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The International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT)

May 09

CIMMYT E-News, vol 6 no. 3, April 2009:
- Maize in Kenya: The search for a successful subsidy

April 09

Drought-Tolerant Maize for Africa Initiative demonstrates a joint commitment to protect Africa’s maize crop from drought and other threats

Getting quality seed to maize farmers in eastern and southern Africa

February 09

CIMMYT e-newsletter vol 6 no 2 - February 2009
- Scientists uncover DNA sequence of key wheat disease resistance gene
- Don't put all your eggs in one basket: Bangladesh tries maize cropping for feed
- CIMMYT science snapshots

Scientists gather in cradle of the Green Revolution to protect global food security from new strain of stem rust

January 09

CIMMYT e-newsletter vol 6 no 1 - January 2009
- CIMMYT revitalizes its leadership in socioeconomics and agronomy research
- Moving uphill: Maize's growing role in Ethiopia
- Genetic modification—yes or no? London Science Museum stages global debate
- CIMMYT science snapshots 

December 08

CIMMYT e-newsletter vol 5 no 12 - December 2008
- Report from the field: Wheat stem rust resistance screening at Njoro, Kenya
- Odds on for good science: Statistician wins major agricultural research award
- CIMMYT science snapshots 

November 08

CIMMYT e-newsletter vol 5 no 11 - November 2008
- Improved maize varieties and partnerships welcomed in Bhutanx
- Science for farmers and a better food future: CIMMYT’s 2007-2008 Annual Report

October 08

CIMMYT e-newsletter vol 5 no 10 - October 2008
- Maize without borders: Reforming maize seed sector policies to meet farmers' needs in Africax
- Fostering global food security for wheat: No country is an island

Wheat genetic resources enhancement by the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT)

September 08

CIMMYT e-newsletter vol 5 no 9 - September 2008
- Global partnership protects Africa's maize from Striga, a deadly parasitic plant
- Progress in breeding some staple crops with high iron content advances the fight against micronutrient malnutrition in tropical Africa and Asia

August 08

CIMMYT e-newsletter vol 5 no 8 - August 2008
- The journey of a seed
- Bangladesh and CIMMYT: Decades of partnership, commitment, and achievement

July 08

CIMMYT e-newsletter vol 5 no 7 - July 2008
- More nutritious maize boosts growth of children in rural Ethiopia
- Unearthing hidden impacts of CIMMYT's work: Support documented for more than 800 thesis students

June 08

CIMMYT e-newsletter vol 5 no 6 - June 2008
- Earliest Mexican wheats supply latest useful traits

May 08

CIMMYT e-newsletter vol 5 no 5 - May 2008
- Doubled haploids speed development of drought tolerant maize for Africa
- Asian maize network tackles drought

April 08

E-newsletter vol 5 no 4 - April 2008
- Home-grown maize seed solutions in southern and central Africa

New maize and new friendships to beat Thai drought

February 08

E-newsletter vol 5 no 2 - February 2008
- CIMMYT helps farmers till less, reap more in Chiapas, Mexico
- Getting quality seed to maize farmers in eastern and southern Africa
- A boost for maize in the State of Mexico

Getting quality seed to maize farmers in eastern and southern Africa

January 08

Keeping maize and wheat seed safe against a global catastrophe

Partners for life: CIMMYT and maize researchers in eastern Africa

E-newsletter vol 5 no 1 - January 2008
- Keeping maize and wheat seed safe against a global catastrophe
- Partners for life: CIMMYT and maize researchers in eastern Africa
- Farmers in India and Pakistan reap the benefits of sowing without tillage

December 07

E-newsletter vol 4 no 12 - December 2007
- Quality and quantity: China-CIMMYT wheats take prize
- Maize moves uphill in Colombia

Building disease-beating wheat

Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and CIMMYT team up to confront climate change and new subspecies of wheat stem rust

November 07

E-newsletter vol 4 no 11 - November 2007
- Turning on the power: New maize protein quality test for developing country labs
- Iran can serve the world in wheat breeding
- New maize hybrid in western Kenya: The farmers speak

October 07

Using maize seeds instead of leaves to determine the genetic makeup of maize

New Kenyan maize variety resistant to the larger grain borer, a pest that destroys a third of Kenya's maize crop every year

Dr Thomas Lumpkin to be the new Director General of the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT)

September 07

E-newsletter vol 4 no 9 - September 2007
- The larger grain borer is taking a beating from CIMMYT breeders in Kenya
- Battle to prevent a global wheat crop catastrophe from an unchecked airborne fungus
- The fates of farmers and maize landraces in the central highlands of Mexico

August 07

The genetic revolution continues at CIMMYT - Gift from DuPont helps CIMMYT scientists look for genes in wheat and maize, and gives breeders an affordable tool to help select the best

Pride and pragmatism sustain a giant Mexican maize

July 07

Gene bank math: applying sophisticated statistics and population genetics to the management of seed collections in gene banks

June 07

Better varieties, better lives: success in the Andes

Finding genes faster

Genes explain the amazing global spread of maize

May 07

Resistance to Fusarium diseases in wheat and barley

April 07

- CIMMYT’s seed health laboratory obtains ISA certification
- Dr Norman Borlaug: The commitment continues
- Drilling down into diversity: DNA fingerprinting for crop plants

March 07

- Seeing seed: farmers’ perspectives
- Mexican durum wheat farmers get their yield back and more

February 07

CIMMYT newsletter:
- Breeding knowledge combined with cutting-edge laboratory analysis will produce maize rich in vital nutrients
- On the front line of the battle to prevent a potential multi-billion dollar crop disaster for the world

January 07

CIMMYT newsletter:
- Giving African farmers room to grow
- Small seed with a big footprint: Western Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Nepal

Enhanced, drought-tolerant maize will give African farmers options, even with global warming

Dangerous wheat disease jumps Red Sea - Devastating fungal pathogen spreads from eastern Africa to Yemen, following path scientists predicted

December 06

CIMMYT newsletter:
- Three decades of research into drought tolerant maize by CIMMYT and a very strong set of partnerships has made a difference in the lives of African farmers
- Wheat lines that resisted virulent stem rust last season have now succumbed

November 06

CIMMYT newsletter:
- New life for old varieties
- Is native maize diversity being lost in Mexico?

October 06

CIMMYT newsletter:
- The wheat rust threat - Global Rust Initiative tackles a clearly present danger
- The wheat goes on at CIMMYT
- Helping the world tame wild wheat

DuPont and CIMMYT announce $1.3 million maize collaboration for Africa - Public-private partnership to speed product development

September 06

CIMMYT researchers say participatory research supports their achievements

Nepal Hill Maize Research Project reaches out to Nepal’s poorest farmers with new varieties

August 06

CIMMYT training achieves its goals

The maize with the beans inside: QPM gathers a following in Kenya

July 06

Steady as she goes: Improved maize and wheat varieties actually lower farmers’ risks

June 06

The Asian Maize Biotechnology Network (AMBIONET): a model for strengthening national agricultural research systems

New study shows genetic diversity in CIMMYT wheat now as high as it was before the Green Revolution

In drought wars, stress tolerant maize will make a difference

CIMMYT Business Plan 2006-2010 - Translating the Vision of Seeds of Innovation into a Vibrant Work Plan

May 06

Safe in the bank? Conserving the genetic heritage of maize

Big bang from world wheat breeding bucks

April 06

Maize transforms landscapes and livelihoods in Bangladesh

Laboratory protocols: CIMMYT Applied Molecular Genetics Laboratory

March 06

CIMMYT brings the best in wheat

BASF forms public-private partnership with CIMMYT
BASF und CIMMYT vereinbaren Public Private Partnership

Asian Development Bank funded project to develop corn varieties suited for drought-prone areas

February 06

Resource-poor Mexican farmers grow more “improved” maize than you think

January 06

CIMMYT develops herbicide resistant maize hybrids

Molecular detection tools for African maize breeders

Conservation by the numbers: Reducing genetic drift in crop gene bank collections

Crop development efforts get major boost: CIMMYT and IRRI scientists combine computing power to help the world's rice, wheat and maize farmers

ICARDA/CIMMYT wheat improvement program for dry areas

December 05

African maize farmers learn that bug havens keep maize pest-proof

New elite maize lines from CIMMYT offer enhanced nutrition and disease resistance

CIMMYT plant pathologist Dr. Ravi Singh named outstanding CGIAR scientist for 2005

November 05

Wheat exchange network breeds new life into varietal development: Kazakhstan and Siberia connect with CIMMYT to improve their wheat

CIMMYT and partners in Nepal make progress against foliar blight, a disease in wheat that disguises itself as drought

October 05

The color orange: key to more nutritious maize?

“Hot spots” in maize for dry regions in the developing world

Age old wheats in the new world of plant breeding

September 05

CIMMYT’s wheat quality lab expands and upgrades to meet growing demand of wheat for diverse food uses

The world’s wheat crop is under threat from new strain of wheat stem rust

Global effort aims to tackle deadly wheat fungus

August 05

Experimental auctions in Kenya gauge farmer interest in vitamin A-enriched maize

Wheat in peril from stem rust outbreak, expert panel warns

New IRRI-CIMMYT alliance takes shape, announces three new initiatives

July 05

Jonathan Crouch, director of CIMMYT’s Genetic Resources Program

A Kazakh farmer wins by adopting CIMMYT-led technology

Kenya launches Clearfield® technology for Striga weed control

Scientists at University of Nottingham and CIMMYT to develop higher yielding wheat varieties for the UK

CIMMYT Trustee wins a prize for his work improving yields and zinc concentration in wheat

A new study reports on the extensive use and benefits of CIMMYT wheat

June 05

IRRI-CIMMYT Alliance announces three important new initiatives

GRDC to strengthen its wheat research alliance with CIMMYT

A maize for farmers on the edge: CIMMYT-Peru maize, Marginal 28, outstrips expectations for farmers in Peru

Kenya plants transgenic maize to help farmers get rid of insect

May 05

Quality protein maize in Northwestern India: full of protein and potential

Wheat shuttle breeding: cleared for flight, with minor course corrections

March 05

CIMMYT sows second field trial of promising transgenic drought tolerant wheat

February 05

CIMMYT research team aim is to breed high yielding maize that also resists infection by Aspergillus flavus

The call for maize mounts in Asia

New publication presents outcomes of the eighth Asian Regional Maize Workshop

January 05

New IRRI-CIMMYT alliance formed to fight poverty and strengthen food security in the developing world

December 04

CIMMYT publishes 4th edition of 'Maize Diseases: A Guide for Field Identification'

Insect resistant maize in Africa moves forward

UK-CIMMYT network helps wheat thrive

New greenhouse supports research on wheat diseases in Nepal

November 04

CIMMYT unveils significant addition to the field of DNA fingerprinting for wheat and maize

Revised IRMA II project (Insect Resistant Maize for Africa) plan stresses regulatory issues and new management structure

Collaboration between several CGIAR centers to tackle seed supply issues in Southern Africa

A new management team to lead CIMMYT research

Harnessing the power of partnership in wheat improvement

CGIAR draft guidelines for GMO detection in genebanks

Maintaining the genetic integrity of CIMMYT seed collections: new maize and wheat gene bank operations manual

September 04

CIMMYT’s guiding principles for developing and deploying genetically engineered maize and wheat varieties

Weighing the pros and cons of genetically modified crops in Africa

Results of CIMMYT's transgenic wheat trial look promising

Maize seed production course at CIMMYT aims to boost small producers

Traditional farmers in Kazakhstan evaluate new technologies and wheat varieties

Mexican connection helps boost early maturity in Canadian wheat

August 04

Leaf rust resistance breeding reaps great benefits

Wild wheat relatives help boost genetic diversity

CIMMYT-KARI project takes historic step in Kenyan agriculture

July 04

New Japan – CIMMYT project hunts for genes to fight disease

June 04

CIMMYT gene flow study explores how farmers keep maize thriving and changing

Two new appointments complete CIMMYT’s senior management team

Iran and CIMMYT sign agreement to open CIMMYT office in Iran

May 04

New tools match wheat varieties to growing environments

March 04

In quest for drought-tolerant varieties, CIMMYT sows first transgenic wheat field trials in Mexico

GRDC and CIMMYT in international wheat breeding alliance

November 03

CIMMYT researcher Carlos de Leon honored for increasing maize productivity in South America

October 03

CGIAR “Outstanding Scientist” award to researcher who builds "bridges" to protect wheat

CIMMYT Director General responds to erroneous ETC statements

CIMMYT moves forward on transgene detection issues

August 03

Super wheat sown with alliance in Australia

March 03

Search for locally suitable insect resistant maize in Kenya

February 03

A new wheat variety for the farmers of Georgia

Drought-resistant GM crops: a promising future

A wheat variety from Mexico brightens the prospects of Uzbek farmers
Variedad de trigo generada en México mejora las perspectivas de los agricultores uzbkekos

July 02

New witchweed-fighting method developed by CIMMYT and Weizmann Institute Scientist - Technique could dramatically diminish hunger in Africa

May 02

Transgenic maize in Mexico: facts and future research needs

March 02

CIMMYT names new Directory General

February 02

CIMMYT responds to "Joint Statement" on genetically modified maize in Mexico

Further tests at CIMMYT find no presence of promoter associated with transgenes in Mexican landraces in gene bank (link to CIMMYT website)

December 01

Further tests at CIMMYT find no presence of promoter associated with transgenes in Mexican landraces in gene bank or from recent field collections

October 01

Initial tests find Mexican landraces in CIMMYT gene bank free of promoter associated with transgenes

Maize diversity in Oaxaca, Mexico: simple questions but no easy answers

CIMMYT response to discovery of transgenic maize growing in Mexico

September 00

Iowa State University Plant Sciences Institute partners with CIMMYT

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