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September 18, 2014

Research emphasis on Goss’s Wilt has improved resistance ratings (Farm & Ranch Guide)

X-ray vision puts Nottingham plant and soil sciences on the world stage 

Sudden death syndrome on soybean in Illinois, USA

Cucumber green mottle mosaic on watermelon in the Northern Territories of Australia

U.S. organic industry leaders assess strategic challenges now and in future - Organic Trade Association says expanding organic acreage is key issue for next decade

Twenty-eight breeders/researchers complete 2nd Program Management for Plant Breeders course at UC Davis 

United Kingdom - Yara, BASF and Monsanto launch the '3 x 3 Driving OSR forward' initiative

France - Vérifiez la faculté germinative de vos semences... même certifiées (Terre-net)

Ingredion Inc. bans new GMO corn Agrisure Duracade at plant, mulls fate of Agrisure Viptera (Reuters)

Kagome launches a research center dedicated to the tomato in Portugal (Fructidor)

USA - 14 stand-out melon varieties (Growing Produce)

The Philippines - Agricultural biotechnology, annual report

USDA/APHIS issues record of decision (ROD) for three GE plants from Dow AgroSciences LLC

Want to link genes to complex traits? Start with more diversity

Global agriculture - More land, fewer harvests
Globale Landwirtschaft - Mehr Land, weniger Ernten

Brasil - A pedido do presidente da CNA, Ministério da Agricultura cria grupo para discutir áreas de refúgio (Canal do Produtor)

Instituto Rio Grandense do Arroz RS e BASF celebram convênio de cooperação técnico-científica

Brasil, CTNBio - Accesse a pauta da 176ª Reunião Ordinária, de 2 de outubro de 2014

Bom para o produtor e para o consumidor - Bayer Vegetable Seeds lança pimentões com maior durabilidade entre a colheita e a comercialização

CABI gives thumbs up to EU action against invasive species

U.S. National Corn Growers Association applauds USDA deregulation of Enlist crops, urges EPA movement on herbicide

Arabidopsis: the ongoing green revolution

Publication trends in Arabidopsis research

A big step towards more efficient photosynthesis

USDA bestätigt Rekordernte 

New race of downy mildew in spinach receives official designation
Nieuw fysio van valse meeldauw in spinazie benoemd

BVL-Symposium Herausforderungen 2015 - "Neue Entwicklungen in der Gentechnik - Neue Ansätze für das behördliche Handeln?"

Nace ‘Cornell Alliance for Science’, una nueva iniciativa de comunicación científica sobre biotecnología agraria

Elanco Animal Health, Dow AgroSciences announce strategic R&D agreement - Agreement to focus on needs of livestock producers 

Bayer plans to focus entirely on Life Science businesses
Bayer plant vollständige Ausrichtung auf Life-Science-Geschäfte
Bayer decide concentrar su actividad en Ciencias de la vida

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