolutionary greenhouse to add flavour and vitamin C (Daily Mail)

Low-lignin alfalfa eases quality/yield trade-off (Capital Press)

Preservation breakthrough from Gujrat's Sardar Patel University (The Times of India)

March 3, 2015

Syngenta's Ference insecticide and Secure fungicide now registered to tackle turf pests in New York state

Bayer CropScience submits U.S. EPA registration application for ILeVO, first seed treatment to tackle soybean sudden death syndrome (SDS) 

Iowa State University scientists identify a seed treatment to curtail soybean sudden death syndrome

Les stratégies des plantes pour optimiser l’utilisation des nitrates 

Spurring production of a sluggish enzyme for crop yields

Tips for effective and efficient crop water use - A new publication available through K-State Research and Extension provides water use information for various crops in Kansas

Rhizoctonia could be hiding in plain sight (The Land)

Producing and licensing new plant varieties developed by University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) plant breeders (Southeast AgNet)

March 2, 2015

Access all 'Focus on Potato' webcasts, plus 12 other resources for $25

New offerings dial deeper into plant nutrition management - New technology helps fine-tune in-season plant nutrient management with the NutriSolutions 360 System from WinField

Genome reveals how Hessian fly causes galls in wheat

New genomics-driven surveillance to track crop diseases and tackle emerging and re-emerging crop pathogens that threaten global food security








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