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Texas A&M University / Texas Agricultural Experiment Station / Texas AgriLife Research
August 09

Unique winter-hardy hibiscus has roots with Texas AgriLife Research scientist in Vernon, Texas

Texas researcher making great strides in controlling the rice water weevil

July 09

This year was a disappointment for most wheat farmers in the Texas Panhandle

Gene developed through conventional breeding to improve cowpea aphid resistance

New unidentified insect pest damaging South Texas cotton

June 09

Melon research sweetened with DNA sequence

Texas AgriLife Research 2009 horticultural field day in Overton, Texas to include flowers and vegetables

South Texas drought is devastating cotton, corn and grain sorghum crops

Wheat survey shows that Texas AgriLife Research variety TAM 111 is top pick throughout Texas

May 09

Dr. Russ Jessup joins Texas AgriLife Research as a perennial grass scientist, with focus on breeding methods for improved perennial grasses

April 09

Texas Wheat Board funds record-setting research budget

Texas has more farms, fewer acres, new study shows

Texas wheat program suffers two-year setback from freeze - Major damage to future seed availability

Mysterious absence of an insect pest is boon for onion harvest in South Texas

Monsanto donates cotton molecular markers and state-of-the-art marker technology to Texas AgriLife Research cotton genome database
- Largest private donation of cotton technology set to advance public research

March 09

Wheat curl mite might require non-chemical control

Dr. Norman Borlaug turns 95, lends its name to $10 million Monsanto scholars grant

Dr. Seth Murray joins Texas AgriLife Research to lead the corn-breeding program in College Station

Rio Grande Valley cotton crop could be smallest on record, as drought and economics take their toll

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Dr. Norman Borlaug calls for second ‘Green Revolution’, asks new generation to join fight against world hunger

Russian wheat aphid infestations on the rise in Texas

February 09

Portable kit may one day detect plant disease before disastrous outbreak

Seed quality is top issue in stored grains

Interest in Texas wheat increases as quality goes up

January 09

Kansas State University, Texas A&M researchers boost lettuce calcium content

Texas AgriLife rice researchers simmering new ideas after pondering past

December 08

‘Sideways prices’ predicted for cotton in 2009

New simulation model projects potential bioenergy sorghum production

October 08

Texas AgriLife Extension names vegetable specialist to assist commercial operations

Monsanto establishes graduate assistantship in plant breeding at Texas A&M University

New plants could prompt more prodigious pepper production in the Southwestern United States

Texas spinach industry still packing a punch in spite of reduced acreage

September 08

Cotton seeds scattered by hurricane Dolly in the Rio Grande Valley threaten 2009 cotton crop: volunteer cotton plants could provide winter food, shelter for boll weevil

August 08

Texas AgriLife Research breeder develops drought-tolerant corn

Clovers are not a 'silver bullet' for high nitrogen costs, but they can reduce dependence on expensive inputs

Triticum mosaic virus threatens wheat crop in the Texas High Plains

Sorghum’s potential in alternative fuel production discussed at International Conference on Sorghum for Biofuels

July 08

A good year to a good year to test wheat varieties for drought tolerance and disease resistance in Texas

Texas AgriLife Research helps potato chip industry with zebra chip disease

June 08

Texas AgriLife Research professor and cotton breeder Dr. John R. Gannaway retires

Watermelon may be the new passion fruit

Disease resistant Vinca among 500 bedding plant varieties featured at the annual Horticultural Field Day in Overton, Texas

May 08

Exceptional sweet onion harvest in South Texas soured by low market prices

April 08

Cellular mechanism that controls salt tolerance has been found in the arabidopsis plant

Flax, an oilseed crop, may sprout new life as biodiesel source

March 08

Dr. Jane Kveton Dever named Associate Professor - Cotton Breeding at Texas AgriLife Research

February 08

Cotton outlook favorable for Texas producers

Plant reflections may be key to early detection of treatment needs

Growing markets bring potential for oilseed crops in Texas

January 08

Bumper crops could lead to bagged on-farm storage

Ceres Bioenergy scholarships established at Texas A&M

Specially developed carrot to help people absorb more calcium

Texas A&M University's Robert Lemon honored as 2007 Extension Cotton Specialist of the Year

Cotton resource DVD is an encyclopedia of production information

December 07

Texas A&M University’s Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering signs agreement with Chinese cotton ginning machinery manufacturer

Bioenergy and agriculture research innovations highlighted at Texas Agricultural Experiment Station plant protection conference

November 07

Summer-dormant tall fescue grass shows promise for pasture improvement

October 07

Boll weevil down but not out in Texas cotton fields

A wheat for all seasons and for all reasons

International symposium on human health effects of fruits and vegetables unites medical and agricultural researchers

Ceres and Texas A&M University to develop and market high-biomass sorghum for biofuels

September 07

When it comes to crimson clover seed, don't plant 'seeds of doubt', advises Texas Agricultural Experiment Station forage expert

Seed of Axcella 2, Texas A&M's new dwarf turfgrass, expected to be plentiful this year

Texas Department of Agriculture funds array of cotton research

To maximize biofuel potential, researchers look for sorghum's 'sweet spot'

Texas A&M Agriculture receives Sun Grant funding for bioenergy research

Inquiring research minds want to know more about cotton fleahoppers

August 07

Texas Agricultural Experiment Station breeders are fortifying wheat with consumers in mind

New forage legume could ease nitrogen cost-shock

Seed quality is key to a good wheat crop

July 07

Sorghum producers optimistic about biofuel potential

Can artichokes bring new heart to Texas agriculture?

Texas A&M Agriculture's Dr. Norman Borlaug to receive U.S. Congressional Gold Medal

May 07

Alternative crops such as triticale and canola garner a second look in the Texas High Plains

Heat tolerant cherry red petunias designated newest Texas Superstars

Texas A&M team to add a 'grain of common sense' to biofuel options

Texas A&M University scientists seek useful traits in wild cottons

April 07

Texas-sized sorghum: new solution for fuel?

First year of two-year turf grass drought study complete; more research needed

Texas wheats excel in baking quality

March 07

2007 Texas corn acreage to increase, declines in cotton forecasted

Be a smart shopper when selecting cotton varieties

February 07

Zebra chip affecting tubers used to make potato chips

Non-Bt cotton varieties offer promise for banned area in 10 northern Texas Panhandle counties

January 07

Whitefly research helps cotton producers

Grain industry plays key role in aflatoxin containment

Texas A&M chair, fellowship named in honor of Norman Borlaug

December 06

Industry mourns the loss of rice pioneer Dr. Henry (Hank) Beachell

Nearly $1 million from permanent university funds to support Texas agriculture research

U.S. rice industry tackles export problem

Texas grain production outlook is best in 20 years

Energy markets to weigh heavily on future of ag commodity prices

November 06

Perennial wheat research looks at options for producers

Got cotton? Texas researchers' discovery could yield protein to feed millions

October 06

Perennial forages look promising on the Texas South Plains

Texas Agricultural Experiment Station releases new 'dwarf' winter turf annual ryegrass

September 06

Use of forage sorghum silage growing in Texas dairies

August 06

Drought and disease resistance research are discussed at small grains meeting in Texas

Texas mungbean have sprout potential

Dr. Charles Simpson, Texas Agricultural Experiment Station peanut breeder, receives national recognition

Texas drought losses estimated at US$4.1 billion

Forage producers should focus on nutritive value and quality

July 06

Texas A&M system agencies join forces to hasten bioenergy revolution

A blend may be best bet when selecting wheat seed

Republic of Azerbaijan looks to Texas researcher for sugar beet expertise

June 06

Don't bash bahiagrass

Consider seed source for next years wheat crop, says Texas Cooperative Extension specialist

More than drought affecting wheat yields in Texas

Texas dairies look at wheat silage as a protein source

May 06

Texas A&M University vegetable breeder Leonard Pike may have retired but he doesn't plan to veg out

Global competitiveness requires a new map for crops

Certified wheat seed may be in short supply in Texas

April 06

Keep it simple, smart when selecting cotton varieties

Maturing U.S. floriculture industry seeks innovation to avoid going 'out to pasture'

Demand for oilseed crops growing with biodiesel interest

Can canola find a winter home in central and south Texas?

Respiration rate of sorghum may indicate cold tolerance

March 06

Two new Texas Superstars named for 2006

Journal of the Rio Grande Valley Horticultural Society now online

Students plant seed of encouragement for Texas A&M University horticulture professor

Cotton and grain farmers in the Lower Rio Grande Valley ask U.S. Congress for no-plant drought relief

Fewer restrictions will lead to new advancements in transgenic crops, says Dr. Roger Beachy

Technological advances in agriculture will reduce conflict, terror

Going, going, almost gone: Texas wheat crop suffering under drought conditions

February 06

Wheat streak mosaic damages wheat roots, thwarts water uptake

Don’t sing the blues for Texas bluebonnets just yet

Asian soybean rust confirmed in Weslaco, Texas

Texas A&M to participate in applied wheat genome research

December 05

Cabbage plays an important role in Texas agriculture

Texas-Israel forage research could boost grazing options

Branding tortillas may put dollars in Texas wheat producers’ pockets

Researchers seek tools to refine dual-purpose wheat selection

Anyway you slice it, tomatoes cut through drought with new gene

Researchers seek answers to alfalfa questions: is there a better cultivar in your future?

Texas crop and weather report: focus on spinach

Texas Cooperative Extension specialist anticipates large supply of Roundup Ready Flex technology cotton seed

November 05

Texas crop and weather report:
- Focus on cotton

First Texas finding of Asian soybean rust confirmed

Texas Cooperative Extension turf research to identify drought tolerant grasses

Canola oil may soon burn in engines rather than in the frying pan

October 05

Treated seeds show promise against pests

Cowpeas could add sustainability to cropping systems

Cotton pests under assault in South Texas

Life and agriculture are synonymous in career choice, Texas A&M University leaders say

September 05

Meeting consumer demands will drive research of tomorrow

Herbicide use is an alternative in cotton stalk destruction

Cotton farmers in Texas brace for hurricane Rita

Texas Agricultural Experiment Station researchers hope that cotton screening will stop bacterial blight in its tracks

Alfalfa quality affects marketing

Texas crop and weather report
Status after Hurricane Rita
- Focus on sorghum
- Focus on sunflower

- Focus on cotton

Texas A&M researchers help cotton take cover from whipping winds

Whiteflies on the rise in central Texas

August 05

Texas A&M research targets vegetable production

Texas Cooperative Extension study virus in onion

Forage legumes can offset high fertilizer prices

Texas crop and weather report
- Focus on peanuts
- Focus on pumpkins

Second year tests prove viability of seed mix for wildlife feed plots in East Texas

Dr. Leonard Pike receives Texas Vegetable Association's President's Award

Asian soybean rust fears premature in Texas

Research seeks answers to the lygus question

July 05

Central American Trade Agreement impact small, but it has potential

Stripe rust may affect future wheat variety selections in the Texas Panhandle

Texas crop and weather report
July 19th report
- Focus on hay
- Focus on cotton

Texas Agricultural Experiment Station scientists believe that grafting may help battle melon vine decline

June 05

Texas growers urged to watch for new whitefly

Texas crop and weather report - Focus on watermelon

Texas A&M University partners with the Plant Management Network

2005 crop season on Texas High Plains off to a rocky start

Texas Agricultural Experiment Station entomologists determine temperature-driven rootworm forecast

May 05

Texas A&M University researchers work toward hardy, stress resistant corns

Texas crop and weather report - Focus on onion

Sugar beet virus mutation requires Texas touch

Texas Agricultural Experiment Station researchers to explore genome of disease-fighting fungus Trichoderma virens

Texas cabbage crop

Wild grasses and man-made wheats advance research capabilities

Texas wheat crop may suffer under spring snow

Research takes big picture of wheat streak mosaic

April 05

Texas crop report: rice

Better understanding the most destructive disease of rice

Wheather conditions in Texas warrant rust worries in wheat

Texas crop report: corn

Texas Cooperative Extension crop production guides are available on the web

Southwestern Wheat Research and Education Consortium operates across geographical and political boundaries

Texas crop report: spinach

March 05

Carrots of color: pallette of phytochemicals provided through Texas research

New Zealand tall tescue might replace traditional winter forages in Texas

Marketing strategies are critical for cotton

Texas corn and wheat crop report

Do your homework to select the best cotton varieties

Economists: WTO ruling will lead to changes in U.S. cotton program

New bean yellow mosaic virus tolerant arrowleaf clover could spell good luck for livestock producers

February 05

Texas cotton producers who catch their own seed for planting should check cotton seed quality carefully this year

Asian interest provides opportunities for U.S. hard white wheats

'Pyramiding' genes leads Dr. Lloyd Nelson to better wheats and Texas A&M University' Regents Fellow Service Award

Protected seed varieties require proper labeling

Karnal bunt could rear its ugly spores again, says Texas Agricultural Experiment Station plant pathologist

January 05

Texas cotton crop report

Texas cabbage crop report

December 04

Texas A&M University entomologist wins rice industry award

One-third of East Texas acres suitable for alfalfa production

Texas spinach crop report

Dr. Bhimu Patil to succeed Dr. Leonard Pike at director of Texas A&M University's Vegetable and Fruit Improvement Center

November 04

Texas A&M researchers take dryland cotton moisture to the 'bank'

New computer-based tool available for grain storage management

September 04

‘Gene chips’ research in cotton could lead to superior variety

Researchers investigate cotton irrigation strategies

Texas cotton crop report

Texas sunflower growers looking for high yields in 2004 crop

Understanding basis is fundamental to wheat marketing success

Ideal forage combo for white-tailed deer found

August 04

U.S. wheat, cattle prices to remain strong in 2004

Remote sensing technology spots aphid-stressed wheat

Texas cotton growers are expecting a good crop

Texas plant breeder develops mild habanero pepper

2004 pumpkin crop expected early in Texas

Texas A&M graduate student is formidable foe for rice water weevil

Texas A&M University research targets sustainable forage systems

Dr. Carl Anderson retires - Texas Cooperative Extension cotton marketing economist predicts strong markets

Texas melon crop report

July 04

Forecast for Texas peanut crop surpassing expectations

Texas A&M University and Louisiana State University researchers team up to combat Mexican rice borer

Texas A&M University offers distance master's degree in plant protection

Helping rice farmers predict crop development

Rio Grande Valley drought may be ending

Texas Agricultural Experiment Station researcher looking for missing links in corn

Texas: south plains cotton thriving in face of harsh weather

June 04

Tropical soda apple weed, a threat to pastures, found in Texas

'Trap crop' saves Texas melon production from yellow vine disease

Entomologist details Texas Panhandle crop pest management options

Increasing the relative content of two essential amino acids, lysine and tryptophan, in maize

Behavioral studies help control diamondback moths populations

May 04

Mite transmits viruses damaging to wheat

New low-coumarin sweet clover only a few years away

More seedless watermelons are being produced in Texas

Custom phytochemical, pungency analysis available for fruit, vegetables

Texas A&M University's Vegetable and Fruit Improvement Center's to focus on improving nutritional value of fruits and vegetables through partnerships between plant breeders and medical researchers

April 04

Plant disease under the U.S. Homeland Security microscope

U.S. farmers are paying more for inputs

Tropical legume could be alternative hay/forage crop for Texas

Do your homework to select the best cotton varieties in 2004

Alfalfa returns top all other production ag ventures in East Texas

Roundup ready alfalfa promises weed-free hay

March 04

Small grains research results in big payoffs for producers, environment

Texas sweet onions available soon

Texas Panhandle producers are watching late emerging wheat

Texas Cooperative Extension appoints new turfgrass and water management program specialist

Texas weather connection website offers long-term weather perspectives

Tomato 444 named latest Texas Superstar

Plant tissue sampling is a valuable tool sometimes, but not always

February 04

Spring-planted oats may be good alternative to wheat in Texas Panhandle and South Plains

Forage types and management are key to grazing forages for profit

Carbon commodity: power plants, other industry could offer contracts to farmers in helping reduce carbon emissions

Grain sorghum breeder wins international acclaim

Early season cotton insect control pays dividends

Protected wheat variety woes - what you don't know can hurt you

Boll weevil eradication effort will soon switch gears on the Texas Plains

January 04

Black-eyed pea pests bear watching

Vegetables that prevent may ultimately cure some cancers

December 03

Cooler temperatures are helping put the finishing touches on the Texas spinach crop

November 03

Newly releaseed panterra turfgrass is 'dwarfiest' of the dwarfs

Diversity is what people and grain sorghum have in common

Newly released Panterra turfgrass is the 'dwarfiest' of the dwarfs

October 03

Texas A&M agricultural leader, Dr. Edward A. Hiler, to retire

Dr. Robert E. Whitson named deputy director of the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station

Texas A&M to lead consortium in rebuilding ag economy in Iraq

Dr. Creighton Miller recognized by the Potato Association of America

September 03

Apache clover fills late winter, early spring production gap

August 03

Food crops symposium set for Texas growers and related industry

Grain sorghum requires season-long management

Silage, grazing hybrids to be showcased at Texas field day

July 03

Plant adaptability to stress discovered

June 03

Rio Grande Valley onion, melon harvests disappointing

Keep it or replant? Online information helps Texas cotton farmers evaluate their options

Mother nature pounds West Texas cotton

Lower Rio Grande Valley's cotton crop still looks promising, but rain is sorely needed

May 03

Endowed chair in floriculture and greenhouse crops at Texas A&M University is rooted in industry inspiration

Greenhouse dedication honors principals of the wheat industry

Online nitrogen calculator helps producers nourish cotton

April 03

Texas Cooperative Extension launches Intensive grazing website

Integrated Pest Management in greenhouse means cost savings, less environmental impact

Texas Agricultural Experiment Station grants AgriPro Wheat marketing rights for TAM 111 wheat in the U.S.

Do your homework to select best cotton varieties

Plant disease experts to attend Pan American Plant Disease Conference

March 03

Should Texas growers you put a floor on their cotton cash price?  -  - -

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