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July 3, 2015

East-West Seed joins International Licensing Platform for plant breeding innovations

Nunhems se posiciona en melón y sandía con nuevas variedades de sabor que fidelizan al consumidor

Seed coating additives improve germination in dry soil

‘Two rice varieties first domesticated in India’ (The Times of India)

Climate change and eastern Africa: a review of impact on major crops (Wiley)

Judgment of the Court (Second Chamber) of 25 June 2015 in the case C-242/14, Saatgut-Treuhandverwaltungs GmbH v Gerhard und Jürgen Vogel GbR and others
Urteil des Gerichtshofes (Zweite Kammer) vom 25. Juni 2015 in der Rechtssache C-242/14, Saatgut-Treuhandverwaltungs GmbH gegen Gerhard und Jürgen Vogel GbR und andere

July 2, 2015

Bayer CropScience to invest $50 million to expand Muskegon, Michigan facility (MiBiz)

U.S. Representative Rodney Davis' visits at four Central Illinois biotechnology companies shows biotech's role in feeding the world (Herald Review)

Vitamin A orange maize: a partnership between agriculture and nutrition bears fruit

Fundação Pró-Sementes apresenta resultados da pesquisa com cultivares de soja 

The White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy announces initiative to modernize the Federal regulatory system for the products of biotechnology

Brasil - Leste do MT deve aumentar 13% a área de soja convencional nesta safra (Soja Brasil)

Déjà vu all over again: Penn State research shows 'mulch fungus' causes turfgrass disease

Canada - Agriculture Minister applauds new strategic research partnership between Canterra Seeds Limited and Groupe Limagrain of France

Professor da Escola Superior de Agricultura "Luiz de Queiroz", Universidade de São Paulo, lança 2ª edição de livro sobre produção de sementes

Canterra Seeds and Limagrain launch Limagrain Cereals Research Canada

Rothamsted Research GM wheat trial highlights costs of violent activism (Genetic Literacy Project)

"Integrated seed sector development" course offered by Wageningen UR Centre for Development Innovation

Monsanto CEO flies to Europe to meet Syngenta investors (Bloomberg)

Seed data forging into unprecedented yield territory (AgWeb)

DuPont: Refocus on core units to spur growth (Delaware Online)

Österreich - Zweidrittelmehrheit bei Gentechnikverbot verfehlt (Der Standard)

Deutschlandweit innovativ: Digitaler Pflanzenkatalog für Pimpernuss, Rotbuche & Co. - Digitalisierte Pflanzenliste der Hohenheimer Gärten vereint detaillierte Beschreibungen, Synonyme, Literatur, Georeferenz und Bilder

Bienvenido a la primera edición del Boletín de Pimiento para Europa

Interessante open dag voor introductie twee Nunhems trostomatenrassen

“El éxito de una cosecha radica en varios factores pero indudablemente la semilla es el principio de todo el proceso y la culpable de gran parte de ese éxito” - Entrevista a Antonio Ibarra, Brasicas Product Promoter de Sakata

Ontario, Canada - Cereal seed firm C+M Seeds pressing certified seed issue (Grainews)

Dow AgroSciences response to federal court ruling on Maui County initiative

Import export sementi in Italia 2012-2014 - Stabili nel 2014 secondo i dati ISTAT le importazioni e le esportazioni italiane di sementi

Embrapa participa ativamente do primeiro livro sobre defesa vegetal no Brasil

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