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February 28, 2020

Stem rust discovery solves decades old genomic puzzle

The enemy within: how a killer hijacked one of nature’s oldest relationships

New research reveals next-gen consumers and farmers share concerns and hopes for the food system - Corteva Agriscience finds GenZ/Millennial consumers and farmers want to become a strong collective voice and major driver in reshaping the next generation of agriculture

Particle analyser accurately counts weed seeds - According to American researchers a computerised particle analyser can be used to count weed seeds (Future Farming)

February 27, 2020

University of Illinois study shows universally positive effect of cover crops on soil microbiome

Big data helps farmers adapt to climate variability

Heinrich Heine University and Indian Council of Agricultural Research join forces to fight rice diseases in India
Gemeinsam im Kampf gegen Reiskrankheiten in Indien

Anthropogenic seed dispersal: rethinking the origins of plant domestication
Saatgutverteilung durch den Menschen: Neue Überlegungen zum Ursprung der Pflanzendomestikation

Computed tomography scanning wheat grains for stress tolerance - Scientists have developed a computed tomography (CT) scanning method for screening large samples of wheat for drought and heat tolerance.

February 26, 2020

Quantitative Plant Biology; what big data can tell us about plants

Exploring legume nodulation in the deepest reaches of the Amazon

Exciting new technology for CT scanning of wheat grains for stress tolerance to arrive at the Australian Plant Phenomics Facility in late 2020

Pilot project invitation to Australian plant scientists – FieldExplorer field phenotyping platform

Contributions of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) to America’s agriculture research and innovation

Biologists at University of Toronto open new front in crop infection battle

February 25, 2020

James Hutton Institute scientist awarded grant to explore genetic pathway to better barley

New seed treatment for sudden death syndrome protection (Agri News)

Working across borders to fight ‘mite’-y big problems

Preparing plants for our future climate

February 24, 2020

National Alfalfa & Forage Alliance stresses research funding, crop insurance during DC Fly-In

Alternatives to Chemical Pesticides: 24 European Research Institutes Undertake an Ambitious Roadmap
Alternatives aux pesticides chimiques : 24 organismes de recherche européens s’engagent sur une feuille de route ambitieuse
Startschuss für gemeinsame europäische Forschungsinitiative „Für eine Landwirtschaft ohne chemischen Pflanzenschutz“

United Kingdom - Community Resource for Wheat and Rice Transformation - Round 2 applications welcome

February 21, 2020

European Food Safety Authority expert Les Firbank, specialised in sustainable agriculture, talks about gene drive

This Colombian scientist is helping protect tomatoes from a microbe menace (Forbes)

February 20, 2020

Professor Wenbo Ma to join The Sainsbury Laboratory

Australia - A$4.2 million partnership program between the Marshall Liberal Government and Barenbrug Australia developing better lucerne for livestock

Beneficial bugs can co-exist with Bt crops, new studies show

Australian Center for International Agricultural Research outlines new expectation for research partners (Devex)

Univerisity of Delaware researchers uncover the genetics of how corn can adapt faster to new climates

Partnership between Cornell University, the University of Hamburg, and French biotech company Meiogenix.seeks to unleash DNA’s potential





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