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First crop protection sprayer featuring One Smart Spray’s weed management system launched in Latin America by Stara

Cologne, Germany and Não-Me-Toque, Brazil
May 8, 2024

  • ONE SMART SPRAY system now integrated with Stara’s innovative Imperador 4000 Eco Spray crop protection sprayer line
  • Precision weed management via Bosch high-tech cameras and sensors and the agronomic intelligence of xarvio Digital Farming Solutions
  • Maximizing herbicide savings, input efficiencies and aiding sustainability

ONE SMART SPRAY is pleased to announce that Stara has launched the first crop protection sprayer in Latin America to feature its precision weed management system.

Unveiled at the recent Agrishow in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil, Stara’s state-of-the-art Imperador 4000 Eco Spray crop protection sprayer will help farmers increase efficiency, reduce production costs and lower environmental impacts.

ONE SMART SPRAY’s precision weed management system enables Stara’s Imperador 4000 Eco Spray to apply herbicide in pre-emergence and post-emergence conditions. - © Copyright Stara 2024


The new Stara sprayer fully integrates ONE SMART SPRAY’s technology, which utilizes a camera-based system and artificial intelligence developed by Bosch to enable real-time detection and spraying of weeds during the same pass, selectively spraying herbicides only where weeds are present instead of the whole field.

The system features the advanced digital and agronomic intelligence of xarvio® Digital Farming Solutions including its weed distribution and as-applied area maps, recommendations for herbicide programs and application windows, automated documentation, intelligent sensitivity levels, among other functions.

Stara’s Imperador 4000 Eco Spray can operate 24/7 using ONE SMART SPRAY’s technology, which includes an LED lighting system. - © Copyright Stara 2024


The Imperador 4000 Eco Spray enables farmers to spray 24/7, day and night, due to a LED lighting system and offers exceptional performance in both pre-emergence (green-on-brown) and post-emergence (green-on-green) application.

“We believe in the power of collaboration to offer farmers the best solution possible. ONE SMART SPRAY is born out of the desire of Bosch and BASF Digital Farming to do exactly that. The launch of Stara’s Imperador 4000 Eco Spray is a key milestone in our business journey and delivers to farmers a very simple but powerful outcome: clean fields every time, with maximum herbicide savings,” says Rodrigo Lima, Director Latin America at ONE SMART SPRAY.

“We are proud to launch this innovation and deliver on our promise of ‘Constant Evolution,’ by offering farmers a technology that helps improve profitability, efficiency, and sustainability,” adds Átila Stapelbroek Trennepohl, Stara CEO.

The commercial launch of the Imperador 4000 Eco Spray is the culmination of a collaboration between Bosch, BASF Digital Farming and Stara that goes back to 2019, which has focused on developing and integrating the unique ONE SMART SPRAY weed management technology.



ONE SMART SPRAY – a joint venture of Bosch and BASF – was established in 2021 to offer farmers the best of two worlds, joining the hardware, software and connectivity capabilities from Bosch and the digital and agronomic expertise of BASF. ONE SMART SPRAY makes precision smart by combining the best of precision technology, digital tools, and agronomic intelligence from Bosch and xarvio® Digital Farming Solutions to take weed control to the next level and make agriculture more productive, profitable, and sustainable. More information at www.onesmartspray.com.

About BASF’s Agricultural Solutions division

Everything we do, we do for the love of farming. Farming is fundamental to provide enough healthy and affordable food for a rapidly growing population, while reducing environmental impacts. That’s why we are working with partners and experts to integrate sustainability criteria into all business decisions. With €900 million in 2023, we continue to invest in a strong R&D pipeline, combining innovative thinking with practical action in the field. Our solutions are purpose-designed for different crop systems. Connecting seeds and traits, crop protection products, digital tools and sustainability approaches, to help deliver the best possible outcomes for farmers, growers and our other stakeholders along the value chain. With teams in the lab, field, office and in production, we do everything in our power to build a sustainable future for agriculture. In 2023, our division generated sales of €10.1 billion. For more information, please visit www.agriculture.basf.com or our social media channels.

About Stara

Stara has the largest and best line of agricultural machinery in Brazil, offering products for harvesting, spreading, spraying and a large variety of agricultural implements. With a strong technological vocation proven by its portfolio of innovative products, Stara is a dynamic company that anticipates the needs of farmers, producing technology aimed at increasing productivity and profitability.

One of Stara’s pillars is constant evolution. In that direction, expanding markets is one of the enduring strategies of the company. Currently Stara is present in all Brazilian regions and in all five continents, exporting to over 35 countries.


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Website: https://agriculture.basf.com/en.html

Published: May 8, 2024

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