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May 29, 2015

United Kingdom - New hybrid barleys from Syngenta set to further improve the crop’s high yield (What's new in Farming)

Hybrid wheat is serious, growing focus for Syngenta AgriPro (Prairie Farmer)

Smart phone apps series to help maximize land’s productivity, protect resources

May 28, 2015

Panama - Productores de Darién, son capacitados en cultivos de maíz

AgCelence Academy episodes now available online

New Mexico State University’s onion breeding program hosts annual field day on June 3

10 top performing watermelon varieties (Growing Produce)

Research with new type soil moisture sensor for soil grown crops

Hyvido Tour de Syngenta muestra los campos sembrados de cebada híbrida, que dan más rendimiento y estabilidad al cultivo

Olympicus cluster tomato from Hazera: the best medium-size, cluster tomato variety for the overwinter season

ATTICUS, el espárrago verde para los grandes agricultores - La variedad de esparrago verde ATTICUS muestra su potencial agronómico durante ésta campaña

May 27, 2015

Dupont Canada's Acapela fungicide now registered with an expanded rate for control of sclerotinia in canola

Monsanto moving forward with new canola products and biotech wheat (Oklahoma Farm Report)

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approves new tool to help soybean, cotton growers manage weeds - Warrant Ultra herbicide premix will offer excellent control of annual grasses and small-seeded broadleaf weeds

Dreamer F1, il ciliegino più gustoso che piace a tutti - Il marchio Nunhems® “conquista” la Sicilia con la prima varietà del segmento che offre la combinazione perfetta tra sapore e long-shelf-life.

ARVALIS-CETIOM Infos - Blé tendre et colza : les variétés de blé tendre et colza adaptées à votre région

Orzi ibridi: giornata tecnica Società Italiana Sementi-Syngenta - Ottimi risultati dalle prove in campo del progetto Hyvido 

May 26, 2015

Semios launches frost module for precision farming platfrom

Madagascar - Vakinankaratra : deux nouvelles variétés de semences de riz (News Mada)

Reddly F1 e Nun 03115 F1, mini angurie a marchio Nunhems nel segno delle nuove tendenze di consumo

Kinze’s Multi-Hybrid planter switches between two hybrid seed types - Farmers can now order a model 4990 Multi-Hybrid planter (Grainews)

Updated online tool allows closer look at disease development risk in wheat

Clean Seed Capital successfully completes in-field performance demonstration and signs final agreement with top Canadian farm equipment dealer Rocky Mountain Equipment

Think Protein, Think RAGT Semences - Blé Efficient

May 25, 2015

Phenome Networks announces its next generation plant breeding management and analytics software

May 24, 2015

Interspecific pelargonium a real feat of plant breeding (newPlantsandFlower)

Philippine Rice Research Institute presents nine drought-resistant rice varieties (PhilStar)

May 22, 2015

Brasil - Edital 10/2015 - Processo de oferta de sementes de trigo BRS Parrudo

Brasil - Edital 09/2015 - Processo de oferta de sementes de trigo (BRS REPONTE)

Embrapa lança soja RR resistente a nematoides








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