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September 23, 2022

Root direction points to drought resilience

Scientists unlock the code to breed better peas

Improved pea reference genome and pan-genome highlight genomic features and evolutionary characteristics (Nature)

Artificial intelligence is digging up how plants tolerate drought and heat (Axios)

September 22, 2022

Trabalho vai definir protocolo para favorecer convivência entre abelhas e soja

The future of wheat - CIMMYT’s experimental station in Obregón is a mecca for wheat research and breeding, where scientists have access to state-of-the-art field facilities and an ideal location

September 21, 2022

Plants under flooding stress: International scientific conference for the first time in Germany
Pflanzen im Überflutungsstress: Internationale wissenschaftliche Konferenz erstmals in Deutschland

CEITEC researchers discover a previously unknown mechanism that is responsible for reprogramming gene expression during the transition when one cell differentiates into another one

Tracking improved crop varieties - CIMMYT and the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research launch working group in Ethiopia to implement the Institutionalizing Monitoring of Crop Variety Adoption using Genotyping (IMAGE) project

September 20, 2022

Plant breeding: Using “invisible” chromosomes to pass on packages of positive traits - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology researchers use CRISPR/Cas to suppress chromosomes and prevent genetic exchange

U.S. Department of Energy $1.85M grant funds sorghum photosynthesis study at the University of Illinois

Highly glyphosate resistant plants can’t compete

New gene may hijack wheat’s ability to fight disease - USDA/ARS researchers identify pathogenic agent that tricks plant’s defenses

September 19, 2022

Heated plot experiments reveal link between warmer early winters and lower crop yields

New center for microbial research in Marburg, Germany
Neues Zentrum für Mikrobenforschung in Marburg

September 16, 2022

Hands-on rice research at IRRI inspires University of Illinois undergraduate students towards work in food security

Texas A&M AgriLife to lead historic investment in Texas’ efforts to become ‘climate-smart’ - Texas A&M AgriLife Research receives largest competitive grant in its history

University of Nebraska–Lincoln research hones in on sorghum's genetic makeup to improve nitrogen efficiency

U.S. beet sugar industry leaders announce $50M USDA Climate-Smart Commodities award

Tapping into roots to develop sustainable wheat

Setting a standard: improving field trial data - New manual helps standardize field trial data collection across Afghanistan

Saint Louis University, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center receive National Science Foundation grant to use edge computing to share farm intelligence

September 15, 2022

ARC Linkage to drive hemp food crop quality controls for Aussie growers

Feijão guandu consorciado em pastagem reduz emissão de metano em até 70%

Crops grown together cooperate better in just two generations

September 14, 2022

Making wheat rust-resistant - Researchers respond to the global food crisis by enabling resistance of wheat to rust diseases

Scientists find out elusive plant pathogen in Mexico

September 13, 2022

III International Symposium on Carrot and other Apiaceae : Abstract submission is now ope

Saving the world’s wheat

Hidden in plain sight: USDA/ARS scientists transform an overlooked weed into a stunning success



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