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December 8, 2020

ABRATES lançará brevemente a nova edição do livro Vigor de Sementes: Conceitos e Testes - A versão atualizada aborda 15 testes de vigor e conta com a colaboração de 18 autores

November 30, 2020

Globalisation and Seed Sovereignty in Sub-Saharan Africa

September 30, 2020

Updated and comprehensive compendium helps users diagnose and treat pea diseases, disorders, and pests

September 28, 2020

Semillas Fitó y elBullifoundation editan el libro más completo sobre el tomate

August 7, 2020

Guide pratique sur La Récolte des Semences : les bonnes pratiques pour préserver la qualité des semences à la récolte

July 21, 2020

Molecular Aspects of Plant Beneficial Microbes in Agriculture

Chickpea: Crop Wild Relatives for Enhancing Genetic Gains

July 16, 2020

Agricultura : fatos e mitos - fundamentos para um debate racional sobre o agro brasileiro

June 30, 2020

Conheça a publicação "Soja – A Produção de Sementes no Brasil"

June 26, 2020

New Texas Superstar brochure updates highlighted plants - Go-to source for gardeners, industry professionals alike

April 29, 2020

Especialistas lançam livro sobre controle biológico de pragas da agricultura

April 23, 2020

Libros didácticos sobre innovación en mejora genética

April 15, 2020

Golden Rice: The Imperiled Birth of a GMO Superfood (Foreign Affairs)

March 30, 2020

New in print - Plant Factory: An Indoor Vertical Farming System for Efficient Quality Food Production (Second edition)

December 12, 2019

Publicação traz orientações para Produção Integrada de Amendoim

August 9, 2019

Pesquisadores lançam publicação para ajudar na identificação de doenças fúngicas da melancia

February 13, 2019

AHDB Recommended Lists for Cereals and Oilseeds 2019/20 booklet out now

February 6, 2019

Breeding crops with resistance to diseases and pests

February 1, 2019

Sementes Florestais Tropicais: da ecologia a produção

January 18, 2019

BCPC launches the 2019 UK Pesticide Guide

January 14, 2019

Book released: PETKUS – A History of Strong Seed & Healthy Grain

January 10, 2019

New book published: Greenhouse horticulture - Technology for optimal crop production

December 18, 2018

Crops' unruly cousins get royal treatment in new book by USDA/ARS and co-authors

August 22, 2018

Seed Science and Technology journal, Number 2, Volume 46 is now available. 

March 19, 2018

‘How to Feed the World’, a new book of essays by a multidisciplinary team of researchers from Purdue University, offers practical, positive solutions to food insecurity

February 28, 2018

United Kingdom - AHDB Recommended Lists for Cereals and Oilseeds booklet now available

January 22, 2018

Livro revela tudo sobre o feijão-caupi

December 13, 2017

PhilRice launches book on ‘communicating climate change in the rice sector’

November 20, 2017

New book: Agroecological Crop Protection 

November 14, 2017

Vegetable grafting: principles and practices
Boek over het enten van vruchtgroenten uitgekomen



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