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January 28, 2015

India - Inauguration of Gubba Germplasm bank

The Facebook of plant science

France - Herbe-book, la base de données qui vous dit tout sur les variétés fourragères

INCOTEC Australia now offering European standard seed priming

January 27, 2015

Neue Website der Schweizerischen Brotinformation SBI
Nouveau site Internet www.painsuisse.ch

January 22, 2015

Just launched: website containing all information about Dutch agriculture 

January 21, 2015

Canola Council of Canada 's Canola Research Hub delivers top science for your bottom line

Australia - National Variety Trial makes crop selection easy for growers

January 20, 2015

DuPont Pioneer Encirca Yield Stand helps growers maximize plant stands and yield potential - New input management service puts productivity and risk management into planting plans

January 19, 2015

Agribotix launches first on-demand data processing platform for agricultural drones - Leader in drone-enabled software provides advanced analysis and reporting to improve crop yield and increase grower profitability 

Data science: the next revolution in sustainable agriculture

Le site choixdugazon.org, comparateur en ligne des variétés de gazon 

January 14, 2015

Plant disease photographs and key information made available online

January 13, 2015

Worldwide interest in online lectures – MOOCs – given by Wageningen University

USA - National Agricultural Library unveils new search engine for published USDA research

HM.CLAUSE lance son nouveau site internet - Sous un même portail « www.hmclause.com », et pour la première fois, retrouvez les variétés potagères des deux marques commerciales Harris Moran et Clause et plus encore

Launch of global ‘big data’ partnership to harness genetic resources for food security

January 12, 2015

FMC Agricultural Solution issues Capture LFR Insecticide Corn Plant Stand Assurance Program

Treated seed for DUS samples
Behandeld zaad voor DUS-onderzoek

Installés dans l'Aube depuis des générations, les Ateliers Dorez ont été récemment primés pour avoir mis au point une station mobile de triage-calibrage et traitement de semences (RTL)

'DivSeek' aims to mine the genetic treasure in seed bank vaults (Science)

Phenome Networks announces Project Unity: correcting the wrong of lost phenotype-to-genotype breeding research data, bringing the next agricultural revolution - A collaborative network designed to host, manage, analyze and share phenotypic and genotypic studies of plants and animals, Project Unity, in beta, is provided free of charge to the academic community

January 9, 2015

Une originalité française : quand les fonds privés financent des programmes mutualisés de recherche 

January 8, 2015

John Deere announces new private crop insurance policy - New policy includes optional endorsement from BASF

January 7, 2015

Researchers woo wild bees to pollinate crops

Monsanto showcases ag innovations to support the demands of a growing population - Monsanto’s annual pipeline update highlights innovations for sustainable agriculture and food security

January 6, 2015

Updated weed management software offers 10-year impact of farming decisions

January 5, 2015

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University to establish 10 seed vending machines in Coimbatore (The Hindu)

Weather forecasts could become seeding forecasts - Texas A&M AgriLife studies sorghum planting rates based on anticipated moisture

December 30, 2014

ICRISAT launches “GreenPHABLET” – Delivering personalized information to farmers, saving crops, raising incomes









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