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March 1, 2015

Monsanto says GM corn trial in final stage in India (Reuters)

Monsanto Philippines introduces four new Bt corn seed varieties (PhilStar)

February 27, 2015

USA - New Capture 3RIVE 3D insecticide from FMC registered for use with 3RIVE 3D in-furrow delivery system

Ethanol plants, growers partner with Syngenta (Ethanol Producer Magazine)

More U.S. grain elevators accept GMO Syngenta corn banned by China (Reuters)

Enlist Weed Control System from Dow AgroSciences joins University of Arkansas Flag the Technology program

February 26, 2015

Syngenta introduces new stewardship tool for growers

Ethanol plants, growers partner with Syngenta to improve grain quality, increase profit potential

Show Agrícola recebe lançamentos de híbridos de milho Morgan (CenárioMT)

Presidential award in recognition of critical breakthrough in maize breeding in Zimbabwe - New variety excels in tolerance to diseases, drought and low nitrogen

Syngenta and Gavilon report strong acceptance of grain marketing program for Agrisure Duracade corn

Daniel Peyraube, élu à la Présidence de l’AGPM

Warnsignal der Maispflanzen entschlüsselt - Berner Forschende identifizierten im Rahmen einer Zusammenarbeit mit der Universität Neuchâtel einen Duftstoff, der Maispflanzen als Warnsignal für einen bevorstehenden Schädlingsbefall dient

France - Semis de maïs 2015 : quinze variétés tardives passées à la loupe (ARVALIS)

February 25, 2015

Pakistan - New seed to help increase corn yield (The News)

Kolbenfusarium und EU-Agrarreform standen im Mittelpunkt der IMIR-Maistagung im Elsass 

Ausschuss Futterkonservierung und Fütterung im Deutschen Maiskomitee beschäftigt sich mit Mykotoxinen  

Maize: a Green Bridge - Maisfilm nun auch auf Englisch

Mais schützt sich mit Duftstoff Indol

Next class products to deliver top performance for Asgrow and Dekalb brands In 2016 - Innovative breeding technology equips farmers with tools for maximizing performance

February 24, 2015

Brasil - Mercado conta com 478 opções de cultivares de milho

Velvet bean and maize: a green rotation

DuPont Pioneer celebrates top-yields of Western Canadian corn and canola farmers - 2014 yield challenge winners announced

Syngenta launches Viptera 3 maize in Colombia (Agrow)

Pakistan - High-yield maize seed varieties give hope to farmers (The Express Tribune)

A milestone: new hybrid maize variety launched in Pakistan

BMR (brown midrib) and conventional hybrids allow for greater flexibility - DuPont Pioneer provides more silage resources for dairy producers

Starke Erträge: Maissorte Farmfire der FarmSaat AG erhält Sortenzulassung in Deutschland

February 23, 2015

Boas Práticas em Biotecnologia

Les experts maïs : Maïs, culture de l'intensification écologique


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