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NIAB (National Institute of Agricultural Botany)
July 09

UK's National Institute of Agricultural Botany welcomes EFRA Committee support for agricultural research

June 09

Malting spring barley Quench wins NIAB Cereals Cup

May 09

National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB) adds three special-use varieties to the 2009 Herbage Recommended List

National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB) and The Arable Group (TAG) in merger talks to create national trials and crop research centre

United Kingdom's NIAB investigates potential new race of yellow rust on winter wheat

April 09

International plant breeders swap the field for the computer lab

February 09

Cambridge plant scientists put crop diseases on show for British National Science Week

January 09

NIAB recommends that British farmers should have their farm-saved seed potatoes checked for virus

December 08

United Kingdom's National Institute of Agricultural Botany issues open invitation to members of new Defra Food Policy Council

November 08

Board appointment strengthens National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB) research links with Cambridge University

National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB) course plugs vital skills gap in training for plant breeders

June 089

Leading British plant breeder John Bingham opens new cambridge labs at the National Institute of Agricultural Botany

May 08

Leading UK winter oilseed rape plant breeders attend NIAB open day

New research techniques used by NIAB scientists on rice products

February 08

NIAB announces major new research initiative to tackle rice productivity in the developing world

October 05

HDRA hosts NIAB Organic Vegetable Variety Open Day

July 05

Whisky fans can drink to crop research

January 05

U.K. Department of Agriculture (Defra) funds organic trial extension


NIAB helps breeders keep pace with growing demand for red onions

British growers turn to NIAB's potato quality tests

New NIAB/PGRO pulse recommended lists

NIAB/PRGO Recommended Lists offer growers greater scope for profit

NIAB signs up world-renowned scientific leader as its new CEO

NIAB launches new seed ID book

New large blue pea variety listed

NIAB recommends six new beet varieties

September 04

NIAB releases 2005 forage maize list

May 04

Variable oilseedrape establishment prompts pod set problems

March 04

2004/05 NIAB recommended lists of herbage varieties

November 03

NIAB launches new field trials initiative

October 03

NIAB concerned by variety errors

Autumn weather brings headaches for growers

September 03

NIAB releases 2004 forage maize list

June 03

NIAB celebrates achievements of barley breeding and malting industries with Cambridge Ale

May 03

NIAB to sit on new GMO panel established by the European Food Safety Authority

NIAB releases all-new Organic Vegetable Handbook

April 03

NIAB Herbage Lists for 2003/04

March 03

NIAB recommends four new beet varieties

February 03

NIAB patents DNA marker technology

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