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December 3, 2021

UK Cereal Pathogen Virulence Survey (UKCPVS) - Over half of winter wheat varieties resistant to yellow rust at the young-plant stage

Plant pathogen evades immune system by targeting the microbiome
Pflanzenschädling entgeht dem Immunsystem seines Wirts durch Angriff auf das Mikrobiom

European Food Safety Authority - Glyphosate consultations: over 400 submissions collected

December 2, 2021

Host and resident bacteria join forces to control fungi in plant roots

Integrated Pest Management is best approach to fighting fall armyworm pest in Botswana, new study reveals

Adama’s state-of-the-art China manufacturing facility in Jingzhou commences operations

Evaluate this season’s tar spot pressure, soil pH and yield data to prepare for the 2022 corn and soybean season - Golden Harvest agronomists offer post-harvest management recommendations to help farmers select corn hybrids and soybean varieties and plan for next year

Surveys show horseweed is a persistent and unpredictable foe in soybean crops

Investments in biologicals continue to grow and bring value to farmers across the nation (Successful Farming)

December 1, 2021

España - Jornadas de promoción del pepino resistente a Nueva Delhi de Hazera (Portagrano)

​A sequence change in a single protein allowed a tomato virus to become a global crop pandemic

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reviewing dicamba label (Brownfield Ag News)

Resolute scientific work could eliminate wheat disease within 40 years

Rizobacter se prepara para crecer en Brasil con la aprobación de su biofungicida

Fungicidas: cuidar el rinde de la soja con la mejor tecnología

November 30, 2021

Annual meeting of the European VCU group
Réunion annuelle du groupe européen VCU

ToBRFV/ tomato-pepper and Aphis gossypii/melon, a CPVO project to propose new DUS protocols
ToBRFV/ tomate-piment et Aphis gossypii/melon, un projet OCVV pour proposer de nouveaux protocoles DHS

What’s new for epidemiological knowledge of wheat rusts in the H2020 Rustwatch project?
Quoi de neuf sur les connaissances épidémiologiques des rouilles du blé dans le projet H2020 Rustwatch ?

New “onion devourer” bacteria found by University of Georgia researchers

USA - Weed science societies announce annual meetings

November 29, 2021

Syngenta’s Jon Parr: Modern pesticides can help fight climate change

USA - Get fixed 0% APR financing on seed and crop protection products

Australia - Old herbicide classification makes way for the future

First dicamba-resistant waterhemp reported in Illinois

Betting on RNAi as the new wave of crop protection solutions - Scientists see the Colorado potato beetle as a test case for the new technology (American Chemical Society)

Deutschland - Notfallzulassung für Maxim XL in Zuckermais (Wochenblatt)

November 26, 2021

How the Dutch tomato market got to know (and live with) ToBRFV (HortiDaily)

November 25, 2021

How does barley resist a wheat pathogen? Scientists discover that the same gene can confer resistance to completely different pathogens

Australia - Bundaberg grower first in world to use new nematicide

November 24, 2021

Brasil - Nematoides: prejuízos podem chegar a R$ 35 bilhões por an



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