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May 25, 2015

Ergot Alert Newsletter helps Oregon grass seed growers keep tabs on ergot (Capital Press)

Phenotyping wheat breeding lines takes on new look

‘Health cards’ to find out the condition of agricultural ecosystems
‘Tarjetas de salud’ para conocer el estado de los ecosistemas agrícolas
‘Osasun txartel’ berriak, nekazaritzako ekosistemen egoera jakiteko

"My Tempo keeps me from getting stressed" - French farmer Michael Pauly bought Väderstad's Tempo drilling machine number 1000 at Sima earlier this year

Modernity and traditions are the “keys” to take advantage of business opportunities in Japan

May 24, 2015

Identification of miRNAs and their target genes associate with sweet corn seed vigor by combined small RNA and degradome sequencing (ACS)

U.S. Midwest soybeans: ILeVO seed treatment and pre-emergence herbicides (AgFax)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology team develops CRISPR-based 'kill switch' for GMOs (GenomeWeb)

May 22, 2015

Panama - Alternativas tecnologicas generadas por el IDIAP para afrontar problemas de sequía

Two key genomic regions harbour QTLs for salinity tolerance in ICCV 2 × JG 11 derived chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) recombinant inbred lines (BMC Plant Biology)

Using super resolution microscopes to study drought resistance in plants
De la microscopie super-résolutive à l’adaptation à la sécheresse 

Chine scientists clone heat-tolerant gene from African rice strains

United Kingdom - Opera fungicide from BASF gives yield increase and disease control in sugar beet

May 21, 2015

Scientists from IBM Research and Australian universities reveal new insight on the molecular structure of plants - Computational studies unlock the secrets of cellulose for more sustainable and disease resistant crops 

May 20, 2015

Neues Mittel gegen Bienensterben in Sicht

Open-source plant breeding: new freedom for farmers

SucraSEED high sugar mixes from Grassland Oregon now even better for livestock, the environment, and pollinators

University of Illinois and USDA-ARS study uses farm data to aid in slowing evolution of herbicide-resistant weeds

Changing weather calls for Rhizoctonia control in sugarbeets

Rhizoctonia root and crown rot control in sugarbeet (West Central)

Encirca services from DuPont Pioneer helping more growers to add value on every acre - Real-time data management solutions help maximize productivity, profitability 

Why rice can’t get along with its neighbors

LGC Genomics' all-inclusive DNA extraction and genotyping service makes it easy for plant breeders and researchers

Pflanzenschutz als Dienstleistung - Interview mit Lohnunternehmer Hans Dieter Levihn

A major QTL TT1 contributes to rice thermotolerance, agroclimatological adaptation and breeding

Western Australia - MyPaddock tool to boost productivity and profitability

May 19, 2015

Cooperação técnica prevê avaliação de resistência de genótipos de Capsicum a doenças

Bayer CropScience oferece inoculante para fixação de nitrogênio nas plantas

Use of low intensity LED light during the dark period in seasonal flowers
Lage intensiteit LED belichting in zomerbloemen en trekheesters

New flavour model galia melons is now available
Nieuw smaakmodel galiameloen in gebruik genomen

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