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September 3, 2015

Report: "Dicamba Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2015 to 2021"

Scientists to detail state of Ug99 food security threat at Sydney meeting

Rejection of GM crops is not a failure for science (Nature)

September 2, 2015

Youth Ag-Summit in Canberra, Australia - Making a difference: tomorrow’s agriculture leaders finalise declaration for UN Committee on World Food Security
Jugend-Agrargipfel "Youth-Ag Summit" in Canberra, Australien: Junge Vordenker verabschieden gemeinsame Erklärung an den UN-Ausschuss für Welternährungssicherheit

September 1, 2015

International Seed Testing Association  seeks Contracted System Auditors

August 31, 2015

LED Grow Light Market - Forecast to 2020

Smart Greenhouse Market - Forecast to 2020

Israel busca dar el gran paso para combatir el hambre en el mundo (Radio Jai)

National Seed Science Forum, Australia, March 2016

Food in a future of 10 billion (Agriculture & Food Security)

IP in Ag Innovation Series: Without this, there'd be no biotech crops

August 30, 2015

Global Seed Coating Agent Industry 2015: Market Size Share Growth Forecast Research and Development - A Future Market Insights report

Microbial Seed Treatment Market: Global Industry Analysis, Growth and Forecast, 2015-2025 - A Future Market Insights report

August 27, 2015

Ancient crops preserved for future generations in Arctic seed vault - Potato varieties once thought lost to the Andean people who introduced them to the world will now be safeguarded for future generations

August 26, 2015

Genome Editing/Engineering Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends And Forecast 2015 - 2023 (Transparency Market Research)

August 25, 2015

The International Year of Soils: Soils Support Health - From micronutrients in our foods to the development of antibiotics and other drugs, soils help make humans healthier in a variety of ways

GM crops: a crucial technology to feed the world

International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) announces Dow AgroSciences and DuPont Pioneer as its first industry members

Food in a future of 10 billion (Agriculture & Food Security)

August 24, 2015

Global LED Grow Light Industry 2015 Market Research Report

Svalbard Global Seed Vault drafts plans for first 'return-to-sender' mission for crop varieties at risk in war-torn Syria (ABC)

The perilous quest for the perfect seed - We owe unending gratitude to those few who found, transplanted, and nourished the seeds of our every meal (The Boston Globe)

Youth Ag Summit Day 1 - This extraordinary event brings together 100 delegates from 33 countries, with a simple, common goal: Feeding a Hungry Planet.

Wheat scientists urge funding boost after UK-U.S. food security report 

Hazera successfully introduces a red tomato variety in Chifeng, China

August 21, 2015

Further success for HM.CLAUSE Open Days in Jordan - 3rd international Open Days held in Amman

August 20, 2015

A refreshing new direction for watermelons - Interview with Hazera’s Cucurbits Global Product Manager Mark van der Zouwen

Bringing the latest seed enhancement technologies to Israeli companies - Centor Israel is bringing internationally proven seed enhancement technologies to Israeli companies (Israel Agri)

August 19, 2015

Jordan - Agricultural biotechnology, annual report

Global warming: new report warns of food security threat








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