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May 26, 2015

Reddly F1 e Nun 03115 F1, mini angurie a marchio Nunhems nel segno delle nuove tendenze di consumo

The latest pepper trends - Interview with Serge Benarous of Hazera

BASF sponsors space farming research project to foster innovation and entrepreneurship
BASF fördert Innovation und Unternehmergeist und sponsert Forschungsprojekt zur Landwirtschaft im Weltall

May 25, 2015

New acquisition of Vilmorin & Cie in Vietnam
Nouvelle acquisition pour Vilmorin & Cie au Vietnam

Takii's superstar “Onion” is having his movie debut

Cultivar hortalizas sobre el mar es ya una realidad (Horto Info)

Ontario, Canada ties knot with China's vegetable town

Scientists pinpoint genes that make stem cells in plants, revealing origin of beefsteak tomatoes

New Mexico State University researchers demonstrate winter greens can be grown in New Mexico (Las Cruces News)

Fresh Produce Exporters Association of Kenya warns that horticulture sector is under threat from new EU rules (Standard Figital)

Australia - Laser beams, robots and mid-air vegetable cultivation to feature at the 2015 Global Technologies in Horticulture Seminar

May 22, 2015

Santa Catarina, Brasil - Produção integrada de cebola

Production of broccoli on the U.S. East Coast proves viable

May 20, 2015

Bacterial wilt on tomato in Uganda

Kansen en knelpunten voor industriebloemkool (Bejo Zaden)

May 19, 2015

Spain - Murcia agriculturalists search for the perfect tomato (Murcia Today)

Cooperação técnica prevê avaliação de resistência de genótipos de Capsicum a doenças

New flavour model galia melons is now available
Nieuw smaakmodel galiameloen in gebruik genomen

Da Bayer eccellenze varietali e innovazione nella difesa per le lattughe primaverili - Una giornata in campo dedicata agli operatori della lattuga del Nord Italia 

2015 China Vegetable Industry Conference opens in Hebei

Wist Je dat? van RTL4 bij Bejo Zaden Leuk item om alles te weten te komen over asperges!

Semillas Fitó maintains voucher system for tomato seed marketing (Fresh Plaza)

May 18, 2015

New flavour model galia melons is now available
Nieuw Smaakmodel Galia meloen in gebruik genomen

New Mexico State University experts warn of invasive pests coming to New Mexico, affecting production of numerous crops including alfalfa hay, sorghum and a number of vegetables

New race of downy mildew in lettuce receives official designation
Nieuw fysio van valse meeldauw in sla benoemd

New race of Bremia in lettuce, Bl: 32 identified and named in Europe
Nieuwe Bremia fysio Bl:32 geïdentificeerd en benoemd in Europa
Eine neue Rasse von Bremia lactucae, Bl: 32, ist identifiziert und in Europa benannt worden
Se ha identificado y denominado en Europa una nueva raza de Bremia en lechuga: Bl:32 
Une nouvelle race de Bremia, Bl:32 a été identifiée et nommée en Europe
Identificata in Europa nuova razza di Bremia lactucae, Bl:32
Avrupa’da marulda yeni bir Bremia ırkı , Bl: 32 saptanıp, isimlendirildi

Águilas, Murcia, España - Evalúan la calidad de 47 variedades tradicionales de tomate (Horto Info)

May 17, 2015

Semillas Fitó mantiene su sistema “FITOVALE” para la venta de semillas de tomate protegiendo así la calidad de las semillas y evitando fraudes (Agronews Castilla y León)

May 15, 2015

Venezuela - Gobierno impulsa las semillas nacionales para disminuir importaciones (Informe 21)

Takii celebrates its 180th anniversary








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