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July 17, 2024

Disease control critical for faba bean success, expert says

Fall armyworm's ability to adapt putting more crops at risk

Australia - WeedSmart Week 2024 brings insights and innovations to EP

Certis Biologicals announces new Regional Sales Managers for Pacific Northwest and Northern California/Nevada

July 16, 2024

New online agriculture course grows skills in identifying corn, soybean field insects

Tomato grower applies Tobre after contamination - "Stabilization in deteriorated growth of ToBRFV-infected crop" (Horti Daily)

Scientists dig into strawberry, tomato diseases - UC Davis field day showcases research from laboratory to field, diagnostics to new varieties

July 15, 2024

Désherbage difficile, pensez aux orges Hyvido de Syngenta dans la rotation - Le pouvoir couvrant des orges hybrides Hyvido réduit la pression des adventices

Deutschland - Coprantol Duo: Notfallzulassung in Zuckerrübe - Schutz vor Cercospora beticola

July 12, 2024

Using drones for crop protection applications

The power of partnership: Collaboration is vital to advancing crop protection

July 11, 2024

The inside story: How Syngenta’s tomatoes beat tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV)

Wild plants and crops don’t make great neighbors - Pathogens spill from one population to the other

AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds levy payers seed research investment

July 10, 2024

Pumpkin disease not evolving, could make a difference for management

Posterity XT fungicide from Syngenta registered for use in California - Superintendents in California can now control more than 20 turfgrass diseases including fairy ring, large patch and more

Nieuwe groene combinatie tegen schimmel in aardbei

Not so simple: mosses and ferns offer new hope for crop protection

BASF resolves New Zealand patent dispute against Sledge 700WG – a saflufenacil-based herbicide

BASF Agricultural Solutions plans to change production network of glufosinate-ammonium
BASF Agricultural Solutions plant die Umstellung des Produktionsnetzwerks von Glufosinat-Ammonium

USA - Syngenta rolls out upgraded resource for crop protection and disease scouting

July 9, 2024

New South Wales Department of Primary Industries method holds promise for improved pathogen resistance (Grain Central)

CEO global da Adama visita o Brasil, consolidando parcerias estratégicas no agronegócio nacional

July 8, 2024

Australia - Genetics and fungicide technologies combine putting canola in front

Third International Congress of Biological Control calls for greater collaboration on national and international policy

New strains of late blight on potato in Europe

France - A Méreville, une parcelle expérimentale pour tenter de protéger le maïs des nuisibles (Les Echos)

New race of downy mildew on lettuce in Europe

July 5, 2024

China - Supplemental entry plant quarantine pests list notified to WTO

CABY-virus: inzicht in de bedreiging en preventie



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