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November 24, 2015

KWS grows in a difficult market environment
KWS wächst in schwierigem Marktumfeld

Emerging weeds in the line of researchers’ fire 

November 23, 2015

East Africa - Researchers develop beans that cook in 15 minutes (Daily Monitor)

Students help University of Florida/IFAS professor breed better, tastier peppers

GMO food animals should be judged by product, not process, scientists say

Starke Maisgenetik von Syngenta Deutschland

Open communication crucial as USDA examines biotech regulatory process

Bosch  Deepfield Robotics' sensor solution for asparagus cultivation receives award - System to be premiered at AgriTechnica trade fair in November

Saiba tudo da Caravana Soja Brasil em MT 

Uruguay - Muestreador de semillas automático (INASE)

Dow AgroSciences e Grupo Roncador firmam parceria para promover melhoria produtiva no Vale do Araguaia (Cultivar)

Protection of Seed Innovations - SIPA Technical Education Unit - Chicago, Illinois, December 8, 2015

Tradition als Basis – Innovation für die Zukunft - Auf der Agritechnica in Hannover wurden erstmals drei Studenten mit dem KWS Ferdinand-von-Lochow-Stipendium ausgezeichnet

México - Innova Aldama con producción de semilla de girasol (Omnia)

Taste model sweet pepper ready to use
Smaakmodel paprika klaar voor gebruik

Fact sheet on Irish agriculture - November 2015

Aufzeichnungspflicht bleibt auch bei Nachbausaatgut bestehen (Proplanta)

Phoma du colza : jeu de cache-cache entre le champignon et sa plante hôte 

Loss of mastodons aided domestication of pumpkins, squash

Día de Puertas Abiertas en Bolaños de Calatrava - Bejo presentó sus variedades comerciales y nuevos híbridos en cebolla de conservación

La materialización de los conceptos inspiradores - Fruit Attraction 2015 fue la lanzadera de Bejo para presentar nuevos productos derivados de las hortalizas tradicionales

The Harrington Seed Destructor: Its role and value in farming systems facing the challenge of herbicide-resistant weeds (ScienceDirect)

Ghana needs plant variety protection law (Peace FM Online)

China - Linze County corn seed venture grows into a thriving business (China Daily)

Agrochemical major UPL announces merger of seed firm Advanta with itself (The Economic Times)

Pakistan - Cotton crop disaster: opportunity for global seed corporations (Dawn)

2014 National Corn Growers Yield Champion Randy Dowdy from Valdosta, Georgia hits 486 bushels with AgriGold products

Big seed producers prepare the ground for merger spree (Irish Independent)

Pakistan - Distribution of cost-free certified wheat seeds in Punjab (Dawn)

Pesticide-makers point to other culprits in bee die-offs (Yahoo! News)

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