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The triad - Westrup and Oliver work perfectly together to help you grow

February 26, 2024

Together our equipment form a highly effective team within a soybean processing line, and here's why.

The Westrup FP Fine Cleaners exhibit exceptional versatility with a variety of choices of modular components to make up a cleaner to suit your specific requirements. With a range of widths and vast selection of screen configurations for either lower or highest capacity, you'll find the perfect match to suit your needs. Their multi-use functionality extends to cleaning or sizing up to two fractions.

In addition, the Oliver Voyager and Platinum series stand out as one of the most technologically advanced gravity tables today. The Voyager and Platinum series offers a range of capacities, making them suitable for diverse capacity requirements.

By choosing the Fine Cleaner and Voyager/Platinum series you opt in for a productive plant while keeping your footprint to a minimal, combining capacity and outstanding quality.

Together, we offer three pieces of equipment for cleaning and sizing. Offering multiple fractions ranging from 2 tons per hour, up to 30 tons per hour.

Lastly, if quality and capacity isn't enough, our machines are user friendly and we offers trainings and routine maintenance for all your needs year-round.

Latest News/ Happenings

There's a humorous notion in Brazil that the year only truly begins after Carnival. This is a popular saying fueled by summer vacations in January and February with schools gearing up to return to classes at the end of the month.

Despite the wonders of summer, the Oliver | Westrup team has started 2024 strong. Throughout the past couple of months we embarked on a dynamic schedule of site visits, covering the states of Goiás, Bahia, and Mato Grosso. Our teams continue to plan and eagerly await upcoming travel and tradeshows for this year.

Looking ahead at Brazil's weather conditions, the regions rainfall deficit is stunting the growth on many crops in its final stages of maturity. This in turn is expected to affect yields for the first crop. Fortunately, a positive turn in the weather is forecasted for the coming months, bringing everyone high hopes for a bountiful second crop.

Upcoming Events

Westrup and Oliver will have some upcoming joint tradeshows in South America. You can expect to see us together for the Congress de Sements do Mt. Febrasem and the Congresso Brasileiro de Sementes Abrasem.


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Published: February 26, 2024

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