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March 4, 2024

Pop Vriend Seeds demuestra en Murcia su liderazgo en 'baby leaf' (Agrodiario)

March 1, 2024

Pop Vriend Seeds muestras sus novedades de espinaca en Murcia (Aen verde)

February 2, 2024

Texas A&M AgriLife Research begins next phase toward breeding disease-resistant spinach - Multi-state project aims to develop cultivars resistant to five common spinach diseases

January 23, 2024

Dedicated to downy mildew resistance in leafy vegetables

January 17, 2024

Protect spinach all season long

November 16, 2023

University of Arkansas leads $3.57 million national effort to improve disease resistance in spinach

October 3, 2023

Soluzioni innovative per la filiera dello spinacio

September 19, 2023

France - A la découverte des légumiers de demain : une réalité déjà en marche

August 4, 2023

Spinacio: grande interesse per il meeting dedicato alle varietà ad alta resistenza Nunhems presentate nell'areale di Foggia

June 27, 2023

EUCARPIA Leafy Vegetables Conference, Utrecht University, August 28 to 31, 2023

June 23, 2023

Organic Seed Alliance's  spinach trial underway to inform seed production

June 8, 2023

Spinach leaf spot resistance saves yield potential

May 25, 2023

International Spinach Conference and Field Day in Victoria, Australia

May 3, 2023

Italia - Crater F1: lo spinacio baby di Nunhems facile da coltivare

April 6, 2023

USDA/APHIS seeks comments on draft pest risk assessments for the importation of spinach (Spinacia oleracea) and of melon (Cucumis melo) seeds for planting from all countries

April 5, 2023

Einführung von Bayer's Primum Saatgutbehandlung

March 14, 2023

Lo nuevo de Tozer Ibérica en apio, kale y espinaca (Portagrano)

February 28, 2023

España - Coles puntiagudas, planas, coliflores y primeros brócolis de Bejo en Murcia (Portagrano)

February 20, 2023

España - BASF actualiza su gama de romanas con más resistencias para completar el ciclo

February 17, 2023

España - Syngenta apuesta por mayor productividad y sostenibilidad en el cultivo de hoja y brásicas

January 17, 2023

Rijk Zwaan’s Winter Leafy Hydroponics Demo is coming up
Rijk Zwaan’s Winter Leafy Hydroponics Demo staat op de agenda

January 16, 2023

Maraldi Sementi Italy acquires spinach breeding company DeSeed Denmark
Maraldi Sementi ha acquisito la DeSeed Denmark

December 20, 2022

Winter Leafy Days 2023 - Visit Enza Zaden's demo field in El Albujón, Murcia

September 28, 2022

Priming seeds with plasma provides possible defence against damping off

September 23, 2022

Texas A&M AgriLife Research to improve organic spinach production - $1.5 million grant from National Institute of Food and Agriculture for three-year project

September 22, 2022

Pop Vriend Seeds introduces KWS INITIO: the new, efficient seed treatment technology for beans and spinach
Pop Vriend Seeds introduceert KWS INITIO: de nieuwe, efficiënte zaadbehandelingstechnologie voor bonen en spinazie

September 5, 2022

BASF’s vegetable seeds business organizes five Nunhems demos in week 39 in the Netherlands - The five crops will be presented on four demo fields: Spinach and lettuce in ‘s Gravenzande, leek, carrot and celeriac nearby Nunhem
BASF Vegetable Seeds organiseert vijf demo's van Nunhems in week 39 in Nederland
BASF Vegetable Seeds organisiert in der Kalenderwoche 39 fünf Nunhems Vorführungen in den Niederlanden

August 22, 2022

Why Pythium-resistant spinach and arugula is such a big deal

August 10, 2022

Bowery Farming collaborates with Arkansas scientists to develop super spinach

July 12, 2022

Leafy greens: at UC Davis, Allen Van Deynze and Charlie Brummer seek answers to downy mildew, other challenges to spinach



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