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India - Online plant quarantine services launched

New Delhi, India
January 24, 2011

Online plant quarantine services have been launched to help importers and exporters of plant materials. They can now register and apply online and also see the progress and current status of their applications online.

This facility was launched by Shri P.K. Basu, Secretary, and Agriculture & Cooperation here today. This is part of Plant Quarantine Information System (PQIS) project. User Manual for exporters and importers was also released on the occasion.

Import of agricultural commodities or plant material into India is regulated under the Plant Quarantine (Regulation of Import into India) Order, 2003 issued under the provisions of the Destructive Insects and Pests Act, 1914 to prevent introduction of exotic pests, diseases and weeds. Import Permit (IP) is needed to import those commodities requiring additional declaration and special conditions specified under Schedule VI of Plant Quarantine Order to deal with specific phytosanitary risks. At the point of import, the consignment is inspected by plant quarantine officials and released through a Release Order (RO). Consignments for exports are covered by Phytosanitary Certificates (PSCs) issued by plant quarantine officials after inspecting them and certifying that they are free from quarantine pests and diseases as per the International Plant Protection Convention, 1951. These functions are being discharged by 35 Plant Quarantine Stations (PQSs) functioning under the Directorate of Plant Protection, Quarantine & Storage (DPPQ&S), Faridabad, at various international airports, seaports and land customs stations across the country to facilitate international trade in agriculture products.

With the launch of online plant quarantine services, importers will be able to register and apply for IP and RO online. Similarly, exporters can file applications online for issue of PSC. Applications can be made faster with the help of entries in drop down boxes. Applicants will be able to see the progress and current status of their applications online including the date of inspection and the fee payable. Officials in plant quarantine would be able to process applications faster due to automated work flow. The system would enable plant quarantine services to be delivered to importers and exporters more efficiently and transparently.

PQIS project has been implemented with the help of National Informatics Center (NIC) and funded by the Information Technology Division of Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture.

The online facility is available at http://plantquarantineindia.nic.in

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Website: http://pib.nic.in

Published: January 24, 2011

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