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March 3, 2021

Lessons for crop protection from pharma’s small molecules discovery space

Nederland - Zendingen zaad probleempunt in bestrijding ToBRFV (Groenten Nieuws)

Business Excellence Award for Certis Spain: ‘Leadership in solutions for sustainable agriculture’

United Kingdom - First-ever sclerotinia-tolerant OSR could help cut costs (Farmers Weekly)

USA - BASF's new soybean seed treatment Vault IP Plus approved for use in soybeans this season (AgWeb)

Chickpea genetics reduce need for chemicals - Researchers uncover natural disease resistance in chickpeas as a harmful pathogen develops resistance to fungicide

University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences scientists provide insight on hemp mites for growers

March 2, 2021

Phytophthora infestans: An interactome exposes a master manipulator

The line of defense against the transboundary spread of pests and diseases

Rice plant resists arsenic - Chinese-German research team discovers plant variant that largely neutralises the toxin
Reispflanze trotzt Arsen - Deutsch-chinesisches Forschungsteam entdeckt Pflanzenvariante, die den Giftstoff weitgehend neutralisiert

Study points to the challenges of harvest-time weed seed controls in U.S. Pacific Northwest

Project Net Lab - Italianen zetten netwerk microlabs op bij telers in strijd tegen ToBRFV (Groenten Nieuws)

New research looks to combat soybean cyst nematodes through neuroscience

FMC Corporation announces long-term collaboration with UPL Ltd. for Rynaxypyr active ingredient - Ten-year agreement significantly expands market reach of FMC's leading diamide-class molecule

Australia - New South Wales organic farmers call for more protection as state lifts ban on GM crops - Representatives say regulators need to ensure there is no contamination from windblown seeds and pollen from genetically modified produce (The Guardian)

Wild potatoes tapped for late blight guard duty

Fusarium falciforme: emerging problem for California tomatoes (AgNet West)

United Kingdom - Why yellow rust ratings changed for some varieties in 2021 (Farmers Weekly)

March 1, 2021

Operation Weed Eradication adds new coalition member - Raven Industries joins BASF and AGCO in industry-wide effort to eradicate on-farm pigweed

Corteva Agriscience introduces Inzen irait in Pioneer brand grain sorghum

February 26, 2021

Nufarm launches new Scorch EXT herbicide powered by Duplosan

February 25, 2021

España - Apuntes técnicos colza: el gorgojo y las soluciones existentes

New biological seed treatment tackles sudden death syndrome in soybeans (AgWeb)

New rapid test for watermelon disease

Western Australia - Grain pest defences bolstered by research findings

USA - Bayer adds Huskie FX herbicide to the Huskie Brand family of herbicides

February 24, 2021

FFAR fights the emerging allium leafminer

Nichino America selects Cohort Wholesale to commercialize new fungicide in Canada

February 23, 2021

Syngenta launches new web-based service that reveals locations of yellow rust in the United Kingdom

New research reveals factors influencing the parasitoids that help to control invasive fall armyworm



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