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Meristem Crop Performance adds three new wheat seed treatments - New offerings expand RaceReady line

Columbus, Ohio, USA
August 12, 2020

Meristem Crop Performance today announced the addition of three new seed treatments for wheat now available under their RACEREADY™ brand.

"Top wheat growers know they need to reduce costs if they are to successfully compete in today's global grain trade," says Mitch Eviston, Meristem founder and managing director, in announcing the new products. “Providing top quality products at low-cost is how we will help them be successful.”

RACEREADY™ Wheat offers wheat unsurpassed protection against harmful early-season disease and insects with a best-in-class fungicide and insecticide package while driving exceptional crop performance and profitability.

RACEREADY™ GP Wheat adds a grain protectant to deliver maximum protection from storage through harvest. RACEREADY™ South Wheat provides the benefits of the products above while adding in an increased load of imidacloprid for additional protection.

Each RACEREADY™ product is a premix designed for use in commercial liquid seed treatment systems. "We've set up Meristem to be the lean provider of high-quality crop input additives to help these global players cut costs and increase yields," explains Eviston, “these products allow us to serve more growers.”

Launched earlier this year, after successful 2019 pilot season, Meristem's initial product portfolio includes crop input additives widely used by corn, soybean, wheat, sugar beet, cotton, and potato growers. The list includes seed treatments under the brand RACEREADY™, REVLINE™ plant growth regulators, TRUTRACK™ drift control, AQUADRAFT™ water conditioners and surfactants and HOMESTRETCH™ foliar nutrition, micronutrients and nitrogen stabilizers. BLUE DEF™ diesel exhaust fluid rounds out the current offering.


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Website: http://https://meristemag.com/

Published: August 14, 2020

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