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Westrup wins honourable award

Slagelse, Denmark
July 25, 2011

Recently Westrup received the honourable award “Apprentice of the year in West Zealand”, when Bjarke Svendsen was selected from a large group of candidates for the yearly award from the organisation “Danish Industry”.

The award, which was handed over to Bjarke at a festive ceremony at Westrup is an achievement by Bjarke. But his superiors in the workshop should certainly also be credited for the award, as they have shown a dedication to teach a young man a trade he can be really proud of in the future.

Apprentice Bjarke Svendsen together with Hans Hellstrøm Henningsen, Representative
from the organisation “Danish Industry” and Lis Tribler, Mayor of Slagelse.

Westrup machines are customised to each specific order and to a high degree built by hand, which can only be done by specialised employees with a high degree of professional pride. The award is a very good example of the fact that Westrup has focus on investing in the future.

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Website: http://www.seedquest.com/_yp/w/Westrup.htm

Published: July 25, 2011

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