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May 22, 2015

S&W Seed Company to participate in the 2015 World Seed Congress

European Food Safety Authority - Pesticides and bees: call for data

El uso de remolacha azucarera transgénica ha permitido ahorrar millones de dólares a agricultores norteamericanos (Chile Bio)

6th meeting of the European Food Safety Authority's scientific network for risk assessment of GMOs 

Two key genomic regions harbour QTLs for salinity tolerance in ICCV 2 × JG 11 derived chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) recombinant inbred lines (BMC Plant Biology)

UAS Professionals Inc. becomes one of the first companies in Colorado legally authorized to use drones commercially

Chinese GMO law could further delay approval of new crops: industry (Reuters)

Stéphane  Le Foll rappelle que le secteur des semences est capital dans la réussite du projet agro-écologique (RevenuAgricole)

Más de 95 mil agricultores serían afectados por desabastecimiento de semillas (Diario Correo)

Thunder Seed welcomes new District Sales Manager (Minnesota Farm Guide)

Agrilead, Inc. and Kalo, Inc. align companies to accelerate innovation and commercialization of advanced seed care technology

China does an about-face on GMOs, sees bioengineered seeds as vital to a modern farming system (Bloomberg)

Monsanto has $10 billion alternative to appease regulators: sell Roundup (St. Louis Business Journal)

Deutsche Bundesregierung will Gentechnik-Produkte doch nicht kennzeichnen (Der Spiegel)

Landesforschungsanstalt für Landwirtschaft und Fischerei Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - Sortenempfehlung Winterraps 2015 - Empfehlung für die Anbaugebiete D-Nord und MV-Süd

Der Roggenweg – die erste Woche ist vorbei!

Neuer Katalog “KWS Getreide Sorten 2015/2016“

European research finds coexistence of GM and non-GM products is possible
Selon la recherche européenne, la coexistence entre les produits GM et non GM est possible 

Using super resolution microscopes to study drought resistance in plants
De la microscopie super-résolutive à l’adaptation à la sécheresse 

Un leurre pour tromper l’adversaire : les ruses moléculaires de l’Arabette 

Chine scientists clone heat-tolerant gene from African rice strains

United Kingdom - Opera fungicide from BASF gives yield increase and disease control in sugar beet

Gift to Iowa State University's research farm expands crop research

Sudamérica apuesta a la biotecnología agrícola: la revolución que podría cambiar el mundo (Grupo Biotecnologia)

Production of broccoli on the U.S. East Coast proves viable

May 21, 2015

Argentina - Ya en 2012, CFK hablaba de reconocer la propiedad intelectual en las semillas (InfoCampo)

Argentina - Controversia entre semilleros y productores por el decreto de semillas, aún sin publicar (La Voz)

Argentina - Entrega de semillas de avena en Santa Lucía (El Litoral)

Maharashtra government appeals to seed companies to reduce price of Bt cotton seeds (The Economic Times)

Nova Scotia aerial imaging startup AerHyve Aerial Technologies signs strategic unmanned aerial vehicles services partnership with PrecisionHawk

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