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Royal Avebe and Solynta join forces: hybrid breeding in starch potato production

The Netherlands
April 15, 2021

Averis Seeds B.V., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Royal Avebe, will be working together with the hybrid potato breeding company Solynta on the hybrid breeding of starch potato varieties. Hybrid breeding facilitates significantly faster development of new sustainable potato varieties compared to conventional breeding.

Hybrid breeding is an important accelerator for making starch potato cultivation more sustainable because it allows for a faster response to challenges such as changing weather conditions and potato diseases that constantly adapt to resistances. Growing better varieties faster reduces the need for crop protection products, and yields can be increased while using fertilisers more effectively.

Johan Hopman, Breeding & Research Manager at Averis, is pleased with the collaboration: “Now that we can see the successful results of hybrid breeding, the time has come to use this technique for breeding starch potato varieties as well.”

Hybrid breeding

For over twelve years, Solynta has been working on obtaining Hybrid True Potato Seed: a technical revolution that enables faster breeding. Hybrid breeding makes it possible to better control the progress of varietal properties. Naturally occurring properties such as resistance to drought, pests and diseases can be quickly introgressed. The result is a significantly shorter development process and faster progress with the properties that are of value to Avebe’s growers.

Director Research & Development Edwin van der Vossen of Solynta: “This collaboration brings together Averis’ specific knowledge of properties and genetics for starch potato cultivation with Solynta’s hybrid breeding platform, creating a continuous stream of ever-improving varieties for Avebe’s growers.”

About Solynta

Solynta is a hybrid potato breeding company in Wageningen. The company develops superior (non-GM) Hybrid True Potato Seeds (HTPS) using its hybrid breeding platform. This results in faster breeding, much faster scalability, higher yields and less use of crop protection products. Socially relevant and commercially interesting. ‘Together, we unlock the true potential of potatoes.’ For more information visit www.solynta.com.


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Website: http://www.avebe.com/averis/default.aspx

Published: April 15, 2021

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