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Cornell University
August 09

Major discoveries in maize genetics could lead to vigorous new varieties and insights into human genetics

July 09

New tomato hybrids are on the way - Seed companies put IPM researchers’ findings to use

'Lab on a chip' to give growers real-time glimpse into water stress in plants

April 09

Cornell University researchers testing ways to biologically control alfalfa snout beetles

February 09

Cornell University coordinates breeders in race against time to save world's wheat from deadly fungus

Cornell University Chronicle: Bt eggplant will soon be unveiled in India

January 09

DNA LandMarks collaborates with Cornell University on completing a genetic map of pepper

October 08

Cornell plant experts identify Northeastern U.S. grasses that will fuel bioenergy era

September 08

Cornell University entomologist edits new book on sustainable pest control

August 08

New Cornell University institute focuses on invasive species

June 08

New Cornell University study shows that transgenic plants don't hurt beneficial bugs

April 08

Gates Foundation awards Cornell $26.8 million to lead global fight against deadly wheat plague

March 08

New Cornell University research lab will produce ethanol and other biofuels from grasses and biomass

Cornell partners with Tamil Nadu Agricultural University of India to offer innovative degree in food science

February 08

Ray Wu, Cornell University's acclaimed pioneer of genetic engineering and developer of insect-resistant rice, dies at 79

January 08

Cornell University's web site hosts gardeners' ratings on thousands of vegetable varieties

Genetic discovery can boost the provitamin A content of Africa's maize

Cornell University to share $5.5 million federal grant with Yale for study of major cereal crops

Cornell University research sheds light on the mechanics of gene transcription

Cornell University newly patented purplish 'lily' blooms all summer long

November 07

Cornell University plant pathologists detect brown root rot, a potentially serious forage crop disease, in the northeastern United States

October 07

Cornell University researchers identify natural herbicide that controls weeds around some common lawn grasses

September 07

Cornell University helps develop pest-resistant eggplant, the first genetically modified food crop in South Asia

Cornell University will support the University of Ghana to train African plant breeders to confront indigenous problems

Studying grass for energy needs

August 07

Cornell University researchers clone aluminum-tolerance gene in sorghum, promising boost to crop yields in developing world

Today's white rice is mutation spread by early farmers, researchers say

July 07

In evolutionary arms race, a bacterium is found that outwits tomato plant's defenses, Cornell study finds

Effects of climate change on U.S. agriculture

June 07

On-farm research shows farmers can use less nitrogen to save money and reduce environmental impact

Cornell University researchers' discovery of what makes some cauliflower orange could lead to more nutritious staple crops

April 07

Cornell University researchers zero in on genes that turn a plant's ability to self-pollinate on and off -- a potential boon for hybrids

February 07

Cornell University students put marketing and management skills to work for Kenya's seed industry

Cornell University and the Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research receive $1.8 million from National Science Foundation to continue tomato sequence project

December 06

Celebrating the past, shaping the present, inspiring the future: The New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva turns 125 in 2007

September 06

Cornell University researchers seek to extend growing season with high tunnels

August 06

Cornell University appoints Kyle Arvin as director of the New York State Seed Testing Laboratory

July 06

Cornell University's pest-alert network helps link attacks to changing climate

Seven-year glitch: Cornell warns that Chinese GM cotton farmers are losing money due to secondary pests

June 06

Historic mutant corn garden grows at Cornell University

Tiny wasps help keep sweet corn worm-free and customers more satisfied

April 06

Cornell University's Vegetable Varieties for Gardeners website helps gardeners pick and choose their varieties

February 06

Is genetically modified food a risk or benefit? Americans are split but growing somewhat more skeptical, study finds

Cornell students take winter break and provide 'thousands of dollars' of advice and help to Tanzanian seed companies

January 06

Business training offered for agricultural entrepreneurs

Cornell University geneticists improve methods for identifying what controls complex traits, from disease to crop yields

December 05

Cornell University and Indian Council of Agricultural Research sign new agreement for agricultural development

November 05

Biofortified, iron-rich rice improves the nutrition of women, study by Cornell researcher shows for the first time

October 05

Cornell University signs research agreement with Japan's genome research institute

Cornell University's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences launches online research portal

September 05

Cornell University tapped for regional Sun Grant hub to use $8 million in U.S. funds to spearhead next green revolution

Michael P. Hoffmann names director of the Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station

Cornell University releases "Resource Guide for Organic Insect and Disease Management"

August 05

Students use summer internships at Cornell University to test desire to become plant researchers

July 05

Cornell University works to improve organic farming methods in a multitude of ways

Organic farming produces same corn and soybean yields as conventional farms, but consumes less energy and no pesticides, study finds

Cornell University study finds that producing ethanol and biodiesel from corn and other crops is not worth the energy

June 05

Insects develop resistance to engineered crops when single- and double-gene altered plants are in proximity, Cornell University researchers say

March 05

Grass makes environmentally friendly biofuel

December 04

Organic food research at Cornell University boosted by $1.99 million in U.S. Department of Agriculture grants

Spring in the U.S. Northeast arrives a week earlier than 40 years ago due to greenhouse-gas warming trend, finds Cornell University study

Homeowners in the Northwestern U.S. asked to look for Asian stink bugs, invasive pest that is threat to fruit and soybean crops

October 04

Environmentally conscious agricultural practices by U.S. farmers would ease drain on world water supply, Cornell ecologists report

Cornell University researchers find some onions do indeed have excellent anti-cancer benefits

September 04

Biologists finally close in on 'florigen,' the signal that causes plants to flower

U.S. National Science Foundation awards $4.2 million to Cornell University to sequence the tomato genome

July 04

U.S.$3 million for Cornell University Crop Genomics Center added to US House of Representatives bill

June 04

Cornell University's Mann Library gets federal grant to preserve historical agricultural literature on microfilm and the Web

April 04

Orange cauliflower developed at Cornell's Experiment Station is high in vitamin A

March 04

Cornell University and Stanford University to work with Israel and Jordan on Bridging the Rift research center to include world's first databank for all living systems

February 04

Cornell plant breeders slice through onion's sexual barrier to breed disease resistance into crop

December 03

Researchers find plant immune system's 'take two aspirin' gene, offering hope for disease control without agricultural pesticides

November 03

Cornell University group to assess global agricultural and environmental land-management practices for U.S. development agency

Cornell entomologists demonstrate better insect control with novel technique of "gene pyramiding"

New York State Agricultural Experiment Station increases its capacity for field research

October 03

Agriculture Internet portal to aid the Third World, developed at Cornell's Mann Library, is unveiled by United Nations at ceremony in Rome

Director to leave New York State Agricultural Experiment Station January 1, 2004

September 03

Cornell University shares in $4.3 million award for Northeastern Integrated Pest Management Center; continues winning partnership with Penn State University

Global economic pressure creates uncertainties for U.S. agriculture, Cornell researchers say in white paper

August 03

Despite benefits of golden rice to vitamin A-deficient children, few Filipino farmers know about it, says Cornell researcher

Recent poll of New Yorkers shows them evenly split on the use of biotechnology in food and agriculture

Pseudomonas syringae sequenced, providing hope for new defenses in plant and possibly human disease, says Cornell researcher

May 03

Discovery of critical early-defense trigger in plants could lead to improved disease control, say scientists at Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research and Cornell University

Fruit, vegetable and herb dehydration - All dried up

April 03

World Food Symposium at Cornell University

March 03

New plant pathologist at Cornell University

Engineering rice plants with trehalose-producing genes improves tolerance to drought, salt and low temperature

Cornell University establishes agricultural research initiative with Vietnam

After 20 years' absence, newly fungus-resistant trefoil gives New York farmers low-cost forage fields of dreams

February 03

New York farmers brace for an invasion of the swede midge, a little fly that could cause extensive crop damage

January 03

New agricultural biotechnology publication available from Cornell

November 02

Engineering rice plants with sugar-producing gene helps them tolerate drought, salt and low temperatures, Cornell biologists report

October 02

Alan Lakso to chair Horticultural Sciences Department at New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, in Geneva

Daniel C. Peck to lead Cornell University's turf grass entomology program

Cornell University leads a consortium of public and private sector institutions to implement the Agricultural Biotechnology Support Project II

Tiny plant poised to yield big payoffs in environment and energy as Boyce Thompson Institute reveals key genome sequence

September 02

Cornell University receives $345,000 from New York State for agricultural research

To Russia with love: CU delegation delivers new potato varieties, and hope

August 02

Public Seed Initiative Field Day to be held September 5 near Cornell University

Cornell-bred, late blight-resistant potato to be given to Russian producer to help small farmers combat disease

July 02

Plant pathologist Dennis Gonsalves and his research team to receive the prestigious 2002 von Humboldt Award for Agriculture

Gene discovery in petunias could boost yield of hybrid food crops, Cornell plant scientists predict

June 02

Chang Yong Lee appointed chairman of Cornell University's Food Science & Technology Department at Geneva

April 02

Cornell University Professor Dennis Gonsalves named director of USDA's Agricultural Research Service Pacific Basin Agricultural Research Center

March 02

Governor Patakis announces 200 new jobs at the Cornell Agriculture & Food Technology Park

February 02

Cornell entomologist uses 'cotton candy' to protect crops as maggots and worms develop resistance to pesticides

Vegetable disease expert Tom Zitter wins IPM Award at the New York State Vegetable Growers Conference

January 02

Greenhouse grower wins Excellence in Integrated Pest Management Award

December 01

$1.2 million USDA grant aids creation of Cornell-managed group to study Northeast organic food production

Cornell hosts first U.S.-South Korea Joint Seminar on Plant Molecular Genetics and Breeding, Dec. 11-12

October 01

Cornell delicata squash, disease-resistant version of heirloom winter variety, named 2002 All-America Selection (3904)

Cornell University horticulturist made Fellow in American Society for Horticultural Science

Marc Smith appointed Assistant Director at New York State Ag Experiment Station

September 01

Thomas Burr to chair plant pathology department at Cornell University's New York State Agricultural Experiment Station

The mystery of cell-cell communication in the flower is unlocked by Cornell plant biologists

August 01

Cornell's Mann Library sells its 50th 'library-in-a-box' to the developing world

Bacterial wilt that kills pumpkins, cucumbers, cantaloupes and squash found in parts of Midwest and Northeast, says Cornell plant pathologist

Ethanol fuel from corn faulted as 'unsustainable subsidized food burning' in analysis by Cornell scientist

July 01

Cornell provides consumers "science-based" information on genetically engineered foods

Soybean aphids, a potential agricultural threat, found by Cornell entomologists in New York state

Plants' battle against disease is 'trench warfare at the molecular level,' BTI and Cornell scientists discover

New York State Agricultural Experiment Station appoints genomicist

June 01

Cornell-bred, blight-resistant potato variety -- New York 121 -- is sent to Russia for testing to stave off potato crisis

May 01

Growing tomatoes using a trellis

April 01

Vegetable entomologist joins New York State Agricultural Experiment Station

March 01

Size matters: Cornell researcher finds evidence of fourth spatial dimension in plant world

Michael G. Villani receives Outstanding Service Award of the Turfgrass Council of North Carolina

New York State Cabbage Research & Development Program awards 2001 funding for eight cabbage research proposals

February 01

New York State vegetable value and production is way up

January 01

Cornell's Mann Library unveils web site that features complete texts of rare, significant agricultural books

Vegetable MD Online web site from Cornell provides facts and information about vegetable diseases

December 00

Humble mustard plant reveals evidence of ancient origins, bringing hope of easier genetic mapping of major crops 

November 00

Corn borer damage can be halved by releasing army of wasps early and just once, says Cornell research report

October 00

Cornell to host conference on agricultural biotechnology and genetically modified organisms

September 00

Cornell's New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, NY hosts educational tours on GMOs

August 00

A threatened St. John's Wort plant could be more effective as an anti-depressant, Cornell and USDA researchers find

July 00

Cornell and Polish research scientists lead effort to save invaluable potato genetic archive in Russia

Cancer cell growth appears related to evolutionary development of plump fruits and vegetables, Cornell researchers find

For first time scientists trigger human immunity to a virus using a plant-based, edible vaccine

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