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May 14, 2021

Challenges and opportunities for sensory and consumer science in new cultivar development and fresh produce marketing

Brasil - A nova geração de frutas e legumes geneticamente selecionados

Embrapa atualiza Zoneamento Agrícola de Risco Climático (Zarc) para cultivo de girassol

Embrapa e indústria moageira discutem ações para expandir o trigo tropical no Brasil Central

Attack of the feral weed - Danforth Center scientists fight back against rice’s evolving enemy

Desarrollan nuevas variedades comerciales de papas resistentes al estrés hídrico

New guide for plant scientists to reenvision outreach - A group of 30 scientists have published this guide for students and early career plant scientists interested in developing effective outreach, in hopes of engaging more talent into the field

New technology enables rapid sequencing of entire genomes of plant pathogens

A revista Seednews dando destaque as atividades desenvolvidas pela Abrasem e suas associadas

Syngenta Crop Protection and Valagro withdraw from potential SICIT Group transaction

United Kingdom - Syngenta appoints Harry Twinberrow to the Veg Seed Team

Golden rice can provide significant and sustainable vitamin A in the diet of Filipinos

Resultaten tripsonderzoek 2020 met diverse typen middelen

New screening method could lead to microbe-based replacements for chemical pesticides

Could a simple database prevent massive ag companies from patenting and guarding seed varieties? (The Counter)

Climate change threatens one-third of global food production
Tuore tutkimus: Ilmastonmuutos uhkaa jopa kolmannesta maailman ruoantuotannosta

DSV United Kingdom employs new graduate marketing assistant

Nederland - Import en verwerking genetisch gemodificeerde soja DBN9004 met herbicidetolerantie
Import and processing of genetically modified soybean DBN9004 with herbicide tolerance

Innovationspreis für BayWa-Tochter EuroGreen - Klima- und insektenfreundlicher Rasen-Dünger mit der Lupine als Stickstoffquelle

Plant variety rights bill to grow New Zealand agriculture (Scoop)

Pomodori midi plum, Isi Sementi innova ancora (ItaliaFruit)

Japan's Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries updates genome editing handling procedures for feed and feed additives derived from crossbred progeny

Taiwan - Oilseeds and products, annual report

Gowan purchases entire corporate capital of Piemme, which has control over Isagro

British firm Oxitec develops ‘friendly’ fall armyworm to save crops (The Tennessee Tribune)

The world is converging on the need for sustainable agri-food systems

Bioceres Crop Solutions reports fiscal third quarter 2021 operational and financial results

Marrone Bio Innovations issues shareholder letter

USA - Corn use for ethanol to rebound in 2021-‘22 (Ethanol Producer Magazine)

May 13, 2021

Get to know your plants through ionomics



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