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March 27, 2015

Bayer CropScience launches eight new products in China (China Chemical Reporter)       

Nebraska, USA - Final touches being put on the Henry J. Stumpf International Wheat Center (The Grant Tribune Sentinel)

United Kingdom - A wealth of specialist crops for classic herbicide Dow Shield 400

Pastor herbicide from Dow AgroSciences gets the ‘Pro’ treatment

Canada - Portion of C$2.2 million funding allocated to winter wheat research (The Western Producer)

U.S. National Association of Plant Breeders (NAPB) - March/April 2015 newsletter

Results of annual Texas wheat producer survey released: number of acres of wheat planted and to be planted by variety for the 2015 crop year

Bundesverband Deutscher Pflanzenzüchter übt Kritik an Entscheidung im Brokkoli Fall - Patentrecht wird unangemessen ausgeweitet – Zugang zu genetischer Diversität gefährdet 

Zwischenfrucht-Saatgut von der FarmSaat AG: Greening mit FarmSommer und FarmWinter 

Australia - Hold on costs in GM contamination case (The Courier Mail)

Supercharged ryegrass from Dairy Futures CRC on the way (Stock & Land)

Ceres Inc. accelerates sugarcane trait development following positive field results 

Australia - Plant research to deliver big returns - Breakthroughs in conventional plant breeding research at the Dairy Futures CRC (The Australian Dairy Farmer)

Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia leads the way in international disease identification

Lessons from 2014’s early sown wheat in southern New South Wales 

Australian - Convenience is key for online vegetable shopping

Reducing neonicotinoid pesticide use by 80 per cent - Ontario is setting new rules to protect bees and other pollinators
Diminution de 80 % de l'utilisation des pesticides néonicotinoïdes - L'Ontario fixe de nouvelles règles afin de protéger les abeilles et autres pollinisateurs

Grape tomato from Hazera Seeds commercialized in Mexico (FreshFruitPortal)

March 26, 2015

Canada - New website launched to help stakeholders adapt to updated Plant Breeders’ Rights

Third Iowa ethanol plant to use Syngenta's Enogen corn

USA - Syngenta plant makes sure growers receive timely shipments of high-quality brands of crop protection products

Australian OGTR - DIR 136 - Notification of licence application - Field trial of genetically modified cotton

Campanha de sementes de adubação verde e pastagens de inverno

“Preventative Sugarcane Aphid Conference for the Lower Rio Grande Valley Growers” scheduled for April 14 (AgFax)

Las semillas de lino lideran el ránking de especialidades con más altas retenciones (Info Campo)

Syngenta recommends: scout early, implement proactive management practices to fend off early-season diseases in wheat

Thailand Seed Industry Outlook to 2018 – Government support and technological advancement to escalate productivity

Zimbabwe - Seed Co. hosts communal farmers (NewsDay)

Zimbabwe - Government urged recognises the rights of smallholder farmers to save, use and freely exchange indigenous seed varieties (The Herald)

Kenya Seed Company's word on maize seed (AllAfrica)

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