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August 09

Field trials in the US show that enhancing the attractiveness of maize roots to insect-killing nematodes can effectively fend off Western corn rootworm

July 09

Global rice research community provides critical tools to unravel the diversity of rice

September 08

Formula discovered for longer plant life - Max Planck Institute molecular biologists discover how the growth of leaves and the aging process of plants are coordinated

July 08

What to do with the “one-billion-dollar-bug”? Plant sciences and pest control are back on the radar of public interest - Green gene technology plays an important role in this process

March 08

Kleine Helfer im Genom koordinieren die Pflanzenabwehr - Max-Planck-Wissenschaftler heben den auf kleinen RNAs verborgenen "Wortschatz", der die Abwehr von Pflanzen gegen Schädlinge dirigiert

July 07

Rapid evolution of defense genes in plants may produce hybrid incompatibility

April 07

Gentechnisch veränderte Kartoffeln auf den Freilandflächen des Max-Planck-Instituts für Molekulare Pflanzenphysiologie

Max-Planck-Wissenschaftler bestätigen, dass nur Mutterpflanzen verändertes Erbgut in Chloroplasten weitergeben
Determining the transgene containment level provided by chloroplast transformation

Wege aus der Energiekrise: Pflanzen mit mehr Biomasse

November 06

Insights from the genome of the biotrophic fungal plant pathogen Ustialgo maydis
- Wielding the subtle weapons of a fungus

- Mit den subtilen Waffen eines Pilzes

July 06

Volatiles modulate the development of plant pathogenic rust fungi: New plant protection agents against rust fungus diseases?

April 06

Eavesdropping on volatile compounds released by herbivore-attacked plants - Max Planck researchers have started to decipher the plants' vocabulary with the aid of “green gene technology”

One gene regulates the chemical cry for help by infested maize plants to attract beneficial insects

March 06

Tastier tomatoes in the future? German-Israeli research team discovers DNA fragments in wild tomatoes which could allow the development of better cultured tomatoes

Novel approach integrates fruit and whole plant analysis in tomato

February 06

Lauschangriff auf freiem Feld: Max-Planck-Wissenschaftler haben begonnen, das chemische Vokabular zwischen Pflanzen auch mit Hilfe der grünen Gentechnik zu entschlüsseln
Spying in the fields: Using genetic engineering, researchers at the Max Planck Institute have started to decipher the chemical vocabulary of inter-plant communication

January 06

New possibilities to fight pests with biological means

November 05

Plants have a double line of defence against fungal parasites

September 05

How many genes influence plant growth?

August 05

Potsdamer Max-Planck-Forscher entschlüsseln genetische Grundlagen der Frosttoleranz von Pflanzen

Long sought-after flowering signal found
Lang gesuchter Signalgeber für die Blütenbildung gefunden

Stärke-Regulator in Pflanzen entdeckt

February 05

Bayer CropScience, Max Planck Society, Monsanto Company resolve agrobacterium patent dispute
Bayer CropScience, Max-Planck-Gesellschaft und Monsanto beenden Patentauseinandersetzung über Agrobacterium

January 05

Scientists find common roots for thousands of plant compounds

October 04

Perlegen Sciences, Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology, and Salk Institute for Biological Studies to collaborate on Arabidopsis DNA variation study

Monsanto wins key patent dispute regarding dicot plant transformation

August 04

Max Planck Society researcher unravel mechanism of resistance to fungal infection in barley

June 04

Two bioinformatics scientists awarded the Max Planck Research Prize for International Cooperation

Das Ende von Koexistenz und Toleranz? Golmer Kartoffel-Freisetzungsversuch des Max-Planck-Institutes zerstört

February 04

Molecular mechanisms that trigger flowering in the spring: scientists at the Max Planck Institute and Hebrew University illuminate process in control of flowering in plants  |  |  |

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