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September 29, 2015

How to prevent the Xanthomonas bacterium from spreading
Hoe voorkom je dat de Xanthomonas-bacterie zich verspreidt

Canadian genomics project is leading the way in wheat breeding innovation

September 28, 2015

Seed Processing Holland BV presents - Customer testimonial, Florist Holland B.V.

Clemson University opens high-tech lab to digitize agriculture

Scientists unravel root cause of plant twists and turns

New Rijk Zwaan lettuce discolours less rapidly thanks to ‘KNOX’
Nieuwe sla Rijk Zwaan verkleurt minder snel door ‘KNOX’
La nuova lattuga di Rijk Zwaan è meno soggetta a fenomeni di perdita di colore (pinking) grazie a ‘KNOX’
Neuer Salat von Rijk Zwaan - dank KNOX weniger Verfärbung durch Oxidation
La nouvelle salade Rijk Zwaan s’oxyde moins vite grâce à ‘KNOX’

Regionale Anbauhinweise und Aussaatstärkerechner von KWS

Revelado el mecanismo de acción de un nuevo tipo de proteínas fotorreceptoras 

BASF provides protection against four additional diseases for turfgrass managers in California and Texas - FIFRA Section 2(ee) recommendations expand the application profiles of Lexicon® Intrinsic and Xzemplar brand fungicides

September 27, 2015

Engineering Microbiomes to Improve Plant and Animal Health (Trends in Microbiology)

Identifican el rol de una proteína clave para las plantas

Texas A&M AgriLife researchers discover contenders in molecular arms race of major plant disease: mosaic virus

Two new Bayer SeedGrowth Centers in Indonesia and South Africa about to be opened - An interview with Georgi Bonev, Commercial Marketing Manager SeedGrowth, and Dr. Heinz-Friedrich Schnier, Head of Global SeedGrowth Centers

Scientists discover new system for human genome editing with potential to increase power and precision of genome engineering - CRISPR-Cpf1 system could disrupt both scientific and commercial landscape

A new gene-editing breakthrough - The discovery of a new way to edit DNA may speed the advance of genetic engineering (The Economist)

September 25, 2015

The origin and spread of 'Emperor's rice' - Scientists solve the mystery of black rice

Root microbiome engineering improves plant growth

Alterar genéticamente las cantidades de azúcar natural mejora el rendimiento de maíz (FoodNewsLatam.com)

How predictive models for flavour levels of vegetables and fruits can benefit breeders
Rekenmodel voorspelt smaak van groente en fruit: winst voor veredelaars

Interview with Björn Hardt, Global Key Account Management, Bayer SeedGrowth - Sonido on the spot

Crop breeding: is it all in the genes? (Cambridge Network)

September 24, 2015

Overwhelmed by soybean seed options? 4 tips for choosing the best varieties for your farm

Las plantas cuentan con un reloj maestro que funciona como las neuronas circadianas de los mamíferos

Researchers propose ecological route to plant disease control

Erfolg lässt sich züchten

Innovationen mitten aus Europa

Advances in DNA sequencing are creating new tools for rapid breeding

September 23, 2015

Automatische Abdrehprobe zur Saatguteinstellung von pneumatischen Drillmaschinen (Top Agrar)

The world’s nitrogen fixation, explained

Tratamento de sementes melhora enraizamento da soja e contribui para maior produtividade (Cultivar)

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