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April 16, 2021

Lantmännen and Dataväxt launches a new tool to create value from farm climate data

Agricultural trade across US states can mitigate economic impacts of climate change

April 14, 2021

AgTech turns to public benefit corporations to pursue environmental, social, and corporate governance goals (JD Supra)

USA - Initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture marks one year anniversary, welcomes first partner

April 13, 2021

Diversification the key in agrifood systems' fight against global 'triple threat' of climate change, biodiversity loss, and food insecurity

Crops could face double trouble from insects and a warming climate

April 12, 2021

Deutschland - Förderaufruf: Züchtung von klimaangepassten Sorten und Kulturpflanzen

April 8, 2021

Corteva Agriscience creates new carbon and ecosystems services portfolio focused on making agriculture more climate positive - New initiative enables farmers’ access to carbon credits and reflects progress in delivering on 2030 sustainability goals

April 7, 2021

Petkuser Roggenforschung unter High-Tech-Dach - Der Klimawandel stellt die Ernährung der Bevölkerung vor große Herausforderungen - Bei der Lösung zu helfen, hat man sich bei der Petkuser KWS Lochow-GmbH zur Aufgabe gemacht (Märkische Allgemeine)

April 6, 2021

Breeding barley for a changing climate

April 2, 2021

Deutschland - Deutsches Maiskomitee lädt am 18. Mai 2021 zur Online-Tagung „Klima- und Ressourcenschutz – Welchen Beitrag leistet der Mais?“ ein

April 1, 2021

University of Maryland helps quantify how climate change has slowed global agricultural productivity growth - Collaborative research shows more severe slowdowns in warmer regions like Africa and Latin America

Climate change cut global farming productivity 21% since 1960s

March 30, 2021

Dürre und Klimawandel - Klimaresiliente Züchtungen werden wichtiger (Top Agrar)

March 26, 2021

BASF presents roadmap to climate neutrality

Size of grass blades offers better understanding of their vulnerability to climate change

March 25, 2021

‘Keep off the grass’: the biofuel that could help us achieve net zero

March 23, 2021

Short-lived plant species are more climate-sensitive
Kurzlebige Pflanzenarten reagieren empfindlicher auf Klimawandel

March 22, 2021

Investors urge Europe to prioritise climate in agriculture reform (Reuters)

March 19, 2021

Klimaschutz durch den Verzicht aufs Pflügen - Aktuelle Ergebnisse zum Direktsaatverfahren von Mais publiziert

Canada - Accelerating the adoption of climate-smart best practices in agriculture

March 16, 2021

Not just CO2: Rising temperatures also alter photosynthesis in a changing climate

European summer droughts since 2015 exceed anything in the past two millennia
Europa erlebt seit 2015 die schlimmste Sommer-Trockenperiode der letzten zwei Jahrtausende

March 12, 2021

Farm-level study shows rising temperatures hurt rice yields

March 11, 2021

European Union strategy on adaptation to climate change

How India’s rice production can adapt to climate change challenges

March 10, 2021

Adaptation, not irrigation recommended for Midwest corn farmers

March 9, 2021

Food systems account for more than one third of global greenhouse gas emissions

March 8, 2021

Atmospheric drying will lead to lower crop yields, shorter trees across the globe

March 5, 2021

Symposium “Seed production in times of climate change”



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