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March 19, 2020

Super lettuce may deliver the medicine you need one day (Marin Independent Journal)

March 11, 2020

"The Future of Lettuce" symposium to be held solely online due to Covid-19 situation - Registration is still open

March 6, 2020

Space lettuce - Nutritious and safe crops would be a dietary supplement to assist long-distance space missions

March 5, 2020

Safety aspects of indoor farming signal a change in agriculture (Food Safety News)

March 2, 2020

España - Rijk Zwaan consigue lechugas con más sabor y vida útil poscosecha (Portagrano)

February 27, 2020

Italia - Demo Cultivos de Invierno 2020 - Rijk Zwaan reunió a toda la cadena de valor de la industria agroalimentaria para mostrar las tendencias de futuro y las claves de la innovación

February 24, 2020

USDA Plant Variety Protection Office issues 94 certificates of protection on January 29, 2020

February 20, 2020

España - Ramiro Arnedo trae textura, color, sabor y adaptabilidad en sus nuevas lechugas (Portagrano)

February 17, 2020

España - Nunhems continúa innovando en lechuga para acercarse al consumidor (La Voz de Almería)

February 14, 2020

España - La innovación en cultivos de hoja, pieza clave para la sostenibilidad productiva y ambiental de este sector

Italia - Nunhems innova en lechuga y espinaca para acercarse al consumidor (Portagrano)

February 4, 2020

USA - Lettuce help: USDA data on shipments of romaine lettuce can inform foodborne illness outbreak investigations and public health advisories

Salanova Teenleaf: Rijk Zwaan’s efficient fresh cut salad solution for soil and hydroponic cultivation

Italia - Enza Zaden e l'Open day baby leaf 2020 (Agronotizie)

January 29, 2020

Agristar do Brasil cria programa de melhoramento de alfaces e contrata pesquisadora

January 28, 2020

The Future of Lettuce: A symposium organized by the Genes to Growers Project - Convening experts in lettuce breeding, production, post-harvest handling, safety, marketing, and consumer preferences to envision the future of lettuce.

January 20, 2020

BASF Vegetable Seeds tra i protagonisti di Orticoltura Tecnica in Campo

January 17, 2020

Empresas agroecológicas utilizam cultivares da Embrapa Hortaliças para produção de sementes orgânicas

January 6, 2020

Every popular salad mix possible with Rijk Zwaan's Knox introductions

December 20, 2019

Chegam ao mercado sementes da alface Litorânea, desenvolvida pela Epagri para cultivo orgânico

December 17, 2019

Feltrin Sementes e Semeplus realizam dia de Folhosas

December 16, 2019

USDA Plant Variety Protection Office issues 97 certificates of protection on November 20, 2019

2019 Sample cost to produce and harvest Romaine hearts in the central coastal region of California (University of California)

November 6, 2019

The perfect lettuce is now available for any salad, burger or lettuce blend

Why have so many new diseases developed in the bagged salads sector?

November 4, 2019

« Experience the Leafy Choice » -  A new signature for Vilmorin-Mikado salads

October 30, 2019

Italia - « Experience the Leafy Choice », un nuovo logo per le specie a foglia Vilmorin-Mikado

October 25, 2019

Ramiro Arnedo, un referente en la producción de variedades 'a la carta' (Diario de Almería)

October 22, 2019

Research started into the combination of geothermal heat, lettuce cultivation and fish farming

October 21, 2019

Eazyleaf: voor horeca en supermarkt





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