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July 8, 2020

Korea - Goesan Agricultural Technology Center researchers develop iron-coated soybean seeds (The Korea Bizwire)

July 7, 2020

Promising novel approach to control wild radish weed populations

July 6, 2020

Australia - Fruiting vegetable and cucurbit growers benefit from new Syngenta insecticide

India - Soyabean seed germination failure: Seed industry locks horns with Maharashtra government (The Hindu BusinessLine)

Director-General proposes new structure to make FAO agile and efficient - Addressing the FAO Council, QU Dongyu outlined his vision to face challenges related to food and agriculture

Current outbreaks of COVID-19 and the international movement of seeds - A statement from the International Seed Federation

Indian Institute of Seed Science (ICAR), Mau organizes annual group meeting of AICRP-NSP (Crops) and ICAR Seed Project

Australia - Marnoo Grains Research Update to guide growers through season 2020

July 3, 2020

India - Success story on organic production of okra F1 hybrid “Arka Nikita” during kharif and late kharif 2019

Australia - Fungicide resistance a growing issue in barley disease

Dry rice grown from 7,000-year-old 'weed' may mitigate global food crisis (Global Times)

Western Australian grower groups collaborate to wage war on the emerging weed barley grass

New Zealand Intellectual Property Office - The Plant Variety Rights Journal, July 2020

Southeast Asia’s ag, food startups raised $423m last year: ASEAN Agrifoodtech Investment Report 2020

How a molecular "alarm" system in plants protects them from predators - Scientists uncover how oral secretions of the cotton leaf worm trigger defense responses in a plant

July 2, 2020

Nufarm announces changes to global manufacturing footprint

BASF Digital Farming to launch AI-based digital crop optimization platform with Zen-noh in Japan

BASF and Longping High-Tech enter partnership to support rice farmers in China

The state of plant biosecurity in Australia

Across China: Automato harvest: Artificial intelligence beats farmer in greenhouse keeping (Xinhua)

International program ushers in a new era of maize farming in Pakistan - Agricultural Innovation Program (AIP) comes to a close but its impact lives on

July 1, 2020

Dominique Amilien appointed CEO of Vilmorin-Mikado

Spanish alfalfa consolidates its presence in China

Government of India issues three ordinances ushering in major agricultural market reforms

Breaking the silence: scientists investigate epigenetic impact across whole genome - Study exposes silenced sites within 'jumping genes' that could one day drive development of environmentally-resistant crops

June 30, 2020

BASF and Win-All partner to develop new rice system for farmers in China

India - These e-Plant Doctors can help solve farmers’ crop woes in minutes - Here’s how 

Agriculture’s resilience has been tested by COVID, making fighting climate change even more vital than ever, says Syngenta Group
Krisenfestigkeit der Agrarwirtschaft durch COVID-19 auf die Probe gestellt – Kampf gegen den Klimawandel dadurch wichtiger denn je, so die Syngenta Group
La capacidad de adaptarse de la agricultura ha sido puesta a prueba por el COVID, haciendo que la lucha frente al cambio climático sea aún más vital que nunca, afirma el Grupo Syngenta
La résilience de l’agriculture a été éprouvée par le COVID, rendant la lutte contre le changement climatique plus vitale que jamais, estime Syngenta Group
Secondo il Syngenta Group, la crisi sanitaria causata dal coronavirus ha messo alla prova la resilienza del settore agricolo, sottolineando ora più che mai l’importanza di contrastare i cambiamenti climatici

Australians need to buy more vegetables to meet the dietary guidelines

A haven of diversity - A look at a genebank for Pacific crops and trees





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