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February 14, 2020

Climate warming disrupts tree seed production

February 12, 2020

Climate change negatively impacting how trees produce new seeds, research finds

February 11, 2020

Marrone Bio Innovations announces new study comparing greenhouse gas impact of its products compared with conventional chemical products - MBI biopesticides likely reduce greenhouse gas emissions 69% to 91% as compared with conventional chemical pesticide products

Mobilizing farmers, ranchers and scientists as window of opportunity narrows on climate change - FFAR and U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance announce Agriculture-Climate Partnership

January 29, 2020

Mais und sein Beitrag zum Klimaschutz

La modélisation des cultures pour anticiper l’impact du changement climatique sur la sécurité alimentaire mondiale

Bigger, better crops combat climate change (The Western Producer)

January 24, 2020

Syngenta CEO Fyrwald says farmers need help with climate, targets 2021 for IPO (Bloomberg)

A wild bean's genes may help a key crop thrive on a hotter Earth (Reliefweb)

Bigger, better crops combat climate change (Western Producer)

January 22, 2020

Klimafitte Maissorten von Saatbau Linz für den BIO-Landbau

January 21, 2020

Modified plants to curb climate change
Modifizierte Pflanzen gegen den Klimawandel

Introducing the Future Crops Collection, encompassing a broad range of research aimed at the development and delivery of resilient, climate-smart crops and cropping systems for the 21st century (PLOS)

January 14, 2020

Plant genomes reveal the basis for adaptation to contrasting climates

January 13, 2020

Atlantic circulation collapse could cut British crop farming

January 8, 2020

How Can Agriculture Be a Part of the Climate Solution?

Scientists develop biomolecules to help farmers grow climate (Pune Mirror)

January 6, 2020

Indigo closes $200M financing to support continued growth of its platforms, including Indigo Grain Marketplace and Indigo Carbon

January 2, 2020

California: Climate considerations for processing tomatoes (Tomato News)

December 26, 2019

Australia - Breeding for dry times (North Queensland Register)

Agricultores del centro sur conocieron en Chillán avances para enfrentar cambio climático en los cultivos

December 23, 2019

Making seeds to withstand climate change Is getting harder (SupplyChainBrain)

December 17, 2019

European Union, Green Deal: Von der Leyen is backtracking on pesticides and genetic engineering (Euraktiv)

December 12, 2019

La agricultura ofrece una gran oportunidad contra el cambio climático

December 11, 2019

Global Food Security Index 2019 highlights the growing threat of climate change - Exposure to environmental factors such as land degradation and volatile climate patterns diminishing food security on a global scale

December 10, 2019

Bayer to significantly step-up its sustainability efforts
Bayer verstärkt seine Anstrengungen für Nachhaltigkeit deutlich

December 9, 2019

Newly identified jet-stream pattern could imperil global food supplies, says study - Warming climate expected to worsen simultaneous heat waves over widespread regions

Nigeria - Scientists research stress-tolerant legumes (Daily Trust)

December 5, 2019

First ‘lab in a field’ experiment reveals a sunnier side of climate change

Semilla Innova se centra en buscar soluciones contra el cambio climático (ABC de Sevilla)





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